ITT prove magic is ACTUALLY real. Give examples

ITT prove magic is ACTUALLY real. Give examples

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  1. 3 weeks ago

    Anyone who wanted to show you would do so for their own purposes, not theirs. Everyone else reckons you would be better served finding out for yourself.

    • 3 weeks ago

      >their's not their's

  2. 3 weeks ago

    Every people in the ancient world practiced it freely except ~~*one*~~

    • 3 weeks ago

      They did it too though.

  3. 3 weeks ago


    • 3 weeks ago

      thats just physics

      • 3 weeks ago

        physics is consciousness which makes it magic

      • 3 weeks ago

        There is no distinction between "magic" and "physics".

    • 3 weeks ago

      thats just physics

      gravity is a israelite brain made up word and still a theory. we don't know what the real name is. reminder Einstein was also a cousin fricker incest israelite. literally fricked and married his cousin. anyone going along with these culture science men are dumb as frick.

  4. 3 weeks ago

    magic is a stupid word that can contain anything the utterer is unfamiliar with

  5. 3 weeks ago

    It's about the mind controlling reality.
    My example is that once I told a guy I was going to do magic so that he'd find the queen of spades card on the streets.
    Two weeks later he announced that he had found the card.
    All I did was putting the idea on his head, so his mind manifested finding the card, a reality where someone threw that card in a place where he'd find it.
    Magic is as mundane as this.

    • 3 weeks ago

      holy checked and syncropilled

    • 3 weeks ago

      holy checked and syncropilled


    • 3 weeks ago

      Real wizard post.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    We're staring at obelisk putting images and sigils into each others minds from thousands of miles away because a bunch of guys stared at books and sigils all day. How do you define magick? Could you build yourself another computer? Or even fix it when it breaks?

  7. 3 weeks ago

    So, I manifested my ex.
    Here are the circumstances:
    We date and break up years before I get a car or license.
    She lives in a coty 10 miles away.
    I move the opposite direction another 10 miles away.
    No way to contact her, way before cell phones, no mutual friends, separate schools, etc.
    We're far away, no contact, out of contact, for years, before social media invented etc
    I _DO_ have a hairband of hers.
    I feel it has her energy.
    I begin wearing it every day with the intention of manifesting her, meeting her again.
    For weeks I wear her hairband on my wrist, with the intent it will lead her to me, me to her.
    I even tell my friend this. I am wearing her hairband and it will summon --
    We are in my city, I have a car now, and we just down some random old neighborhood road, not suburbs either.
    I roll my buddy's window down,
    pull up to the curb, and I hollar,
    >"Hey baby! You want to make 15 bucks the hard way?"
    Emily hops in the back.
    That's a __huge__ fricking coincidence, too much to be "coincidence". We don't have any of the same friends, we live 1, 2, 3 neighborhoods apart, I'm telling my friend how I'm manifesting her and as I'm saying it, there she is, on some random sidewalk.
    Repeating myself,
    but that is Some kind if Magic.

  8. 3 weeks ago

    Jack Parsons
    John Dee and Edward Kelley
    All of the shit Grant Morrison has said about practicing magic, and getting results
    /misc/ literally using magic to get Donald Trump elected (which did happen, and surprised even Trump, because it clearly wasn't in the script)

  9. 3 weeks ago

    empirical proof? Not much more than some statistical oddities in remote viewing and telekinesis, but hard evidence for the placebo effect (and other forms of hypnotic suggestion) that have measurable effects on scientific studies, so they can't ignore the placebo effect, which boils down to the mind influencing the physical (recovering from disease faster than normal).

    Empirical science is a pretty bad bet for dealing with magic though. But some magic practice is repeatable with similar effects.

    Most magic is done from experiential proof. So you may proof it is real (or ineffective for you, and you only).

    There is also some social proof: Look at the famous people involved in magic, and estimate probability that ALL of them are wrong or misguided chasing something that is not realistic or pragmatic.

  10. 3 weeks ago

    Pajeet does miracle live


  11. 3 weeks ago

    Most Americans, and most of the world even gets up and goes to work every day, and they sometimes kill each other, or debase/humiliate themselves for invisible "money" that literally doesn't actually exist and the cost of food, goods, housing, and fuel go up pretty much every year despite advances in efficiency, science, automation, technology and everyone seems to be ok with how that's literally destroying every facet of human society and social interaction in front of you every day and you even keep appointing the same ghouls every 2~4 years over and over with the hopes that it will just somehow "get better" some day.

    If that isn't some extremely highly advanced financial alchemy bait and switch mind control sleight of hand illusion magic then I don't know what frick could ever impress you. You're probably programmed not to even be able to see, recognize, or question anything more powerful than that.

    • 3 weeks ago

      what if thats just a byproduct, and the byproduct is being optomized by people who think they are smarter than others?

  12. 3 weeks ago

    as far as I can tell, magic doesn't do anything that can't be explained in a non magical way. Sometimes it's just that the thing that happened is so insanely coincidental that it's harder to believe that it wasn't the result of the magic

  13. 3 weeks ago

    Magic is about controlling reality according to your will. This can involve flying (airplanes). Communication across the world (internet). Or anything you wish to do. And many other things. The fundamental piece is that control of reality can only be done within the limits of the rules of the universe, so the trick is to find how to use the rules of the universe to control the universe. There is a general technique that has been around for thousands of years and seen in the symbolism of many religions and secret societies. In the end, when you unroll the logic to its base you always see that "magic" is about control of something.

  14. 3 weeks ago
    • 3 weeks ago

      best take itt

  15. 3 weeks ago

    I can tell you about dreams and maybe it's magic.
    Father's father, father, and myself, had the same dream of our passed grandmother shortly after she died.
    I was describing I had a dream about her, she was in a hospital bed, we were all around, and my dad stopped me. He told me, "She wished us Peace & Abundance."
    Uh, Yeah. She did.
    He prompted me, What color was her dress?
    I replied, Green.
    My dad told me he, his dad, and I, had the same dream.
    Grandma was in a hoslital bed in a green dress with all of us around and she wished us Peace & Abundance.
    How about this,
    I wake up on a late Tuesday morning in tears, really upset about my parents' cat. I'm weeping and I don't know why.
    I talk with my parents that Saturday.
    They put the cat down Tuesday morning.
    but wait there's more.wav
    I've haunted two houses using Ouija boards. One I lived in. One at a friend's new construction home wbich was NOT haunted before I visited and we fricked around with the Ouija board. Some ghist kid would wake my gf up and stare at her, her husband, yes you read it right, constantly felt really uneasy going up and dkwn the steps in the dark - milktary man and never had that feeling before in the house and further didn't know his wife and I fricked with a Ouija board and fricked next to the Ouija board.
    Lastly, their baby, quietest kid. Suddenly starts eaking up screaming like it's being stabbed every night in the middle of the night, and when checked on, is screaming and pointing at the closet in his room, saying "Baby in dare!! Baby in dare!!!"
    one more time.mp3
    had a dream my gf cheated on me. I woke up and was legitimately upset with her. It was irrational - it was just a dream, but I'd Never had a dream like that before, had no reason to think she was cheating - I was getting ready to propose to her. I calm myself down. Never mention it, because why.
    She breaks up within the week.
    Blocks me on gaybook.
    I stalk and she's with, literally, a Peruvian car Sale'sman.

    Is this all magic?

  16. 3 weeks ago

    Everything is magic and paranormal until people figure out how it works, at which point it would be labeled a science rather than magic. For example, "ghosts" would remain an occultish woo-woo "schizo" topic in the eyes of religiously pseudo-scientific midwits, but if/when ACTUAL scientists figure out what a ghost actually is by accidentally measuring them in a replicable way, it might be acknowledged as an actual science, (provided the corrupted institutions permit it to be so.)
    Not saying ghosts are definitely real, btw. Just using them as an example. We haven't even defined "ghost" after all.

  17. 3 weeks ago

    Remote viewing
    I had a dream before I visitied family in a other state.
    I had a dream about Mr. Peel's house, an elderly man's home along my old paper route.
    It was now a dark gray/green/brown.
    Driving around the neighborhood with a parent.
    Were in the old paper rlute neighborhood, and I tell them abkut my dream.
    They remember Mr. Peel. His house was painted yellow.
    We round a couple blocks,
    Mr. Peel's home is painted a dark gray/green // breen.
    I JUST HAD A DREAM about his hkuse, seemingly for no reason besides maybe I'm visiting town,
    and straight to his house,
    and the color,
    I described the dream to my parent,
    and then came upon the home,
    Dang near the same color as my dream.
    I was so excited to have a witness.

    So recent death shared dream,
    recent death dream when the cat was put down, probably AS it died,
    ouija board hauntings,
    dream prediction? e.g. girlfriend cheating who broke up less than a week later and ghosted, and finally
    remote viewing

    I have a bunch of additional examples but I overshared two/three messages ago.
    I wouldn't say it's magic.
    But more like an "ether",
    it's around us all th time,
    we can feel it,
    it allows the transfer of data,
    data interpreted like you're there,
    or a feeling sent to you the best way a creature understands how. We do the same thing.
    Again, is it Magic?
    It's definitely special, and real, and is certainly manipulated by those who pass away to send us final messages.
    I don't think it has to be one-way though - not according to my unintentional dream remote view.
    end overshare

  18. 3 weeks ago

    You don't have to have blind "Faith" in Magick like you do for a certain dominant religion. Try it yourself. This creates a psychic shield.

    Sit in a comfortable chair.
    >Ask for Permission and Protection.
    Read Psalm #23 And ask for the Table, the Cup, and the Oil" Then ask for a Staff and a Sword.
    >Ritual Preparation - Raising Energy using Chakras
    Draw a circle around you with Sword. Close your eyes and focus your attention on your right hand and it'll tingle, then feel your entire body tingle. This is your neural body sense. Concentrate on your feet and see roots growing down into the Earth, and Earth Energy rising into your ankles (you can also feel it); See the chakra at the base of your spine open like a flower or a whorl, and use it to draw the energy to it; see the sexual chakra open up like a flower and use it to draw the energy to it, see it rising to your waist, then your heart just as you did for the first two; See the center of your hands as chakras, see the energy rise from your hands into your arms; see it rise to your throat, then the middle of your forehead. See the energy rise to the top of your head, and See it spill over outside of you like a fountain, See it going to your feet and See the energy flow up from your feet again several times while drawing in more Energy from the ground.
    >Create a mental object.
    See the Energy form a barrier, an outwards-facing 2-way mirror, surrounding you. See, and Feel the weight of a bronze dagger in your hand.
    Put the objects on Table and dismiss them. Release the raised Energy by letting it go. Say something like "So mote it be!".The "god" borrows these objects from Plato's World of Forms. The god does not have to be Abrahamic. That's why it's not "the Table", It's "Table!". Yes, you're "cheating".
    "Slow down, you move too fast!" This is like meditation, take your 'ever-lovin' time about it! This isn't a "Wham-Bam, thank you Ma'am!" 'F'n Harry Potter' spell!
    "See" means Visualize.

  19. 3 weeks ago

    this guy is impossibly dense. it's gotta be magic


  20. 3 weeks ago

  21. 3 weeks ago

    usa: $2.3 trillion military budget disappeared into nothing

  22. 3 weeks ago

    well considering the beliefs of buddhism with chakras and stuff is true. That is the magic system in our world. Meaning that any sort of actual magic will come from india or specific individuals who've discovered it.

    you can levitate which is the kundalini. But i don't think anyone can actually do it on command even if they've done it before. The kundalini is a separate entity (the goddess) and she isn't too keen on super powers just for the sake of it.

    Because the chakra system is a science in it of itself. And the only thing i know from a yogi is that occult power comes from the root chakra. But here's my own discovery. It also comes from the crown chakra. you can't get this information anywhere else. It's like something descends down on you and puts you in a suspended state. I've ran way faster than whats humanly possible. I felt i could walk up a wall but i didn't push it. I was very careful and had no choice but to close it up. for now.

    The main thing to note here is that occult power regardless of it's nature is almost totally policed lets say, by higher powers and entities. So on other words. magic is banned except for specific individuals. God's chosen.

  23. 3 weeks ago

    You probably don't want that to happen.

    • 3 weeks ago

      why :3

  24. 3 weeks ago

    CERN and math.

  25. 3 weeks ago

    I would but you might not want to believe me.

  26. 3 weeks ago

    Can't do, can't say, all these bullshit "magick" dragged me into a hole of obsession, but I assure you, It's real. look up to your tarot cards and astrology and you'llsee

    • 3 weeks ago

      >it's real
      >tarot cards and astrology

      • 3 weeks ago

        Abstain from masturbation / pornography completely for 25 days, and observe the changes. There are various religious / magical beliefs that account for this, but science as of now does not.

        In truth if you're not testing / observing the interesting results that can be produced through these means (at the very least, a relatively consistent phenomenon of coincidence without physical explanation) then how can you really be interested in proving or disproving the existence of magic?

  27. 3 weeks ago

  28. 3 weeks ago

    One form of magic is to consider this. You want to get rid of a powerful person who is close to discovering bribery. I don't think there is even a Wikipedia page for that? There are no books about this in your public library. You need to know a guy, who knows a guy, whose family has been doing this since the middle ages, and has a passed down recipe on how to make ACTUALLY real poison potions.

    That part of magic or the occult is ruled by the underground and the intelligence agencies and sometimes a combination of these. If all goes right, proof is hard to find.

    The parts about manipulation of the will of others and deluding them to stay docile and happy to serve you are more public, but renamed as psychology and marketing. One can simply go to Yale to be educated in its proofs and results.

  29. 3 weeks ago

    I have been kind to my self and others for so long, they don't know that I have STINKY farts sometimes }:]. When they think of me they think of nice things, not the side of me with stinky farts! Muahahahah, my secret is not known! I use jedi mind tricks like taking care of my health and helping others to hide my secret nature as a person with stinky farts sometimes. No one has seen through my facade other than some with more magic powers than I!

    • 3 weeks ago

      Sorry for being too silly with my post here. My point is that magic is just science that is occult.
      > Aliens, dreams, predicting the future, miracles, psychology, nutrition, chemistry, psychedelics, psychic occurrences between friends and family members at great distance, hanging around certain people or substances or media; how people can feel the energy of certain places; dogs and cats not liking certain people who have hidden agendas; addiction; generational trauma in studies on rats; the psychological mechanisms that have prevented people from killing themselves during the final moments of a suicide attempt; people leaving a mass shooting location before it happens because they felt horrible 'for no reason'; gut instincts; LUCK; people changing someone's personality from afar via group transcendental meditation; have you ever seen people agree that today is a bad day or a good day for some reason; all sorts of psi abilities; see what happens when certain people practice certain spiritual practices.
      I hear some people have gotten strong messages to not share their magical experiences too much. You ever become aware in a dream and then the dream breaks down and people turn on you because you are disrupting the simulation? I think that's similar to sharing too much about one's 'gifts' from the unknown. We have to be trusted to keep information safe. Only those who won't tell everyone everything will be trusted with many gifts. Watch out for sharing too much. Wouldn't want to be outcast too much now, would we ;(

      • 3 weeks ago

        When truth and love start popping up for no reason, that threatens the system. The system is scared by truth and love. Don't put your earth name out too much when you are full of truth and love. That makes it easier for demons to target you. Not being a target is a beautiful thing. I'm not saying be totally silent, but watch out for the allure of pride in being a beacon of light. If we are a waterfall of light and love, it pours out of us naturally. Start locally to act globally. Knowledge is power. Watcher spirits on earth don't need to know too much about you. I let myself be known through my actions and through what channels through me. I try to limit what information I put out into the hivemind, so it's harder to track and know me and others like me. Cheers

  30. 3 weeks ago

    OP you just btfo yourself with pic related

    • 3 weeks ago

      how so

  31. 3 weeks ago


  32. 3 weeks ago

    Sure, with pleasure
    One, Two, Three
    It takes me no energy
    Four, Five, Six
    Black person, you'll never have sex

  33. 3 weeks ago


  34. 3 weeks ago

    I did a little spell tonight and I tell you what it fricking worked. It was uncanny.

  35. 3 weeks ago

    you need more? OP

  36. 3 weeks ago

    The great pyramid of Giza is the proof.

  37. 3 weeks ago

    When I was 19 I went through a bit of a Crowley phase and was fascinated with the sex magick aspect. I posted an ad on craigslist and met with another woman who was into it, we did a few sex magick 'rituals'. I wanted to keep the first manifestation small and simple at first, so during the ritual I imagined myself getting promoted and saying repeatedly in my head that I wanted to be promoted at my current job. Literally the next day, I got offered a promotion out of nowhere. I felt great but also felt a pit in the middle of my stomach like I had messed with something I shouldn't have. The next 2 months after this was probably the worst 2 months of my life. I felt sick and nauseous the whole time, I developed two huge sebaceous cysts on my neck, one right in the center on the back of my beck, I developed tinnitus and felt a constant low burning sensation at the tip of my penis and excruciating pain with any sexual activity and masturbation. I thought I might've caught a an STI from that woman but I went to two doctors and they said there is physically nothing wrong with my penis.

    Feeling suicidal and out of desperation, I attend mass (I was raised catholic but rejected it) and go to confession, then have holy communion. That night I bin my copy of the Book of Lies and replaced it with a bible instead. I have a very intense and vivid dream of a huge muscled man with blonde hair wrestling with this wretched black monster and he breaks his neck and kills him, the man smiles at me. He has a warm glow/aura around him and can only be described as beautiful then I wake up. From then on, I attended mass every Sunday and the symptoms began to subside. I still have a bit of tinnitus and I got my cysts surgically removed but everything is fine now. I told the priest about all of this and he said that he believed that I was in the process of being possessed by a demon and that the man I saw in my dream was St. Michael killing the demon and putting a stop to it.

  38. 3 weeks ago

    >Cum in wife
    >Wait aprox 10 months(idk wtf people say 9 months, it's 9.5-10.5 the majority of pregnancies)
    >A new human crawls out of her
    >Write down knowledge
    >200 years later you still speak to the living
    >Boil dirt
    >A few other things
    >Apply heat to product
    Child birth was believed to be the orinigal magick, known only to women, most know it as an innate ability, their body does it without even trying. When the child is born, their body provides food untill it is ready to eat regular food. Even Odin had to learn magic from a woman.
    Also, last one, because they just feel very magical tbh, piezoelectric crystals, they can do alot of very cool shit, radio transmission, convert pressure to electricity, track the passage of time, you can make microphones with them.

    • 3 weeks ago

      God fricking damnit to the bowels of hell, my fricking auto correct keeps changing random shit to 'desu' in the most natural places, STOP MAKING ME SOUND LIKE A WEEB PHONE FUUUUU

      • 3 weeks ago

        hey, calm down pal

        • 3 weeks ago

          Don't call me pal, guy

          • 3 weeks ago

            this isnt reddit zoom zoom, we dont do this stupid shit here.

          • 3 weeks ago

            >old ass south park joke
            >"zoom zoom"
            Okay boomer

  39. 3 weeks ago

    >ITT prove magic is ACTUALLY real. Give examples
    If anything posted in a thread would be enough to convince, your standards of proof are too low to be trusted.

    A better question would be - "What kind of occult/spiritual practice/training can I do to quickly prove magic to myself, in at most a month?" (since nobody wants to waste months and years on nonsense).

    With your question all you'll get is spam of theories and schizo posts.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Life, dont rush it bucko

      • 3 weeks ago

        >Life, dont rush it bucko
        Nobody can rush life when it's so short. If we all lived 500 years and spent 400 of them in the body of a 20 year old I'd agree with you. But I'm already near by 30's and I have a lot of shit I want to do, very few opportunities, and little time left relative to quality of life.

        Life is very very very short when you look at it properly.

        It's long for people born into wealth or in countries with a lot of opportunities, because they can get a decent head start from even their late teens.

        • 3 weeks ago

          Chegged and same, 30 in 4 days.

        • 3 weeks ago

          The paradox is the more you experience, the less valuable each event. Having a "great" life devalues those instances and life flies by increasingly faster. I've led an extraordinary life but it's almost over.

          t. age 50's, seven continents been there and done that

          • 3 weeks ago

            >The paradox is the more you experience, the less valuable each event.
            I think that's a projection. It depends on how easy it was for you to get to each event (the harder it was the more you'd value it).

            Also depends on how much you had to sacrifice along the way to get it (that might make you value it less).

            Also depends on whether you lived your life "for yourself" or "for others". I honestly think that most people have regrets in life and value life less because they lived their lives for other peoples sake. This resulted in a lifetime of regret which soured all the other experiences they had (even the positive ones).

            I don't want children, I don't want a wife, I think this planet is overpopulated to begin with and most men only want children because they've been sold the dream of "legacy" from children and family, but ironically your legacy is what history remembers YOU for, not the fact that you impregnated a woman and she birthed a bunch of mediocre people like every other person on the planet. Nobody knows or cares who Martin Luther King's wife or children are, nobody knows or cares who Stephen Hawking's children wife or children are. Their legacy was what they did and revolved around them pursuing their goals/passions.

            All I need is some kind of opportunity, but until that happens I'll just be stuck waiting. I can't even get a job right now, covid fricked up the job market (I'm not in America, If I was I'd easily be able to get a job, where i am I'm fricked).

            If I could leave and go to America broke right now I'd leave next month, but it isn't easy to get over there, it's a long ass process, even if I applied right now I likely wouldn't get in until 5+ years.

  40. 3 weeks ago
    Open Sesame

    when i was near psychosis languishing by the illuminati there were daimon in my brain chanting "Jesus is Lore, Lore." This isn't just misfiring neurons, it has actual theological weight from a demonic point of view. Just so, I couldn't have made it up, yet you are reading the words. Where did they come from? From an evil spiritual realm. The weakness of their "argument" led me to convert some years ago. Then i ended up developing the theory that the Kantian category is the same as the mythology of the Tower of Babel, and essentially preached that "Jesus is Lore." Now i'm back to Christianity (Catholic). Ave Maria

  41. 3 weeks ago

    The most powerful magic is the magic we craft for ourselves. What is the difference between science and magic? A sufficiently proficient scientist can unravel a magician's secret, a sufficiently proficient magician can explain his spell as science. Words, sounds, sights, touch, even emotions. They are meaningless before the cold and powerful principality of magia and logia.

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  43. 3 weeks ago

    OP, you're never going to get anything "real". If you have the mindset, you will always think that it is somehow a trick, especially in todays age of AI garbage. But want to know an anecdotal example I can give you? A few days ago I was watching a livestream of protesters, some filthy israelite was waving his flag around on the livestream footage, and I started hexxing the ever loving frick out of him. He turned around and progressively slower and slower, wasn't waving his dirty Israeli flag around as much.

    Even if I recorded this entire thing, with 1:1 realtime, you would still find a way to tell me "It's a trick or coincidence."

    I'm not mad at you, but if you want delve into mysticism, I think a fun way to start is meditating to the point where you start getting visuals and playing around with them. I'm not saying having a playground in your head is mystical, but the fact that you have enough mental control and are calm enough to do it, in itself is something that requires practice and diligence and will help you in the long run for other things too.

  44. 3 weeks ago

    Magic is real but It depends on what you mean

  45. 3 weeks ago


  46. 3 weeks ago

    This probably won't count as "proof" for you but this little homosexual the bioneer just telepathically stole my new workout routine I'm doing, and yeah, this popped up the moment I opened youtube after viewing this thread
    >Randomly get the urge to start improving my cardio on april 23rd
    >Start doing sprints because I'm not gonna jog or anything gay like that
    >Have been sprinting for nearly 2 weeks now, never ever tried to do cardio before
    And two days ago he posts a video on posting, now sprinting goes mainstream.

    Here is my search history to prove it btw. Tell that fricker I want my ad revenue.

  47. 3 weeks ago

    Here guys, do the simple prayers to these 8 angels and you'll really see, and feel, some magic. Be serious though and make realistic requests.

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