Let's give out wisdom

Give us your best wisdom, it can range from a lot of topics. I'lll start:

1. How is wisdom gained? suffering in the name of God. no ifs and or buts.
2. How do you tell the perfect lie? Mix lies with truth, no one will be able to tell where truth or lies begin. This is an ancient trick that originates from evil itself.
3. What was the lie in the garden of eden? That you will become God's. How does wisdom help you arrive to that conclusion? You start to notice that all the new age religions promote self-worship and you have to be schizo enough to make the connection that new age religions are the same lie. It's an accumulation of wisdom that leads to this conclusion.
4. Wisdom is perfect, knowledge is not.
5. People would trade their soul for convenience

your turn

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  1. 1 month ago

    Just relax. Everything will happen as it should.

  2. 1 month ago

    Enemies are more useful than friends. Friends can grow envious or bitter as you rise, an enemy will try harder to please you to remain in your good graces.

    • 1 month ago

      >an enemy will try harder to please you to remain in your good graces
      Only if you're the dominant one. If you aren't then why would your enemy care to remain in your good graces?

      • 1 month ago

        No the secret is not letting them know they are your enemy. Keep them at arm’s length and guessing

    • 1 month ago

      whats wisdom that has been inspired by evil rather than good?

      • 1 month ago


        • 1 month ago

          Got dayum way to drop the mic

  3. 1 month ago

    >suffering in the name of God
    No! (or yes.)
    To rephrase: You find a way to poke existence, and you see what it tells you, while silencing yourself until it's done speaking. The part of existence that's most fruitful to poke, is yourself
    And self experimentation can lead to much suffering
    so, yes .

  4. 1 month ago

    >You start to notice that all the new age religions promote self-worship and you have to be schizo enough to make the connection that new age religions are the same lie. It's an accumulation of wisdom that leads to this conclusion.
    And all occult practices also work on the same principle in the end : sin.
    I mean it's like they all have their made up lore that leads down the same path. You Can include many alternative medecine in that.
    It's like some demon is there with a garden hose barely concealed in his hand telling you "every time you lick your own ass, it starts raining, trust me"
    And then he enjoys watching the idiot do the dumb and disgusting things he requires.
    And keeps photograph to claim your soul later.
    It's like they trade their feeble powers they still have after the fall, mystify them, build some thousands moronic fake lore to confuse humans about the true religion on the way and trade their "help" in exchange for sin: a claim on your soul to get you to hell with them.
    That "Lick your own butt" act Can be any sin. Fornication for tantrism, idolatry of nature for wiccans, murder for the old pagan cults, blasphemy for masons...
    Perfect exemples are spiritism, where demons pretend to be dead people, convincingly so, because most of the Time they were there watching the life of these people. And then build up some dumb spirit guide lore and reincarnation bs so people leave the church.
    Another example is acupuncture, studies found out that yes, sticking needles in your skin affects your nervous system and reduces pain. But they also found out that the results are the same no matter if the one sticking them has spent 8 years studying all the moronic chi lore or not.
    And they will Always mingle truth with lies, like mixing honey and poison to still attract but kill flies.

    • 1 month ago

      The most "honest" (and evil) occult group might be frankist or thelemist because they actually recognise they engage in sin on purpose.
      Yet for them the trick is to make them believe it's for a greater goal, "getting free" for the thelemist and bringing muh messiah for frankists.

      Long story short, you Can study the occult many years, it's all glitter on a turd, in the end it is just boasting and confusing demons that dont have half the power or wisdom they claim they do.
      Christ is king.
      Out of the church no salvation

  5. 1 month ago

    >suffering in the name of God
    Yes indeed but there is a Key élément to that and it's humility.
    Never Ask God for a cross, that is pride and presumption.
    God loves so much that hé wanted to express his love.
    And out of this desire to love he created the World.
    But how do you show the love of someone as Big and mighty as God himself.
    By suffering and dying to save the objectif of his love.
    People think jesus chose the cross in 33 ad. But truth is, he chosed it before day one of genesis.
    His love was so strong that out of it the whole creation was made. His love was so strong that he created human weak and small to the point they cannot survive without his constant love and gifts.
    Because they weaker and smaller we are next to him, the more he Can love us, this why we are so finite as well as the whole of creation.
    And the most extreme form of love is dying for someone.
    So he made creation and man, weak and small, as a massive stage where he could finaly play the ultimate act of love: his passion.
    His greatest happiness is to out of love create an object for his love and then suffer for it.
    And as he loves us he also want us to share what is for him the greatest happiness.
    And so we Can also out of love create an object for our love and suffer for it: fatherhood and motherhood.
    Once you understand this you understand that God does not want you to carry his cross, he wants to carry yours.
    Trying to carry his cross is taking away from him his greatest joy and pride as you try to pretend to be on his level, and so he cannot love you and give you himself if you are not smaller than him.
    And he is a gentleman, he will only give what you Ask and heal the wounds you show.

    • 1 month ago

      The smaller to him, the better then.
      When you understand that then you Ask him to carry your crosses, he does not take them away from your shoulders, then how Can he carry them ?
      By coming and living in you, wich is now possible because you are so small and aware of it that he has room and permission to Come and live in you.
      This is the path of saints, the reason why God, not them then performed miracles through them.
      If you had perfect humility God would physicly take life in you, wich is what happenned to our mother Mary and her only. This is why you need her as a help and teacher and intercessor to walk that path.
      And how to practice this humility daily, by daily reliance on God, in everything you do daily, offer every little cross for Jésus to carry, recognise your lack of intelligence by being blindly obediant to him and his church, recognise your lack of strength by asking him or thanking him for any axcomplishment.
      Ask for many graces, special help and even supernatural intervention, to help overcome your own weaknesses.
      Always praise him and his greatness and Aknowledge your own littlesness.
      Give every little concern, part of your life or Heart to him.
      Then you dont need any power or wisdom as he will put in you his power wisdom and strength.

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