They're trying to convert me

The Catholic church detects psychics and does everything in its power to baptize and convert them. Successful conversion strengthens them drastically since psychics are deeply connected to God, and using the vector of the Church strengthens it.
They also know that those who reject the church are then their enemies, as their psychic influence is then used against it. In the past they would kill these gifted people (I.e. witches, sorcerers) and the consequences of that have been long, deep curses on the Church. They've recognized the errors of their ways and so they've decided to not kill us anymore.
It's been a hell of a time navigating this labyrinth but the pieces are finally falling together, and we are understanding the power of psychic persuasion and our influence on the collective consciousness.
They're scared shirtless because they've seen how the anger of the psychics can literally kill them across the world. FBI agents don't touch these people and advise against confrontation. The strategy is to convert subtly and through soft persuasion get submission.

It won't work anymore on me. You've shown your hand and have failed in your conversion. The pyramid will crumble, beginning with chaos at the top. I've decided this world order is finished and not worth saving.

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  1. 12 months ago

    Alright so the symbolic immanentization of the eschaton is me (the most powerful deity to exist) fighting like Sans from Undertale against Chara, except I do not get tired.

  2. 12 months ago

    give us time, date and location of your powerful acting or this is just schizo larp

    • 12 months ago

      He (pic) pissed me off

      Alright so the symbolic immanentization of the eschaton is me (the most powerful deity to exist) fighting like Sans from Undertale against Chara, except I do not get tired.

      Are you psychic too?

      • 12 months ago

        >He (pic) pissed me off
        in the future
        Give us time, date and location of your powers IN THE FUTURE
        Otherwise we can't know if it's truly you or someone else

        • 12 months ago

          Scarborough, [redacted]
          March 22nd
          In the heart of town there will be a disruption followed by brief panic and long grief for few.

          • 12 months ago

            I will check this website in 21 days

        • 12 months ago

          >Give us a time date and location of your powers IN THE FUTURE
          Don't come to school tomorrow.

      • 12 months ago

        Frick yes my Black person. Just make sure you know i'm bob

        you'd be bobby. If you said that it was a green rose.

    • 12 months ago

      In your dungeon dimensions.

      Be careful, Shiva's linga will rape your little bummy hole (even Holly is in on it)

  3. 12 months ago

    I heard it's a catholics vs mormons shit. Is that true?

  4. 12 months ago

    So you're saying, not only could I join a Church but they already desire my contribution and won't kill me on top of that? Maybe I could even get a cute Christian wife.
    Doesn't sound so bad, OP.

  5. 12 months ago

    Maybe catholics are actually good dudes. I don't know.
    The problem is when you're so fricked up mentally that you can't even believe in any organisation of power anymore. Like the only mention of power makes your brain scream " Danger stay away ".
    That's lonely as fk

    • 12 months ago

      Is the company of someone like-minded even beneficial at that point? I get paranoid that I would start a cult or something.

      • 12 months ago

        Well don't we all want to be around people that understand us because of their own experiences?
        No need to talk about the psychic shit and all. Just play video games and watch movie with peeps you know aren't there to get you or something.

        But I guess some people get the solitary path. That's alright too.

        • 12 months ago

          The whole point is to talk about it and get out of hell with our souls, playing videogames is the opposite of that.

          • 12 months ago

            Yeah of course. But the psychic things won't be heard by a lot of people tho. That's what is annoying.
            Do you know people who'd believe you?

          • 12 months ago

            You are playing me.

            You're the fiddle pretending that you're playing me.

            How are your little boi c**ts.

            Orrin sent his regards.

          • 12 months ago

            Man, don't use this mantra in public ...

          • 12 months ago

            Yeah. You learned that one real quick

        • 12 months ago

          you will be content all on your own, or you wont

  6. 12 months ago
  7. 12 months ago

    Based. Look up penny Bradley she claims the church has hunted down the natives because they have high amount of psychic abilities which was the reason for their extermination. I'm glad the church is done tho.

  8. 12 months ago

    Btw you're an obvious psy opper. Just saying. Are you a mormon?

  9. 12 months ago

    >FBI agents don't touch these people and advise against confrontation
    That's BS and you should know better than to post such a claim. They attack people relentlessly because they're scared to lose their power position and they respect no one.

  10. 12 months ago

    Remember preforming any baptism gives the entity the right to frick with you, regardless of your foreknowledge. Breaking away will usually cause it to attack you. And if you have a pet it will kill it.

    • 12 months ago

      Can confirm the archons killed my cat (no seriously).

  11. 12 months ago

    what the heck is a world order anyways? 😐

  12. 12 months ago

    Psychics don’t exist, they are a psyop cooked up by the collins elite ages ago. It’s like the Royal airforce telling the British goyim that carrots were why their nighttime murder flights of Dresden were so successful cause carrots are good for eyesight which is total Tom foolery, it was radar.

    • 12 months ago

      Try and say that when you have dreams of multiple future random events/decisions/locations you've never been in & they come true in exact detail/order months/years later all your life

      Try saying that when you end up meeting various new people you've only ever seen in your dreams and are able to recognize them knowing their exact name and the exact words they'll say to you when they are supposed to be a complete stranger you've never met before.

      Imagine having several near death experiences and being able to walk away from each life threatening situation that should have killed without a single scratch.

      Imagine having a random tarot reader predict a teenage family members future in detail. And that reader having correctly predicted all major events over 20 years into the future, including how they'd have a miscarriage & then 2 sons.

      Try saying that when members of your family say cryptic shit regarding an intuitive feeling all the time at random and them never being wrong regardign them... even to the point of predicting neighbors/family deaths before ever being notified by the person's next of kin.

      Or having an uncanny intuition regarding strangers/one'sself about to win jackpot at casinos, luck based events. (had a family member put another through private college on their intuition based selection at casinos alone)

      Try being with Friends in public & them freaking out when they realize their dead relative just suddenly appeared, dropped some eerily profound advice, & disappeared in thin air without a trace on multiple occasions. Especially when you thought it was just some rando on the street initially .

      >you don't know shit anon... psychic and paranormal shit is ever present yet subtle af. It's easily overly rationalized into "coincidence" but I'm telling you it's fricking everywhere

  13. 12 months ago

    This report has been presented at the Reykjavik summit meeting at October, 1988


    Previously, I have written seven reports about this subject. I've spread them in Helsinki, Copenhagen and Los Angeles.

    This operation exists because the Roman-catholic church wants to promote homosexualism. The current pope John Paul II has publicly condemned homosexuality. Nevertheless, I have been poisoned for 40 years by the Roman church. The purpose of this poisoning has been to make me a homosexualist. They have not succeeded. (Poison makes talking difficult and otherwise hinders the natural contact with the opposite sex.) There is a radical difference between Roman-catholic official doctrine and their practical policy. When the policy of the church is like this in the modern age of information, there are conflicts with the rest of the world.

    It is known, that Catholic priests must formally live in celibacy, that is, unmarried. Also monks should do the same. Originally, this must have been an elevated matter. All time and strength has been used to further the cause of the Lord. Family has not taken any time. This is what apostle Paul did, at least part of his life. Apostle Peter, who the Catholics consider as the first pope, was married. This was a suprise to a certain Catholic priest, when I told about it. I proved it with a verse from the New Testament. (I Kor. 9:5; Keefas = Peter, Joh. I:42). So, here is a conflict with the first and the present-day popes. Paul, a foresighted apostle, foretold that there will be scts which forbid marriage (I Tim 4:1-3). He did not think it was good, even when he lived part of his life unmarried. Solid facts about Paul as a single do not exist. There is a hypothesis, that he became a widower early in his life, and did not re-marry.


  14. 12 months ago

    Catholic priests have feelings too. Celibacy has caused homosexuality. Everyone can not, or do not want to sublimate, refine their unused energy for worthwile activities. It seems that being not married, such an elevated matter, has become lechery. If just practicing sex with each other would be enough Catholic priests, it would be easier to society, but they just have to turn others into homosexualism. An American research says that 60% of all Roman-Catholic priests are homosexualists.

    To preserve political, cultural and commercial - and religious - relations with Roman-Catholic countries, the pope orders, that local authorities must poison selected individuals to make them accept homosexualism.

    The methods used in conversion must not become known. That's why the conversion work has been given to the secret police of each country. The secret police is called in different names in different countries: Security Police, "Suojelupoliisi", State Police etc.

    In addition to Finland, I have been poisoned in nine other Western European and Northern American countries. I have lived a total of about eight years in these nine countries.

    By using the local authorities, the pope makes them poisoners, especially if the victim notices what is going on, as I did.

    The secret police picks very early those who, by the assignment by the Roman church, are going to be made homosexualists. The victim does not know, that he is under special treatment. For example, they began to feed me homo-chemicals, when I was 12 to 14 years old. I know this, because before that, I liked to perform in school festivals, boy scout camps and congregation meetings. But then, performing became physically difficult. My throat ached continuously. Simultaneously, they start to insinuate, that the victim has "bad nerves", so that he wouldn't realize, that the poison causes those "bad nerves". I believed this almost 40 years. I truly believed, that there was something wrong in my nerves.


  15. 12 months ago

    Poisons also make it difficult to control facial muscles.

    When you fall in love for the first time, the slight tension caused by the poisons makes controlling facial muscles difficult, so you don't dare to visit the girl at all, when you know, that instead of a smile you could show an agonizing grimace, due the poisons.

    In the youth, your life is organized in other ways besides poisoning. When I was 22 years, in England, in a two-year boarding school, my girlfriend sat in such a place, that when we left the classroom, we had to walk side by side in the corridor. That was a recurring agony, because, due the poisons, smiling and all other communication was difficult. The purpose of this was, of course, to make the presence of a girl difficult, and to seek company from boys. I did have male friends, but never in the bed.

    I remember another experience in Scotland. I was selling books with an English boy. They put us to sleep in a double bed, which had a depression in the middle. While we slept, we slipped into the depression. My partner would have liked to play "prince and princess" in the bed. I asked the lady of the house to give me another room, because the princess was too hairy.

    Poisons cause hours of tension in genitals. I can't guess now, what is the meaning of that. I didn't have any "sins of the youth", if you can call those a sin. The humans would be a very sinful race then.

    Poisons also make one to seek the company of older women, because they seem to understand the tensions of a young boy better.

    After school I went to work at Advantist church office, first to Tampere and then to Helsinki. [Finnish cities]


  16. 12 months ago

    I started to have the problem common to so many men, loss of hair. After several experiments, I noticed an article in a magazine, that in Stockholm (Sweden), surgeons make operations to prevent hair loss. A tendon is cut above the forehead. That was supposed to ease the tension of the scalp. In that article was also mentioned, that a horse had kicked a swiss farmer into forehead, and the tendon had been cut. New hair grew to the farmer's head.

    This tendon operation was performed to me at 1962. It probably just added the hair loss. Some readers can guess, by which of my competitors or enemies had placed the article into the magazine. (This is slightly off the subject.)

    One day, a handsome young man appeared to my workplace. He was an official of a swiss airplane company from New York, and a citizen of USA. I introduced Helsinki to him for a few days. Before leaving, he asked if I wanted to move to USA. He would be my sponsor, which was supposed to be required for immigrants. I said I would think about it.

    Later it happened so that I could not get work from Helsinki. I moved to USA. Twice I was allowed to meet my sponsor at New York. He left me to care about myself, completely.

    In Michigan, certain pastor suggested, if I wanted to go round America. He was going to California with his wife. So, as the first stop, I chosed California.

    Because dating with women was difficult because of the poisons, I had decided about 2 years before arriving to California, that I will forget women and sex. So, before getting to California, I had been two years in total celibacy. I had eliminated sex from my life completely. The agents, that were arranging my life, were of course alarmed. How could they turn me into a homosexualist, if I completely eliminate sex from my life. So, they arranged a nurse for my girlfriend.


  17. 12 months ago

    And then, it happened, at the end of year 1966. A rally started around me. At that time, I lived at Glendale, a suburb of Los Angeles. My girlfriend became busy at the time, so that I got to meet her only rarely. My friend had a 6 years old son from her previous marriage. The boy was left to my care for hours. I wondered this a bit.

    I was hinted, that I should get back to Finland. These suggestions were connected to another operation, of which I don't want to tell much.

    During this time I was also starting to see an unusual number of Catholic nuns around me.

    Because of the things around me, I thought, that I must contact the Finnish embassy at Washington. Because the Indianapolis race happened to be at a convenient time during my way, I started to drive towards East Coast.

    A couple of months after the "rally" had started, I contacted a Catholic priest. I thought, they perhaps have some affair with me, because I saw so many nuns around. The priest just put me to clean up the church yard, that's all.

    After this I contacted a Catholic lawyer, if he could give me instructions. This contact resulted in nothing. I was totally puzzled about things. Later I understood, that the thing is presented in signs and hints.

    You have to note, that a person who is fed homo-chemicals, has difficulties in changing feelings and attitudes. It is difficult to notice different options. A poisoned person is some kind of a "one feeling, one attitude" person. When one has gotten rid of the poisons, one has to re-arrange one's attitude, way of thoughts, and feelings, to something more mature. It will take years, at least for me.

    I never thought, that I had to accept homosexualism. It felt terribly hard. From time to time I thought, that all this was some kind of joking. Because I was a member of the congreation, I concluded, that this can not be about homosexualism. The Bible forbids and condems it strongly (Rom., chapter 1).


  18. 12 months ago

    It should be noted, that the open phase of this operation begun at Los Angeles area. With the open phase I mean, that now I clearly noticed that I am being followed. Early, the shadowing and poisoning had been done so, that I was not aware of it.

    In Los Angeles area there is also Hollywood, which has its own city council with majority of the members homosexuals. This is public knowledge, got from media at summer 1985 at Los Angeles. In this area there is also the most popular Roman-Catholic congreation in the USA.

    If a community, where the majority are homosexuals, can decide about for example who is a homosexual and who is not, of course everyone that is important to them, will be made a homosexual by resolution of the council. I was used as a pawn in politic game.

    I had to cease my studies at an university in California, because my salary was kept so small, that I could not live with it. I could not get a job from anywhere else. When I called for job offers I had seen in newspapers, they promised me a job. But when I got there in person, they said that there is no work. Apparently my phone was tapped.

    The operation continued with a series of crashes and dangerous situations in the highways. I had driven nearly 100000 kilometres in USA without any accidents, for example in Detroit, Chigaco, Los Angeles, etc. Now there were four accidents in three months.

    The first dangerous situation was in the mountains of Colorado. The road was tilted in a curve, which had a 10 metres drop down to ice cold water. In this curve an oncoming car drove in the middle of the road, forcing me to the far edge of the curve, which had a straight fall into the river. There was a small rise on the road at that place, and I was stuck at that with the summer tires. The road was icy. My car started to slide towards the edge, but stopped 20 centimetres before the fall.


  19. 12 months ago

    The second dangerous situation happened on the same mountains while I was driving up a winding road. There was a curve ahead of me. The road was wide at that point. An oncoming car had such a great speed, that I saw, it would not stay on its own lane, but will slide into my lane. And that happened. I steered my car to the middle of the road. The oncoming car passed me from the wrong side. It hit the railing on the right side from my direction and bumped back into its own lane.

    The third situation was on the same mountains. In icy road conditions, I was driving straight up the road. An oncoming car was braking and curving oddly. I decided it is best to park my car to the side of the road. At me, the driver of the oncoming car braked strongly and crashed into the left side door of my car.

    The fourth small crash happened in Chicago while I was parking my car. That caused only a small scratch on the bumper. The driver of the other car was an official of the travel agency of the Italian government.

    At Christmas 1968, I returned to finland. Getting a job and other things became so difficult, that it was impossible to continue in USA. I had an immigrant visa, so I was entitled to unemployment compensation, but they did not grant it, and neither any other monetary help. They let me know that it was best if I returned to homeland. There would be things to do in there. I had been 3 and a half years in USA.

    In Helsinki, I got a job in a company that was supporting the police sports association. In Helsinki, the operation continued. I wrote a report of what happened around me, and spread it to neighbors and newspapers. Soon after that I was kicked out from my job, even when I was doing well.


  20. 12 months ago

    I got another job. They started to pump gas into my home, and into my room at the job. It had many effects. For example I had difficulties to stand sharp noises. Neighbors started to knock to the walls and ceiling of my home. It felt horrible. When someone coughed near me, it felt like a knife struck into my chest. In addition to gas, there was other harrassment at my job.

    Finally I was guided to a psychiatrist. After hearing my story, I asked if he was going to charge me of the service. He didn't. He knew that a sane man was being taken to mental hospital, where he recommended me to.

    They continued to let the gas into my room at the hospital. The consequences were:

    Vision of my eyes deteriorated over 50%. My right eye went to 0.2 from 0.7. Left eye went 0.5 from 0.6. I had to give away my driver's licence.
    Five years inflammation in urine ducts. I had to go to the toilet twice per hour.
    Five years of periodical diarrhea. Normally I have constipation.
    Between my every toe there was one centimeter long and two millimetres deep wounds. They were there for five years too. The poison, that was given to me, flowed out from between my toes.
    Rate of my heart rised 50%. The lowest rate was 40 times per minute. Now my lowest rate is 60 times per minute. I have been observing my heart rate from my childhood. I have slower beat that normal. That's what nurses said.
    It was hard to stand rustling and other kinds of noises. Neighbor's cough felt like a knife in the chest.
    Limbs and back started to ache.
    I started to have cramps on my feet.
    My hearing worsened.
    My normal eight hours sleep became just a few minutes in every night. At the hospital they gave me 700 milligrams of Truxal to get sleep. With this large dose I was only able to sleep less than two hours.

    They tried to treat diarrhea with many drugs (Librax, carbon pills), but nothing helped.


  21. 12 months ago

    Urine duct inflammation was also treated with drugs (Cetiprin, sulfa), but nothing helped with that either.

    Wounds between my toes were thought to be fungi. They tried several drugs, nothing helped (Daktarin).

    Because they were caused by the gas, which was being given constantly, nothing could be healed.

    Treatment of the inflammation, diarrhea and wounds was stopped. Those three diseases healed after five years without treatment, whenthey stopped giving the gas.

    It is hard to prove the pumping of gas, but the symptoms described above do prove it.

    Within two years, the following things were stolen from me:

    two bicycles
    moped twice
    outboard engine
    engine of my car was broken

    This way they tried to stop me from moving with my own vehicle. I had to use public transportation. There the other travellers can easily harrass me. This harrassment was meant to further the operation.

    The operation continued with extreme pressure at the hospital. I started to talk to the doctors, that I must get out of here. To make sure that I won't leave hospital, the agents pumped gas into the room, and it caused an extremely bad feeling. I had to tell the doctors, that I am feeling bad, and that I have suicidal thoughts. Doctors could not let me out of the hospital. Finally, I felt so bad at the hospital, that I ran away from there.

    The first month in my home was difficult, I had a panic state, which was caused by the gas pumped into the house. For a whole month I had a scab layer in both of my nostrils. I have never had constant bleeding from the nose. This was a new experience.

    There are several types of gas which are pumped into the room. If panic-gas is pumped one day, there won't be scab in nostrils. But if it is pumped longer, the scab layer appears.

    Apparently the use of panic-gas a long time is dangerous, so it was stopped.


  22. 12 months ago

    One of the principles of this operation is, that agents must not use direct violence, or means, with which I could prove the existence of this operation. All signs and means, which I am harrassed with, are directed and this operation is lead so, that if I complain about them, the person is labeled as insane.

    At this time my problem is that I am constantly provoked in the streets. They hope, that I would attack innocent persons or become depressed. Every time I come out from a gateway, a car drives past me within about ten seconds. When I move in the city, from ten to thirty cars drive around me. When they drive past me, they often change to smaller gear, or accelerate, to cause more noise. Using the gas I have been made so that it is difficult for me to stand loud noise.

    It is also hard to walk, because my vision has become so bad. It is difficult to stand and sit, because my back is so weak because of the gas. If pumping the gas and other poisoning is not stopped immediately, I could become blind and a total invalid, or I could be sent to a mental hospital.

    I am also harassed with radio, it buzzes twice each minute. I bought a new radio and it buzzes the same way.

    Some kind of gas is also pumped into my room, because I have diarrhea about three times a week and a lot of intestinal gas. Before the operation started I did not have constant diarrhea and no flatulence more than normal.

    The fact, that I am not currently using any kind of drugs, proves, that I am not insane. Right after I left the hospital I left the drugs. At the hospital I was forced to take 700 milligrams of Truxal. Anyone who knows about drugs, knows that it is an extremely strong dose. I knew, that the pain feelings at the hospital were because of the gas and not because of ill mind. Poison can also be given with drugs.


  23. 12 months ago

    I you ask the doctors, that treated me, they will certainly say that I am insane. They did not know, that gas was pumped into my room. Pumping of the gas was done by the agents. I have nothing against the actions of the doctors. It is very common, that insane people complain that gas is pumped into their rooms.

    I told one congressman (of finnish parliament) that I will bring my report to him. I did that on phone. Agents were listening and they tried to prevent me delivering the report. They loosened both nuts of the front wheel of my bicycle. I cycled in the city, and then I happened to lift the bike, and the front wheel dropped off. A week ago the back tire bursted, and I changed the tire myself. At that time I also checked that the nuts of front wheel are firmly tightened. This can be proved by the owner of the shop, from which I bought the new tire and borrowed the wrench. The name of the shop is "Eiran Urheilu", Kapteeninkatu 22, Helsinki. Tightening the nuts and changing the tire were done at the 13th of July, 1984. A week after, at the 20th day I noticed, that the nuts have been loosened. This can be proved by another resident of my house. He was on the yard at the time, the wheel dropped off, and he saw, how I turned the bike upside down to attach the nuts again.

    If I had not noticed this act of sabotage, the front wheel could have dropped off in the middle of the traffic of the center. I live at the center of the city. I could have been hit by a car. This was an attempted murder.

    I've been cycled for tens of years. And never a front wheel has dropped off. It is a strange coincidence, that front wheel drops off, just when I am trying to deliver a report of a crime to a congressman.


  24. 12 months ago

    If I am put into mental hospital to be observed, they will probably say that I am insane. Agents pump into the room a kind of gas, which affects me but not the other patients. Into the rooms, which I've been sleeping for the last fifteen years, have been pumped some kind of a gas almost every night. Because of this I have became much more sensitive to the gas than a normal person or patient. I react to the gas another way than the others. This is the ace in the sleeves of the agents, when they prove that I am insane. That is their best argument and indispensable to them. That argument is almost impossible to revoke.

    Also these things have happened after I wrote the report. I contacted four translation offices to get this report translated to english language. Each one said they will take the job. Then they got a phone call to the office. And after that they said they can't do the translation. Two offices I called from my home. Again they promised they will do the translation. But when I went to deliver the report to the office, they refused to get the job. This proves, that my phone is being listened, and that I am being followed all the time I move in the city. I wanted to get the report translated by a person who speaks native english.

    Is it right, that money of the tax payers is used for an operation like this which decreases the moral of the society? This is a crime against democracy. Rights of an individual, decreed in the constitution, are being heavily violated.

    I have contacted a psychiatrist to get a statement about the state of my mind. Agents manipulated the situation so, that the psychiatrist refused to give the statement. The criminal police of Helsinki does not want to investigate the crimes done against me. The agents manipulate and stop contacts with the authorities, lawyers and newspapers, so that there is no results.


  25. 12 months ago

    I have been forced to use thousands of marks to medical bills and security actions and other things. My savings are almost gone. I am accepting money donations to solve the crime.

    These are the experiences I have had from the "conversion" of the Roman-Catholic church. It differs significantly from the methods and conversion used by protestant churches. Roman church is using criminal methods to drag their victim down.

    We all remember Jesuits, which is a Roman-Catholic organization. Their motto was "the end justifies the means". In medieval times this motto was interpreted so, that even inquisition was carrying out God's will. Catholic inquisitors poured molten lead into the mouths of their victims, teared and sawed innocent people into pieces.

    It is a delusion to think, that the inquisition only worked at the dark middle ages.

    Catholic inquisitors have been working also after 2nd World War 45 years ago. The next quote is from book "Maailman Kohtalon Tie", ("Way of the Fate of the World") page 308. Pastor Arvo Arasola has taken it from Monica Farrel's swedish translation "Biodet som ropar". Arasola's book was published in Finland by Kirjatoimi, Tampere, 1955.


  26. 12 months ago

    "It is shocking to read Monica Farrel's book 'Blodet som ropar' - 'Blood shouts' - which tells about the horrible murders and tortures, that a catholic army called 'Ushtashi' made, lead by priests and monks, in Jugoslavia 1941-43. During Hitler's conquest of Jugoslavia, state of Kroatia was founded. It had 5 million Roman-Catholics and 3 million Greek-Catholics. Roman-Catholic Pavelich took control of the state and founded 'Ustashi' army, whose purpose was to work for Vaticane's support. Proof, that has been presented by general Mihailovich, methodist, anglikan church, and lutherian synode representatives, prove, that this Roman-Catholic army killed in the most inhumane way 1,700,000 orthodoxian (Greek-Catholic) serbians, half a million serbians were forced to convert into Roman faith, and another half million fled the country.

    Report by Bishop Valerian says that people were murdered in most heartless way after hideous torture. Eyes were plucked out, noses, ears, genitals mutilated. Many were crucified into the doors of their homes. Roman-Catholic clergy was part of all this. Rarely they would murder without torture. Arms were broken, body was crushed with bricks, others were whipped to death, prisoners held in churches were murdered with knives, so that blood poured on the floor. Nails were stuck under fingernails. With every possible way they killed these unfortunate people, because they had a different religion than Roman-Catholics.

    The official magazine of Roman-Catholics writes at the same time that everyone has happened for God's honor and ends with words: "Now it is time, that we catholics, now and forever, shall use the kind of revolutionary methods, which serve truth, justice and honor."


  27. 12 months ago

    Reformer Martin Luther compared Roman church to the Beast. According to the above, it is justified.

    Now I will tell about how I got rid of the poisons, homo-chemicals. The continuing diarrhea worried me. When a year has passed from the time I got out from the hospital, I tried to eliminate all the possibilities to poison me. This happened at the early September 1984. I thought, that I can be poisoned through air, water, food or radiation. And there are other methods.

    I built a space in my room of plastic foil, so that breathing air could not be poisoned. A fan changed the air through the window.

    I assumed, that radiation could come from television, because when I watched TV, my eyes started stinging, and my knees started to ache. If I watched my mother's TV, this did not happen. I moved my chair farther away from TV and started to watch it with binoculars.

    I ceased to use the water that comes to my one-room apartment. I fetched drinking and cooking water from hydrants and neighbors. I used the hydrants of tens of different houses and neighbors' faucets. I never got water twice from the same place. I never used water that had been in my room over night. Every morning I fetched that much water that I thought I needed that day.

    I also melted water from snow and distilled tap water several times.

    Food I bought from about 15 different shops. I constantly changed my diet. I never took the first package. Milk and other fluids I did not buy. I tried to avoid marmelades, pastes, butter, honey, and generally ready foods, which I thought were easy to poison. I bought food for only one day at a time. I did not store food in my room over night.

    I didn't use restaurants, bars, and I did not eat at friends or relatives.


  28. 12 months ago

    About a month after I had eliminated all poisoning possibilities, the following things happened:

    Throat ache that had lasted over thirty years disappeared. Before this, I was only able to speak a few sentences and then grimaced. Relationships are now about 80% easier than before.
    Because of the grimace friends and relatives thought I had weak nerves.
    Tens of years of cold feet stopped.
    Eliminating the poisons also affected genitals.

    When I was at Los Angeles the second time at summer 1985, I thought, that I have to prove, that the authorities, that have handled the operation in Finland, have made mistakes.

    I knew, that my hotel room was tapped. I decided to use that to my advantage. I told the FBI agents, who were listening, that I have been hinted about fasting. If one doesn't eat or drink for a while, one gets rid of the poisons, that has been mixed into them. The truth is, that no one had hinted, that I was poisoned. This fasting friend was my friend from about 10 years before the time I got rid of the poisons. He has been fasting from time to time as long as I have known him.

    This intrigue did not help me at all, but sometimes I have benefited from the mistakes that my opponents have made.

    I am still forbidden to marry and my sexlife is manipulated in many ways.

    For example, when I was travelling from Turku to Tukholma by ship, I woke up in the middle of the night to find a naked under-aged girl walking next to my bed. The previous day I had been given sexually inspiring drug.

    Tens of traps I have escaped by good luck. They are still trying to make me do something shameful sexually. They haven't succeeded yet.

    About homosexuality I can say, that I don't know a single man in the whole world, about whom I could certainly say that he is a homo. I am 52 years old.


  29. 12 months ago

    If they got me to do some shameful act, they would show me signs afterwards, which would reming me about this shameful act. Then it would be impossible to stand this operation. I would be reminded of the act by my relatives, friends and unknown people in the streets. I would be in mental hospital soon. I am shown tens of marks every day.

    Poisons, which caused the inflammation, also caused the loss of over 50% of my sight. Officially it was called cataract. It was a strange cataract. Worsening of eyesight started at 1972 and ended at 1978. After that there has been no change. So, the so-called cataract was finished at 1978. After this I went to five different specialists. No one said anything about cataract. Cataract often leads to a complete loss of sight. Regardless of cataract my sight is perfect with binoculars. I saw better with binoculars, than my brother, who has a driver's license. There was not the smallest opacity in any part of my visual field. I asked about this kind of cataract from the other patients, nurses, and searched for it from medical book about eye diseases. Nothing and no one did know this kind of cataract.

    Eight years I had to go almost half-blind. I live at the center of Helsinki. I could not even see the green lights on the other side of the street. I could count fingers from less than half metres. Many times I was in danger to my life. Agents knew, that with a minor surgery, my eyesight could be restored to normal, as was done at late 1985. They apparently wished, that I got into accident because of my bad sight.

    If a sane person is started to be called insane, almost anything can be done to him. The protection given to every citizen by the law is mostly taken from him.

    This is very typical Roman-Catholic thinking, to make dissidents outlaws.

    I've heard, that the intimacy of a finnish citizen is protected by the law. The police is supposed to comply with this. Agents have over 20 years knew every movement and word in my room.


  30. 12 months ago

    The paintings turn backwards during the night, even when I have safety locks and chains on. By leaving marks from their visit the agents wish, that I would spend all my money to security, better locks and other devices.

    In places, where there is no witnesses around, harrassment is much stronger, than in places such as a bus with other passengers.

    I have to often use the crosswalk in front of the National Museum. A few weeks ago I was going to cross the crosswalk from the side of the National Museum. I was at the left edge of the crosswalk. The light showed green to me. I was just about to step onto the crosswalk. But I glanced to the left just to be sure. A white car, difficult to see against the snow, whizzed by me. The glance saved me from hospital, perhaps my life. Because light was green to me, it should have been red to the car. It was not so. The light, that was meant for me, had been turned by a collision with a truck to point at Parliament House. It showed red, but I did not see it. The light, that was green, was meant for streetcar crossing. That was the only light I saw. Engineer Sane at Helsinki City Construction Agency knows about this case. I called him about it. This happened at January 1986. The lights have been repaired now.

    It should be noted, that agents have several explanations, if some plan fails.

    No one would have been there and I had been hit by the car. The driver would have wondered, why I walk against red light.


  31. 12 months ago

    As I told, I lost over 50% of my eyesight. I could not see even the biggest letters from doctor's testing board. One specialist told me, that my sight can possibly be saved by surgery. I concluded, that because this operation started at California, they have the moral obligation to pay the surgery. It was indeed done at Santa Monica Catholic Hospital for free. At this time I didn't yet dare to criticize Catholic Church. I was not yet even sure, that it is the originator of my difficulties. Surgery of one eye costs 23,000 marks (about $4,600).

    I've been put sickness pension in case I found out about the methods that are being used. These methods can not become public. The sickness is on the papers only. They could always say: "He is insane, don't listen to his stories."

    Let's think, that someone would now found an organization, whose purpose is to promote homosexualism. I think, that authorities would now give it a permission. They would probably say, that it is criminal. Perverts can have their own organizations, but promoting perversions is immoral. I think, that Roman church is also promoting terrorism with their policy. It is no long way from Vatican to the Mafia lands at Sicily.

    If Roman church wants to continue the promotion of homosexualism, they should do it themselves, and not to give it to others. And thus foul others' reputation. They do have the pulpit and the communion. (Poisons given to the victims in communion cup.)

    If Catholic priests are given permission to force people into homosexualism, it is logical to give for example naturalists permission to force people into naturalism. Those, who have dogs, should be given permission to force people to buy dogs ...and so on. This would lead to an impossible situation. Also the political parties should be given permission to poison people to promote their cause. This would bring the society into total chaos.


  32. 12 months ago

    Of course, a question will be asked by the readers: why would Roman church promote homosexualism. Those, who claim to be holy missionaries of the heaven and promote righteousness and elevating the peoples' morale, why would they do this. In my mind I have found at least two answers. They want to control and subdue the people. It is easier to control people when they have been made to behave wildly and debauchedly. For example pornography and rock- culture are their tools. Secondly, Roman church leaders are so utterly corrupted, that they envy people, who lives healthy and natural life. They want to drag the people down into their immoral and perverse level, they live themselves. (At this point a question to certain people who want to sanctify Saturday. On which side do you stand?)

    Think about an institute, that claims to promote a good thing, using methods, that I have described in my prevoius reports. The methods include stealing, lying, poisoning, bluffing, and for example promotion of unnatural sexual behavior. These holy priest have for example tried to get me to rape children. They do not allow their victim to marry. If one happened to fall into their rape-trap, after that they would come and say, come to make homosexual acts with us, so you don't have to rape children. This is shocking, but unfortunately true.

    Target of the Roman church are especially wealthy countries, where people is tall, handsome and beautiful. For example at Hollywood, USA, the majority of the city council are homosexualists. (This information is taken from public media in California, summer 1985) It is noted, that the most popular congreation of catholic church in the whole USA is there. Where in Scandinavia has the Roman church gained most influence? It is in Sweden, where there are over 100,000 catholics. It is superior compared to any other country in Northern Europe. Homosexuality is not very rare there. (Sorry Svensson)


  33. 12 months ago

    I could bring other examples about, how roman-catholicism and homosexuality go hand in hand. The other promotes the other.

    Reformer Martin Luther compared Roman church to beast, who thrives for power with any means. Some of the modern writers and religious people predict, that when people has had enough of this debauching, a horrible fate awaits the employees of the Roman church. They will become the target of executions and bloodbaths. People will be enraged, when they realize that they have been betrayed. It is time for another reformation.

    I discussed these matters once with a roman-catholic priest. When I did not consent to his love-calls, he said I must have something wrong in my head. They say one is insane, if one doesn't consent to homosexualism.

    It is extremely hard and disgusting to write about these things. But even my patience has its limits. Over thirty (30) years I have been suffering, because Roman church wants to promote pervert, homosexual way of life. All my relations have been almost completely broken, so that I would accept homosexuality in their place. My life is ruined.

    As this "conversion" goes on, I'm being asked from time to time, that will you now confess that you are a homosexualist. I have not yet confessed, because I knew I would be lying. More pressure will be added, if I don't confess.

    This is similar method, that inquisitors had.

    One of the fruits of the celibacy-doctrine is AIDS, which is spread the most by homosexuality. Natural sex creates life, but homosexuality kills it with AIDS. This lethal disease is spread by the church by force.


  34. 12 months ago

    Catholic priests and the authorities of Sweden do not want to give me the freedom of choice in this matter. Political alternative I could somehow accept, even when forced. But forcing into homosexualism is disgusting. It is force-democracy and dictatorship, which homosexuality has brought into the North. This is done by countries, that claim they are promoting the cause of freedom and democracy. This policy is a shame for Western culture. It ridicules and mocks democracy. Worried, one could ask, will catholic church become too big burden for society.

    When Roman church wants power in Finland, they make great exaggerates. This has been for example indulgences. "When a coin goes into the chest, the soul goes into the heaven." (In finnish "Kun kolikko kirstuun kilahtaa, niin sielu taivaaseen vilahtaa.") This sentence the people invented because church sold indulgences. Inquisition is another thing, that Roman church is still suffering about.

    I believe, that spreading homosexuality and AIDS by the church will be condemned and is condemned at this very moment. Just to treat one AIDS patient will cost tax payers, depending on the country, from 1 to 2 million marks ($200,000 to $400,000).

    Victim, who is chosen to be the target of homosexual conversion, has to face dozens of different signs and hints on the streets. Homosexual act is brought to the victim's mind with small parts of signs. These hints are chose so, that if you complain about them, you are declared insane. These signals do not have effect, if chemicals are not used too. Because of this, they try to get the victim into addict with some substance. These are for example coffee, tobacco and alcohol. Agents know, that the victim will have to buy these substances regularily. Into these substances they will mix their chemicals.

    I believe, and I'm sure, that this conversion has not had effect, because I do not use any substance that leads to addiction.


  35. 12 months ago

    They also use many kinds of bluffing and deception. I was tried to make believe that all the men in congreation are homos and women are lesbians, so that I would accept it.

    Perhaps deception and signals have to be used, because the truth is opposite to what signs and hints suggest at.

    If the victim starts to trust some substance or thing, the trust will later be used against him.

    About deceptions I can mention for example, that they tried to make me believe that government has installed an antenna into my head. Through that antenna I am being controlled.

    Spreading homosexuality is twisted and criminal. It should be rooted out from society.

    Whan I had found out, that they had attempted to poison me for tens of years, the agents tried to attract my attention to another things, so that I would not accuse roman-catholic church about the poisoning. This is Jesuit method. Even the devil himself would not devise a more cunning plot.

    If you compare the same pattern that has been used to deceive me to European terrorism, one can conclude, that roman-catholic church is at least partially behind European terrorism. For example in Italy and West Germany terrorists call themselves the Red Army, as if they had something to do with communism. The purpose is to get the attention off the real culprot, which is probably Roman church. The news today prove this theory correct.

    Terrorists clear out the persons, who try to arbitrate in the society. One example of this is the ex-prime minister of Italy, Moro, which was executed by terrorists.

    According to my experience Roman church terrorizes an individual like me, so why wouldn't it use terror in larger scale too. Catholic church may well use terrorism to clear away people, who have influence, and who see church's objective, and do not accept its methods. Morning news (13th of November 1986) mentioned connections between ministers and mafia.


  36. 12 months ago

    In California, I met people, who talked about one government world. You can smile at a sentence like that, but it tells us something.

    Martin Luther and some modern religious people compare chapter 17 of the Revelation to Roman church.

    Revelation 17:4-6 says:
    "The woman was dressed in purple and scarlet, and was glittering with gold, precious stones and pearls. She held a golden cup in her hand, filled with abominable things and the filth of her adulteries.
    I saw that the woman was drunk with the blood of the saints, the blood of those who bore testimony to Jesus. When I saw her, I was greatly astonished."

    With 20 years of experience, I can prove, that this verse in the Bible is about roman-catholic church. I think it is a miracle, that I haven't fallen into the dozens of traps set for me.

    I do not want to tell about the good sides of the Roman church. Priests will do that, especially when one gives them money.

    I have several times been near suicide because of this operation. That's why I have contacted Amnesty International many times. Twice I have visited Amnesty headquarters in London. They do not want to help me in any way.

    Martin Luther started the reformation because of Roman church abuses. It is now time for another reformation.

    Swedish and perhaps some others try to use the fact, that Roman church has tried to make me a homosexualist. They want to further their political objectives with this matter. It seems that the "mastermind" of this, one could say, second operation, has been the prime minister of sweden, Olof Palme. He fell into his own trap and paid with his life.

    A few words about swedish authorities. They have now looked for the murderer of Palme two months. I can prove, that they knew the name of the murderer before the murder.


  37. 12 months ago

    To defend myself I had to write certain report (At that time I thought, that I have to spend the rest of my life outside Finland's borders) at the beginning of February this year. This report started a chain reaction, and finally swedish authorities had to execute Palme as a security risk at the end of February. I had no idea, that the report I wrote to expose criminals will lead to death of Palme.

    Swedish authorities tried to accuse me of Palme's murder, because I had written the report preceding the murder. (During the murder I was in Helsinki.)

    During this operation, I have been guided with different signs I get from papers, radio, television and while walking on the streets. The executioner chosen by swedish authorities was ordered to set signs into the murder event, the purpose of those was, that I would give myself in as the murderer, because I wrote the fateful report. They also tried, with various signals, to get me feel guilt of the murder. These signs were meant only for me. They do not appear special to anyone else, except for some security officials.


  38. 12 months ago

    The executioner (=official of the swedish government) left the following signals to point at me:

    I have been an adventist. The murder was committed at Tunnelgatan, where Stockholm's Adventist Church is.
    As an adventist, I have held sabbath, which is from sunset at Friday to sunset at Saturday. Murder was committed at adventists' sabbath, which begins at Friday evening. Also, Palme was taken to Sabbatsberg hospital.
    My report tells about sex. Murderer escaped through Malmskillnadsgatan, which is a well known prostitute street.
    I live near Church of John (Johanneksen Kirkko) in Helsinki. Murder was committed near Stockholm's Church of John. Also, my other name is Johannes (John in finnish).
    I had Volkswagen-car. It has been in a significant part of an operation in Helsinki. The murderer escaped with Volkswagen Passat-car.
    I am finnish. The murderer entered his escape car near Finland-house. According to map, the route from murder site to Finland-house is about 500 metres. Quickly walking man travels that in about five minutes. If one runs, as one could except from an escaping murderer, it takes less than five minutes. Yet, the media said the murderer spend almost 20 minutes in this 500 metres. Probably he waited somewhere and wanted to ensure, that the arriving police noticed him entering the car near Finland-house. Police arrived three seconds later. So, Finland-house points to me being finnish.
    My fateful report tells about an official at high position, whose has a hobby: carpentry. Murderer entered the escape car at Snickarbacken, which translates to Carpenter Hill.
    I started to distribute my fateful report at Friday. Murder happened at Friday.
    I was born at -33. Murderer is 33 years old.


  39. 12 months ago

    This is why you are the most moronic board. I saw this on the front page and had to come here to tell you.
    You are the lowest IQ board somehow under /b/, I'm glad you are stuck in this containment dumpster fire.

  40. 12 months ago

    No random murderer, terrorist or insane could have coincidentally committed a murder, in which all these nine facts appear. It would be like getting 7 right numbers in lottery. The odds are less than one into a million.

    With these nine facts chosen by the murderer (=official of swedish government) they wanted to give me a message and at the same time deceive so that I would feel guilt of the murder.

    If one says, that the Pope of Roman church is at least partially guilty of Palme's murder, it is not far from the truth. I had to write my fateful report while defending myself against the intrigue and criminal activity of the Roman church.

    The officials of swedish government, inclunding Olof Palme, wanted to influence Finland's politics through this operation. But the means they use, are dubious. They have fallen into their own trap and breached the Nordic co-operation. There is reason to wish, that this disagreement does not expand. Wars have been started for lesser reasons, that this, what the swedish officials have done - threw shit at the face of the leader of the neighbor country. This kind of policy is short-sighted and intolerable when handling international relations. It is difficult to believe, that this is diplomacy of a civilized country. It slandering of the whole people.

    The attitude behind this act is very dubious. It even has a shade of apartheid - pure swedish race - the all-knowing Svensson is rising his head.

    It requires a humble mind to point a finger against the true murderer. Who is guilty of the breach in the Nordic peace and the greatest act of terrorism? Let's hope, that the shot, that killed Olof Palme, does not become Nordic shot of Sarajevo.

    Helsinki 12.10.1986
    Paavo Rissanen
    Tehtaankatu 18 C 35
    00140 Helsinki


  41. 12 months ago

    I'm a Catholic and psychic. Why leave your faith even if you aren't fond of the church's history against magic (which is partly misconceived, I might add)? Being a temporary psychic in this material world isn't itself much of an excitable pursuit or meaningful life goal.

    Through Jesus and Catholicism you're freely given love, a family, immortality, and other rewards and actually exciting things in heaven.

    • 12 months ago

      >Through Jesus and Catholicism you're freely given love, a family, immortality, and other rewards and actually exciting things in heaven.

      Given love? Try passive-aggressive emotional abuse, congnitive dissonance, and guilt-tripping as much as you can stand.

      Give a family? Family loyalty crumbles when the repercussions of breaking trust get reduced to a few Our Fathers and Hail Marys.

      Given immortality? FFS. Everyone's immortal already. Thanks to the Demiurge (your God), we get our minds wiped every time we come back here. It's more like, since you have been made to believe you are merely mortal, any huckster promising immortality gets +10 to persuasion against trauma-scarred children desperate for a solid foundation (which is what most of us are).

      Other rewards? Yeah, you get mind-wiped and come back here when you die. In this world, you might get lucky and be recruited into one of the Romish secret societies where the only benefit is an increase in creature comforts at the expense of your conscience.

      Heaven? Pie in the sky in the sweet by-and-by. You don't get to taste it until you've already sold out, and there's no take-backs because whoops! you're already dead and on your way back here for the next round.

      Give me a fricking break.

      • 12 months ago

        Love, family, immortality, and other rewards in heaven, alongside a good environment on earth if most people were sincerely practicing Christians. But that isn't really the world we live in now, so the state of the world is reflective of how the people in the world currently behave, which is vastly self centered, covetous, and extremely materialistic. That's why families are breaking and love is hard to come by.

        Also, Jesus went through a worse, harsher life than the majority of people in first world poverty even experience. He was homeless, didn't live in luxury, was mocked, taunted, abused, tortured and killed at a relatively young age. He stayed the course, loved other and was loved by God, and is the intended example for how people should live (not necessarily as rough as he did).

        The Christian God wouldn't be the demiurge. A human psychic elevated to a position of faux-godliness, however, could be. The Bible already cautions about something like this:

        >Revelation 9:6, NIV: During those days people will seek death but will not find it; they will long to die, but death will elude them.

        But if due to the idea of a demiurge you already believe that everyone is immortal, including yourself, then God is the one you turn to so you aren't ensnared in that type of predicament and environment under a would-be demiurge by someone or people claiming to be godly because they're psychic or something else.

        Imagine being a psychic trying to destroy the true God and then you get made immortal wanting to seek death, but you can't find it. One's earthly woes would only increase under those conditions.

  42. 12 months ago
    Paavo Rissanen

    PS. While conversing, the agents of the Roman church try to force their victim to think, that while accepting homosexuality, the victim makes a great deed to his fatherland - he becomes a great hero - he could be compared to a genius or for example a world champion - he is priceless to the society. (In truth, he is important only to the satisfaction of the perverse lusts of the priests of the Roman church, and to the fact, that he can be blackmailed because he has been forced to make a homosexualist act.)

    A few numbers about this matter. There are about 30,000 AIDS patients in USA, says Helsingin Sanomat (finnish newspaper). About 15,000 of them has died. Statistics say that one AIDS patient will cost about $340,000 in taxes etc. at USA. (No health insurace is granted to AIDS patient in California.) 30,000 * $340,000 = $10,200,000,000 which would be about half of the budget of Finland. (Roman church is the one which is most guilty of this in USA.)

    This matter is so alarming, that this report was discussed for example at Reykjavik summit at October 1986 between the leaders of USA and Soviet Union. (Officially this matter does not exist at all. This is part of the so called Secret Police matters of each country.)

    As a final comment I bring forth the fact, that the disease AIDS is held in the future as a possible national catastrophy in USA.

    Before those who opposed the Roman church would be called heretics and witches and burned at the stake. Now they are called insane, troublemakers or communists, and, if possible, kept in institutions.

    The inner core and nature of the Catholic church has not changed in any essential way from the dark middle ages, no matter how its PR-work tries to give that impression.


  43. 12 months ago

    its not up to you alone to decide

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