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Hey /x/, I have a story that I need to tell you about that happened to me recently. I live in the United States in the state of Georgia. I live in a tiny city called Dawsonville; I think there’s around 3,000 people maximum living here as of 2024 but it could be a little less than that. I didn’t exactly go around counting lmao. Anyway, to cut to the chase and give you all the goods, there’s a place nearby called Dawson Forest that you may possibly have heard of before. It’s about a 20 minute drive from my city but it’s home to some seriously crazy rumours that I just could not help trying to check out for myself. I’ll give a little bit more background information and then swap into greentext for better readability.

In the late 1950s, the United States Air Force purchased property inside Dawson Forest and built what used to be a secret research facility: the Georgia Nuclear Aircraft Lab. It’s been out of commission for around 54 years but people who live around this area and who have ventured in the forest always whisper rumours about strange lights and creatures they’ve never seen before. I’ve heard talk of a deer that grew a second head due to the radiation in the area. Back when it was built absolutely everything nuclear was top secret especially with the growing tensions of the cold war. They wanted this facility to be built somewhere that no one would or could snoop around but this didn’t stop rumours from circulating when some locals caught wind of the facility, (I’m only 22 years old btw but my family have lived here for years and years and they have told me all the stories. The rest of the information on this place is available freely online. You can look up everything that I’m telling you here).

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  1. 1 month ago

    The place was locked up tight with massive amounts of security and at the time you needed clearance just to get anywhere near the place. When they were developing the area for the site, they had to come up with a quick solution for the trees that they were left with that they had to cut down. Loggers, of course, could not get security clearance to get near the site and so the people involved there took thousands of dead trees and piled them up and just burnt them. There are still first-hand witnesses alive today who still live in the city that attest to seeing a giant yellow glow coming from the forest because of this. Because the bonfire was so large the glow reflected off of the clouds and people miles away could see it clear as day. It was a secret atomic facility burning as bright as the sun. People thought it was the end of the world.

    People back then spread rumours about the place being used to observe UFOs and other alien craft that had been brought from other places around the United States to Georgia for study. The Air Force apparently never squashed these rumours because they were so far off from the truth that it helped to keep the secret from the public. This is fact, look it up.

    Anyway, I had known about this and heard stories for a fair while, but it wasn’t until a few weeks back that I grew especially bored and was looking for something exciting to do. I’ve always had a love of the outdoors and have done quite a bit of exploring and hiking In my time. I decided to do some more investigating and then to go there. The greentext will start here:

  2. 1 month ago

    >Research the place extensively online. Look at articles and documents etc.
    >Talk to my parents about the place, what they remember, local rumours and such.
    >Talk to older people around the neighbourhood who I know.
    >Get excited, like really excited.
    >Haven’t been on a hike or explored anywhere in a couple of months so I know just how much I’m going to enjoy this.
    >Explain the entire story about the area and the facility to my buddy, Mark, who is also an avid hiker and who has accompanied me on treks before.
    >Used to do a lot of urbex when we’d stop by in different, bigger cities.
    >Seems interested in the story but isn’t really convinced about the potential for exploring.
    >Says it’s probably all just sealed off and that we’ll get there, walk a little ways in and then have nothing to do.
    >Says he doesn’t want to waste an entire day.
    >I am practically begging him just to give in and say yes.
    >I promise him everything under the sun if the place turns out to be boring and he reluctantly says yes.
    >Neither of us have a car and both our parents are busy so we’re doing this old school.
    >The walk is long as frick, but we don’t really mind.
    >We really enjoy walking, and the exercise is nice.
    >Walk took us like 3 hours.
    >Only realised about halfway through how bad of an idea it was but by that point there was no turning back.
    >Reach the entrance to the forest. We’re both puffing and panting.
    >Not looking forward to the walk back home.
    >Decide to make the most of the daylight that we have and make our way in.
    >Place is completely open to the public now. No restricted land at all (aside from the abandoned facility itself but we’ll get to that).
    >Radiation was reported to be “above normal background radiation level” but that was back in like 1997 so figure it should be okay now.
    >Would be incredibly stupid for them to open the place to the public if it wasn’t safe so I’m not worrying about it at all.

  3. 1 month ago

    >Mark has a slight interest in photography.
    >Kind of weird about it though. Prefers taking photos in retro style on really old, shitty cameras from like the early 2000s and the 90s because it’s “aesthetic” or some shit.
    >Has some dogshit canon powershot thing from like 2002 or something.
    >I guess that qualifies as “retro” now?
    >We get a good ways in and take in our surroundings.
    >Place is actually pretty pleasant. Lots of great scenery and surprisingly a lot of animal activity considering it’s supposed radiation levels.
    >Strangely though there’s no birds singing or any kind of bird activity at all.
    >Very weird considering the place is now supposedly a wildlife reserve.
    >Starting to lose quite a bit of light at this point.
    >It’s definitely not pitch black, but the sun is glaring either.
    >Spot some kind of glint in the distance.
    >Kind of hard to make out, but it looks to be some kind of deer.
    >Not a regular deer though. It is completely white.
    >I’m not talking like sun faded fur or a couple of splotches; every single inch of this thing is pure white.
    >Not the only strange thing about it.
    >Has a third antler instead of just two.
    >Looks really malformed and is actually coming out of the back of the deer’s head instead of from the top like the other two antlers.
    >Friend tries to capture a picture but the stupid sound his camera makes startles it and he only gets a blur as the deer is running away. Will attach the pic here.
    >Definitely very strange but decide whatever. Want to keep exploring.
    >Once you make your way a fair way down the trail path, the old, abandoned buildings start to become visible.
    >Keep seeing clusters of dead trees as we move further into the forest.
    >All the trees around the rest of the forest are perfectly healthy but every so often there is just a group of three or four trees that are stone dead.
    >Get up to the entrance.
    >Looks like all of the entrances to the place have been concreted off.

  4. 1 month ago

    >If we came all this way and can’t get in, I swear.
    >I’m looking desperately around the place for some way to get in, literally any way at all but no dice.
    >Mark is fricking pissed.
    >I’m fricking pissed.
    >Decide that we’ll search around some more at some other point.
    >Decide to make the most of our time and explore down another trail and hope we’ll find some sort of way in.
    >Make our way quite far down the trail. Quite a distance away from the abandoned facility buildings now.
    >Stop dead in our tracks.
    >” Okay, that’s really fricking weird” I say out loud to Mark.
    >He just kind of ignores me and goes to inspect it.
    >It’s a giant concrete retaining wall.
    >Just kind of standing there. Almost in the middle of nowhere in the forest.
    >Has a pretty large hole in the middle of it.
    >Looks like someone blasted it with an RPG or used some kind of explosives on it.
    >Mark instantly starts climbing through the hole while I start sprinting towards him to pull him back.
    >Yelling at him and calling him an idiot because we shouldn’t be fricking around with stuff like this.
    >Reach the hole and he is already in it.
    >There’s a tunnel entrance right there.
    >Mark is already completely out of sight, and I rush in to try and catch up with him.
    >The tunnel is crude and there is dirt scattered all around.
    >Smell is absolutely foul. Smells like a combination of bleach and vomit.
    >Tunnel goes on for a ways and opens up into another retaining wall which also has a hole leading to another series of tunnels.
    >Takes me what seems like forever to get through the whole tunnel system. Haven’t caught sight of Mark once since he rushed in.
    >Finally see what I think is an exit.
    >Bear in mind, I’ve had to crawl through these tunnels as there isn’t enough headroom for me to stand up.
    >Knees are on fire, and I’m just relived to be able to rest.
    >As I’m exiting the tunnel, I bump straight into Mark who is sat motionless on a metallic staircase.

  5. 1 month ago

    >I almost crash into him but manage to catch myself before I push him over the railing.
    >I start to talk but Mark immediately jumps towards me and covers my mouth.
    >I’m thinking: “Yo, wtf dude? You just disappeared on me and now this?”
    >Mark just points his finger.
    >I start to look around the room where his finger is pointing to.
    >We’re in some kind of concrete room way under the ground.
    >Not sure exactly how far under we are, but it has to be at least 20 feet deep or so, probably more.
    >The walls.
    >Holy frick.
    >The walls are just, absolutely lined with bugs.
    >I’m not talking a few flies here and there. I mean piles and piles of bugs all bunched up together.
    >A pile of spiders all huddled together. A pile of abnormally large wienerroaches stacked on top of one another stretching all across the wall.
    >Just loads and loads of bugs.
    >None of the bugs are doing anything except for, vibrating?
    >They are kind of moving side to side in a bunch but only ever so slightly.
    >The air in the room is pungent.
    >It smells as foul as you can imagine, like someone died and then was left there for hundreds of years.
    >Chalk the smell up to the masses of bugs.
    >There’s piles of them writhing on the ground below the stairwell.
    >Almost no room to move at all.
    >Mark is absolutely shit scared of bugs so it’s no wonder he is frozen in place.
    >He’s shaking as if we were in the arctic. Can’t get a single word out of him.
    >He somehow manage to stabilise himself and not run straight back to the surface.
    >Finally begins to speak.
    >” Dude, wtf is going on here?”
    >I have no idea what to even reply to him.
    >” Dude, wtf, there’s something glowing over there.”
    >No kidding. Near the floor in one of the corners there is another pile of wienerroaches but they’re not the colour they should be.
    >Their hue is slightly tinted, it’s almost a kind of yellowish colour on them.
    >They aren’t the only ones either.

  6. 1 month ago

    >There’s a few other masses of bugs that are ever so slightly tinted different colors; a slight yellow, a slight orange.
    >The number of bugs must’ve numbered in the thousands.
    >Also, even though they were vibrating, there was no sound coming from them whatsoever.
    >I’m in the process of standing back up and telling Mark that we need to get the frick out of here before we make too much noise, and we start getting swarmed by hordes of bugs.
    >Mark waves me away and hushes me up before I can say anything.
    >Tells me he thinks he’s found a way into the nuclear research lab.
    >It’s really hard to make out due to all the bugs, but there’s a very small door, something like a closet door that a maintenance worker would use.
    >Mark is shaking like hell and has a trembling lip, but he tells me that we need to check it out.
    >I ask him if he’s absolutely sure and he tells me to just go and not think about it.
    >This next part is a little bit embarrassing, but it was probably the only way it was ever going to work.
    >Bugs are definitely not my favourite things in the world, but I can handle touching them and them touching me.
    >I walk ahead of Mark slightly while he closes his eyes.
    >I hold Mark’s hand which is slightly behind me, and I sort of lead him with me while he focuses on his breathing.
    >yeah, yeah, I already know the comments I’ll get just save it.
    >I’m walking as slowly and as carefully as I possibly can.
    >I don’t want to step on any of the bugs and either make them mad or have them make a disgusting sound.
    >Sure, they can’t exactly kill us but the prospect of mountains of bugs heading straight for us would probably make Mark kill me.
    >I manage to sort of tiptoe between the mounds of bugs and finally reach the door.
    >Thankfully it’s unlocked, and I open it and shove Mark inside of it first.
    >He tells me he isn’t ready to open his eyes yet and stands by the door catching his breath.

  7. 1 month ago

    >The maintenance closet door is actually a small corridor that leads to a manhole cover at the end.
    >Both the cover and the walls are littered with graffiti.
    >Graffiti basically tells you to keep the frick out if you don’t want to die.
    >One that caught my eye on the wall said, “entrance to hell.”
    >Spotted one more that was impossible to miss.
    >Right across the cover, spray painted in red it said: “abominations”.
    >Whatever the frick that means.
    >Mark has calmed down about as much as he ever will, so I lift up the grate and we head down.
    >Underneath is surprisingly boring.
    >Tonnes more graffiti telling people to go back and yadda yadda yadda but that’s about it.
    >Pretty much just a straight line tunnel.
    >But the door at the end is something major.
    >You know like in fallout new vegas where you have those doors that are like, mechanical or whatever? You know the ones I’m talking about.
    >It was exactly like that except it spanned the whole width and height of the tunnel and made us feel like ants.
    >We walk up to it and there’s like a panel or something on the side of it with some buttons.
    >Think that they’re not gonna work because this place shouldn’t have had power for decades.
    >Surprisingly, one click of the button and the door begins to open.
    >Makes a horrid screeching sounds as the doors slide away into the tunnel walls.
    >As soon as the door has finished opening, a steady stream of water starts coming down through the door and into the tunnel.
    >Looks as if the facility had been partially flooded but not enough to cause any major problems for us, aside from the soaking wet trousers.
    >Finally head into the place.
    >Both Mark and I are incredibly excited.
    >This is finally the place we’ve been looking for.
    >All my research actually paid off.
    >There’s still water sliding out which we have to trudge through, but we start exploring the halls of the place.
    >We kind of split up and go into two different rooms across the hall from each other.

  8. 1 month ago

    >Can hear Mark stomping around and shuffling papers about.
    >Figure that he’s really getting into some secret documents.
    >Place is actually quite disappointing.
    >Seems like they gutted the place when they abandoned it.
    >Most windows are sealed up and any doors leading further into the facility are completely cemented up.
    >Means we only have maybe half of the actual facility to look around, even less if there are any floors underneath this one.
    >Come across a few boxes of files stacked up in a corner.
    >Most are water damaged beyond all repairs.
    >Looks like they couldn’t get everything out in time or didn’t care enough to.
    >Pick up a few documents and skim through them but nothing too interesting.
    >Correction: not interesting because I have absolutely no clue what they meant.
    >Lots of talk about a 10MW unshielded reactor and irradiation.
    >I think they also mentioned something about a bomber that used nuclear power for fuel or something like that.
    >Start to hear a lot more stomping, like, really aggressive at this point.
    >Can feel the vibrations through the floor.
    >Wonder wtf Mark is doing.
    >Hear him scream all of a sudden.
    >I drop the documents to the ground the instant I hear the scream.
    >I full sprint to the door and as I’m running out, I collide with Mark and we both fall to the ground.
    >I don’t even have time to ask him what’s wrong.
    >He is completely frantic and yells at me to move the frick out of the way.
    >He doesn’t turn to look at me once.
    >He just runs straight back the way we came.
    >I get up and start to chase after him and as I do, I start to hear more noises from behind me.
    >Stomping noises.
    >The same stomping noises.
    >When I turn around, I cannot believe my eyes.
    >Right there, sitting on the wall of the corridor, is an absolutely massive spider.
    >The size I cannot even begin to describe.
    >I’ve seen big spiders before, but this thing must’ve been about the size of a fricking bulldog or something.

  9. 1 month ago

    >It was brown, with a sort of dark yellowish hue to it.
    >Had brownish blotches that ran down its abdomen.
    >I shit my pants, right then and there.
    >I was paralysed.
    >I thought that if I moved, the thing would run right at me.
    >I stood there for what seemed like hours, watching it contort its freakishly long limbs as it slowly slithered along the wall out of sight of me.
    >It didn’t crawl like a normal spider would.
    >It almost dragged itself along the wall with two of its legs, leaving some type of slime on the wall behind it.
    >Every time it moved one of its front legs to drag itself and hit the wall, you could feel the vibration throughout the entire place.
    >Needless to say I shot the frick out of there.
    >I only caught up with Mark once I reached the outside.
    >Guess the adrenaline was enough for him to ignore his fear.
    >We walked the majority of the way home in silence.

    After everything had died down a few days later, I asked Mark what happened. He told me he kept trying to explore but kept feeling vibrations that he could feel through his legs. He thought I was running around or maybe jumping or something, so he peeked his head around the corner. He told me that he looked down the hall and saw the thing emerge from behind a corner, ever so slowly. Apparently, it came out pincer first. They stretched inches away from its face and he watched as the spidery mass dragged its whole body around the corner and that’s when he screamed. As soon as he let out that scream, the thing started to, well, not run because it obviously couldn’t, but started to drag itself much faster than before. Mark told me he fumbled with his camera but could only take a blind picture before his instincts took over and he bolted out of there. Because he couldn’t take a proper photo, he only managed to get a picture of one of its front limbs. Here’s the picture he took /x/. What the frick did we stumble into.

    • 1 month ago

      >Reverse image search
      >0 Matches

      holy frick

  10. 1 month ago

    >Mark is trans btw
    Maybe the spider sensed that and targeted him?

    • 1 month ago

      le ebin edgy funny EerieWeb humor

  11. 1 month ago

    Nobody is reading all that. Make it shorter.

    • 1 month ago

      Long is ok, but the first 2 lines need to be catchy. Better start with an interesting situation, like "the door at the concrete wall was rusty but not locked, and I could open it. Behind it, there was a kind of tunnel, pitch black and quiet. I thought: ok, let's do it, and turned on my flashlight" etc. Then I would continue reading.

      • 1 month ago

        so you want it to read like a shitty novel written by a first grader? okay gotcha

    • 1 month ago

      I did read it. Pay not attention to illiterate tiktok tier anons with miniscule attention span.

      It was a decent story although not particularly paranormal. Nice you added some photos, even if they don't really show much at all (kinda suspicious how whenever there was something interesting to photo, it got messed up for some reason).
      Not really willing to believe the story much but suspension of disbelief in place, let's think:
      If there was some radiation, it could mutate bugs too. Including affecting their size. Unlikely, really, more likely the bugs would up and die but eh, weird shit can happen.

      Get back there geared up, with other people and proper recording equipment. Maybe weapons too. Provide us with something cool.

      • 1 month ago

        There’s no radiation danger in Dawson Forest.
        Otherwise it would be closed to all forms of traffic.
        But do indeed bring weapons.
        Machetes for cutting through brush and maybe a gun for venomous snakes that are native to the area.
        Go in a couple months when the blackberries are ready for picking.
        Dawson Forest has a shitton of them just everywhere and they are delicious.
        Probably because the radiation. Jk.

        • 1 month ago

          >There’s no radiation danger in Dawson Forest.
          There's none now but it was irradiated somewhat for many years between closure and getting opened to public from what I read in OP's story. Various radiation issues and mutations could happen in that time to local fauna and flora.

          • 1 month ago

            There’s some really odd angles in some of the pine trees that grow near the main reactor area. I have never seen pine trees grow like that anywhere else but the radioactive material used wasn’t the crazy spicy shit like Uranium or Plutonium.
            Never seen any weird insects myself. I would think that the many generations are so far removed from the original contaminated wouldn’t show signs, but sky’s the limit.
            I’m pretty sure it was weak isotopes that left contamination but decay rather quickly. Well, that’s what the info at the local history museum in downtown Cumming says anyway.
            I’ve been to Dawson Forest many times and explored the ruins myself and I’ve never had health issues related with radiation poisoning.
            But don’t get caught trespassing because it’s owned by the City of Atlanta and they might press charges.
            Depends on if you encounter the dickhead ranger or the cool ranger.
            The cool ranger is Rick.
            I’m not sure if he’s retired though.

  12. 1 month ago

    they dropped Uranium rods in the water. You have stage 6 cancer now OP congrats. Lockheed Martin was looking for radiation resistant metals but hired women and browns and the rest is history...
    t.i'm probably your cousin. Small world lol

  13. 1 month ago

    Is BUTTZILLA still spraypainted on the tunnel wall?

    • 1 month ago

      >Three of us have internet here
      we should meet at the pool room and conspire to take over the town. It wouldnt even be that difficult...

      • 1 month ago

        Are the rafts still down there? They probably need inflated because they haven’t been used since June 2008.
        If the gate is open of course! I’m all for taking a nice long walk but not without some spare batteries for a flashlight and some snacks.
        Oh. And bring your own bugspray.

  14. 1 month ago

    Holy frick so much tedious filler, you could cut 50% of this and still get the same points across.

  15. 1 month ago

    here you go, I deemed the images irrelevant to include them enlarged

    • 1 month ago

      You're a real one

      • 1 month ago

        thanks, if we don't screencap the creative writing in this board, what is the point of it?

  16. 1 month ago

    bump for interest. This is what /x/ is about, not schizo mysticism

  17. 1 month ago

    bump for interest, definetely needs more attention. the tiktok adhd gays wont give attention, but those who are normal will.

  18. 1 month ago

    I have seen a giant spider before.
    I live in san bernardino California(or close to it).
    It was 2-3 years ago.
    I walk out my front door to take trash out at 10-12pm.
    About 7 ft in front of me on my walkway was a spider the size of a small-medium sized dog. If it was a dog it would have been about 30-40lbs for that size.
    I was sturct, i stared at it for about a minute or less not believing what I saw. Me opening my door made him freeze as well.
    I had been doing landscaping in my back yard so immediately beside my front door I had some big bags of dirt from home depot. I quickly grabbed one and threw it(I'm a big strong guy)
    The spider dodged it and I never saw it again or anything like it. I had two trees one on each side of the walkway so when it doged it left my view, i checked the bag the next day to see if i did kill it and sure enough not splatter under it.
    I did lots of research to find out what it was. I had only been in cali a few years so i figured it was some spider i never heard about. But yeah no spider exist that big, WAYYYYY bigger than that bird eating spider thats the worlds biggest spiders.
    Looking like a miniature version of hagrids spider friend, that exact same look. I’ll never forget those legs they were long as frick, the body was big but the legs we just massive. Crazy shit.
    Also saw a UFO a few days ago, maybe I’ll post about it soon here

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