How do you remove a curse if you don’t know who gave it to you?

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  1. 3 weeks ago

    Have a cold shower.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    >How do you remove a curse if you don’t know who gave it to you?
    you -know- who did it and you know it unconsciously. Those who work with curses often try to cover their tracks and hide themselves but all curses try to mess with your spirits manifestation on this place. That means everything that's missing clues you in on what should be, and what should be clues you in on the psychology of those who weave "curses" and that is often enough to track and place a mark on your target.

    You know who did it, you're just unconscious of it. Curses are deformations or obstructions of your mind, causing you to blank or avoid or instill patterned behaviour. On a subtle level it works much like babbling, whispering and talking to your spirit with a "high" and inaudible voice unless you are trained to detect it. Often this is paired with messing with your dreambubble (the place where you enter on sleep) in the higher realms. A part of your consciousness is trapped while the rest of you lives on elsewhere. But if that part is sufficiently endangered, pained or tortured it will break into your awareness here. If you become conscious of this pressure and urge to fix it it means you have the capability in this life to solve it.

    Meditate, observe and practice things you experience difficulty in. Observe why your brain or body or spirit feel bothered or hindered. Then try to counteract it. Find the places of resistance and double down on those. All cursework is just astral trash trying to crawl into your higher space. It immobilizes you and before you know it you start talking along their babbling. Prayer and mantra helps, try to focus on feeling the right energy in your body.

    You can get very far with shielding and avoidance but if you notice this is fruitless or a drain on your energy levels don't think twice. You are sovereign and your health and mindly space are birthright. don't hesitate to do as instinct demands. Do not make peace with evil.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    “However, this kind does not go out except by prayer and fasting”

    Positive thinking

    Visualization of being free and genuinely working to be

    Believing the battle is already won

  4. 3 weeks ago

    the curse has to be authorized by karma, which is fascinatingly complex and beyond comprehension.

    you need to clean that up.

    • 3 weeks ago

      a lot of what we observe as karmic consequences are simply the memories of others that your higher parts live in still. Sometimes you need to clean it up. Sometimes they are simply beings or people that served their time but have to be reminded that they too need to move on to their next lives at some point.

    • 3 weeks ago

      This good deeds might help

      • 3 weeks ago

        good deeds done from ignorance don't clear bad memories. You need to understand and instill into the core of your being (the transpersonal part) feeling, emotion and memory/recognition of a similar event so that you do not repeat it in the past.

        Think of all the moments where you felt some uncanny feeling that made you stay your hand, recognize a threat, made a good call based on intuition. All sorts of events that was about some form of memory or feeling at heart or mind that made you pause and make a better decision.
        That is karmic memory at work in a healthy way.

        To perform good deeds for the wrong reasons is folly. If you ever wronged someone would you or they really be served by good deeds if a similar situations made you err the same way? What you want to achieve is the insight into what lead onto a problematic decision, then measure what degree your spirit, guidance or life circumstances affected that outcome, derive how you could have acted differently and then find a way to instill that corrective measure into the core of your being. That is no simple task for an ordinary person, but it is certainly possible. Many beings don't abide or need the Lords of Karma anymore.
        If anything, cursework has been measurably bad across the board in instilling lessons or avoiding further grief. It only aggravates matters further and increases the odds of astral ping pong to continue. Curses deform your memory and development which only make it more likely that you aggravate, none of which further the goal of reintegration. Curse apologists usually also never cleaned up some of these long-lasting generational energy patterns.

  5. 3 weeks ago

    if i tie an elastic band over your biceps, there are two ways to get rid of it:
    - you roll it down your arm an remove it -> requires technical knowlege
    - you flex and make it explode -> brute force, no technical knowledge

    curses are energetically attached devices, which influence you.
    "energy" here refers not to some foreign concept, but something you know very well. when you are super inspired due to devotion or similar thing, there is a form of "buzzing" you feel, sort of like goosebumps, a form of euphoria.

    just summon that euphoria and make it as strong as possible. there is an energetic tornado around you when you do that, which will detach all foreign devices.

    the strength of this field of energy depends on a few things:
    - celibacy -> you must keep your seed, you cant afford to waste the energy to be downgraded into sexual fuel
    - fasting -> your metabolism needs to slow down, the energy can not be wasted on digestion

    mental detox helps as well. basically, close off all energy doors out of which you waste energy.
    you can get rid of any curse within a week or two, given you know what you are doing.

    some religious people know exactly what they are doing, because they are intimately acquainted with that euphoric, buzzing state, which supernaturall affects their surroundings - they know its not mere goosebumps, when that energy gets so strong to make objects around them move or fall over. i digress!

    just bruteforce that device off of you!
    keep your energy field healthy and strong:
    eat only til 50% satiation, do not coom and practice mental hygiene (no lust, no worries, no excessive desires). with that, you are uncursable - cursing you becomes a liability, because the energy bounces back and goes to the caster.

    usually, the casters are much stronger people, as they are aware of these dynamics, thus they have cultivated themselves.. if the avg. joe is lvl 3, the caster is lvl 10..
    but the religious zealot is lvl 25..
    the sage is maxed at 100.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    Use your free will, muster up the courage to tell the universe nobody is to frick with you, that you don't give them permission to touch you or even look at you, and if you ever gave them permission you revoke it, simple as that. It only works with dark beings, though, don't expect other humans to magically be less shitty towards you.

  7. 3 weeks ago

    Find something funny and have a good laugh! Then sing with Intention:
    "Return to sender,
    Address Unknown, No Such Number,
    No such Phone!"

    Then raise a psychic shield if you choose to:
    Sit in a comfortable chair. Do an LBRP if you want to. Read Psalm #23; As you read it, accept the Gifts (Cup, Oil, Table) and ask for Staff and Sword. Draw a circle around you with Sword. Close your eyes and focus your Attention on your right hand, Feel your hand as it tingles; then bring your Attention to your entire body. This is your neural body sense. Concentrate on your feet and Visualize (See) a Root growing deep into the Earth. See or Feel the Positive Earth Energy rising from them into your ankles; See the chakra at the base of your spine, the sexual chakra, open like a flower, and use it to draw the Energy to it; See it rise to your lower waist chakra, and from it See it as an Equilateral triangle's apex and See the base reach the ground. You're now Grounded and Centered. See your upper waist chakra open and draw the Earth Energy (Stability) to your upper waist, then to your heart; See the center of your hands as chakras, see the energy rise from your hands into your arms; then see it rise to your throat, then the middle of your forehead. See the energy rise to the top of your head, and watch as it spills over you like a fountain, See it going to your feet and see the energy flow up from your feet again several times while drawing in more energy from the ground. See a bronze dagger in your hand and feel its weight. See the Energy form a barrier, an Outward-facing mirror, surrounding you. Release the raised Energy from the mirror if you choose to! Put the Gifts and dagger on Table for later use. Say "So mote it be!"
    Slow down, you move too fast - this is like a meditation.

    • 3 weeks ago

      /x/ changed some words on me.
      Find something funny and have a good laugh!

      Then sing with Intention:
      "Return to Sender,
      Address Unknown,
      No Such Number,
      No such Zone!"

  8. 3 weeks ago

    to break a curse would mean that i am naive to believe that i am weak enough to have a curse placed upon me.
    i know in my heart of hearts that i have the strength to overcome any bump in the road. God is at my side, and nothing can hinder my advancement in this walk of life.

  9. 3 weeks ago

    Perform a mikveh.

  10. 3 weeks ago

    >you don’t know who gave it to you
    Isn't that karma? But besides that if someone has cursed you it will return to frick them anyway.

  11. 3 weeks ago

    Pay attention to what things you touch in your environment. The fashioning of a thing can affect you in subtle ways. For example, if you try to learn how to draw on printer paper the smoothness of the paper will deprive you of the tactile feedback that helps you learn to mix the motions of your body to make the lines and arcs you want. This kind of phenomenon is one source of curses, especially when habits form out of dealing with these effects. Habits will make the effect last even when the object of the curse has passed from your life. A simple way to undo certain kinds of habits is to literally walk backwards and pay attention to what occurs to you as you do it. The feeling of retreating, not advancing, is useful for re-evaluating decisions you forgot you made.

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