Whats the most beautiful thing youve experienced?

Whats the most beautiful thing youve experienced?

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  1. 2 months ago

    Gnosis probably.

  2. 2 months ago

    how to say «nothing» without sounding like an edgy teenager ?

    • 2 months ago

      You can't edgelord

    • 2 months ago

      We came from the void and to it shall we return

  3. 2 months ago

    probably something i forgot

  4. 2 months ago

    looooove :3
    with, someone that actually loves you ;3

    • 2 months ago

      oh man, definitely loooooove <33333
      seriously this anon may have tainted my thoughts but oh my god there is nothing better than someone who loves you and you love them and you are just so in love with them at that moment, makes you cry if you have feelings every single time

      • 2 months ago

        I never go experience that and I'm 42.

        • 2 months ago

          You have experienced eternal times until now. Can you stop crying now... at all given times forcing for privilige and i need to do it to or i cant go where im needed for your future.

    • 2 months ago

      T.I.s are not allowed to love. One time I really hit it off with this woman, I asked her out. When we went there both our minds got so foggy we didn't even recognize each other. This sucks. If you are attacked by a crazy person, this may be one of the reasons why, T.I.s are simply not allowed to experience normal enjoyment and it really gets to you. But you won't care unless it's you. You will brush this off and try to make deals with the nhe's that frick with us. Why wouldn't that make someone want to kill?

  5. 2 months ago


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  6. 2 months ago

    Coming back from nirvana

  7. 2 months ago

    sissy gasm to bbc hypno

  8. 2 months ago

    there is nothing more beautiful than the absolute cessation of knowledge

    • 2 months ago


      awesome word

  9. 2 months ago
  10. 2 months ago
  11. 2 months ago

    I've had a lot of visions and spiritual experiences in my life. I had one last night that was pretty intense. A little scary but beautiful too. I took some shrooms when I probably shouldn't have. I'd done them plenty before but separate from the hub of the emanations of the larger spiritual powers in the world.

    So I did some last night and eventually my heart started palpitating rapidly. After some time it stopped beating altogether. After I while I was laying still in bed and then I heard some ominous bells that were ethereal and felt both distant yet near. And I heard vaguely in the distance a sinister voice like something was coming my way, again from ethereality. But then I also had visions of something divine. I felt like was elevating into some divine space in the spirit. I heard a set of booming voices like there was an argument or discussion being had between gods in a massive ethereal arena or something like that. Then finally I saw something like a hole of light opening from "above" which is in quotes as it was an ethereal experience and wasn't necessarily above my head or anything like that. I saw these figures that I would identify as being gods but I won't describe them here. Anyways, that's about it. I'm still walking around. My heart isn't beating anymore though.

    I was tempted to go to a hospital but at this point everything feels like such a spiritual ride that I assumed that whatever happened to me was by the will of a power that is above me regardless so I didn't resist it. It would be cool to someday elevate to the level that one could coexist in that ethereal arena of egos or something. I am only a man but to be a god seems like it would be incredible. Don't think I ever will. Oh well.

  12. 2 months ago

    >be me
    >living in a small bedroom in an apartment
    >trash everywhere
    >wires everywhere
    >have to go to the capital city for some errands
    >when I needed to go back, the early trains were sold out
    >have to stay for the night
    >cast lot
    >God Jehovah told me go to a luxury hotel
    >1500 buckaroo a night
    >it's not a hotel room, it's like a mansion amongst many mansions
    >so this is where the rich people go huh?
    >spend 1500
    >drops me off at a mansion on a golf cart
    >wow, this is...
    >an expensive place in a expensive city
    >they have a giant bath tub
    >I haven't had a bath since I was s child.
    >last time I was in my grandparent's bath tub, it was a small apartment, it could only fit a child
    >I could only take shower because the apartment is small
    >try the bath tub
    >I am literally shaking
    >have a giant boner
    >it was so comfy and warm I felt as if I was cooming
    >go to bed at 2 or 3 AM
    >God wakes me up at maybe 6AM
    >decide not to oversleep
    >go on the balcony at dawn
    >fly my drone up and observe
    >this is like a class jump
    >fly drone to where wagies live
    >30 stories high expensive apartments
    >people cramped in small matchboxes
    >that day I felt something

    • 2 months ago

      ty for sharing

  13. 2 months ago

    Your mom, on her knees, begging for it

  14. 2 months ago

    Going to sound like I'm meming but unironically getting a footjob for the first time. For context I'm a footgay and have been my entire life so to finally get something I saw in porn thousands of times literally made my lip twitch in pure bliss. (It was just a few weeks before my 22nd birthday)

  15. 2 months ago

    Venus at sunrise (while on nutmeg)

  16. 2 months ago

    probably this https://youtu.be/V1bFr2SWP1I?feature=shared

  17. 2 months ago

    Holding my son for the first time when he was born

    • 2 months ago


  18. 2 months ago

    OP actually killing themselves

    • 2 months ago

      Im constantly killing myself

      • 2 months ago

        And it's the most beautiful thing I've experienced

        FFS moron c**ts like you are why I always sage and you just proved that not saging this time was big mistake

        Frick off and have a nice day you page 1 moronic c**t

  19. 2 months ago

    >1. A ln almost physical hug from a dragon
    >2. Seeing an old friend with our child-spirit and feeling and sensing their energy and presence as clear as the day
    >3. Seeing Freyja
    >4. Having broken free someone's spirit from some ethereal trash. The amount kf relief and unwinding of so many lifetimes of nonsense was palpable. It felt as if I felt the norns spin new fates entirely.
    >5. Seeing a rather old dragoness with a seemingly very old face. She has dark brown and blue scales and truly looked like someone id consider an elder dragon. Every scale and every dent and every scratch on that face and around her eyes was like a story on its own. Lifetimes, worlds, love and misery. It was inspiring to see that a spirit could reinvent themselves so many times to fill the face of their consciousness with all those facets.

  20. 2 months ago

    Eye was lead believe that eye died in my computer chair one night from a heart attack, after falling asleep around 3am, December 2022. Eye saw the pure bright light in the darkness. The infinite love pouring down from that pure light is by far the most beautiful thing eye remember experiencing. Alas, eye rejected the light. Saying, "No, eye must help my family".
    Eye have completely changed in perception, understanding & ideals since those moments. Everything truly seen from both ends.
    Now, eye have helped my friends & family, finally delivering my messages & now eye am ready.

  21. 2 months ago

    Probably the time I communicated with a UFO. I couldn't stop crying, but it was because I was so happy.

  22. 2 months ago

    I went out one morning after a nightshift. I had a beer and went for a bike ride to a nearby lake. It was about 5am and the sun was just rising as hundreds of birds danced over the surface of the lake. I truly felt like that moment was made for me, no one else was there to experience it. The entire spectacle make me dizzy and a threw up next to the park bench. Something was purged from me that day yet even not I am unsure of what it was.

    • 2 months ago

      Did you eat anything before drinking beer so early in the morning? That could've been it especially after a long shift.

      I experience a lot of these moments during my morning runs. A rising sun and some excercise can do wonders for the spirit 🙂 Nothing paranormal about it

  23. 2 months ago

    double rainbow

    all the way across the sky


  24. 2 months ago

    Of recent I was high as frick on shrooms and went with my girlfriend to Häagen-Dazs days and that Bob marley movie

    I kept getting my times to orfer the tickets mixed up and I was laughing my ass off and she laughed too at me, I apologized for making noise to the ice cream lady But she didn't mind

    At one point the walls began moving for the shrooms and I saw a couple in a painting on the qall... and my high ass was thinking that me and gf are just emanations of the same couple and I thought we were just fictional romantic characters like that painting for a split second, and then the rest of the walls got kinda trippy as I giggled, but it looked beautiful

    Man that was the best day this month

    • 2 months ago

      You're really going to like some stuff about this but I can't fricking find any info about it online. Funnily enough, you were given a small bit of truth that day to hopefully lead you to some larger realizations.

      Anyway, there's this concept of the infinite couple, the masculine/feminine duality. I wish I could recall more. But your experience is right alongside that, we are emanations of one another which is all GOD.

      It's the greatest love story ever told. The Indians were big on the dualistic infinite couple thing, which is who I learned about it from first in an art exhibit. It really is something special.

      • 2 months ago

        For me, by far it was learning the truth about GOD and what all of this is. I spent a long time being afraid of death and then I experienced henosis.

        It felt like a cassette tape switched in my brain, like I could almost feel the change from "Side A" to "Side B" and I just remember laughing pretty hard and crying equally as hard as the great cosmic joke unfolded in front of me. If you want to understand the term, "in awe", that would 100% be the way to do it, because that's the only thing you could possibly experience in that realization. It's incredible and I understood what being "absolved" meant, I no longer have that same fearful relationship with death.

        Glad everybody is so happy about being in love because that's what the center of the universe is. That's the center of it all, even beyond that- it's just love, and everything (even the bad stuff) stems from that.

      • 2 months ago

        actually the higher realms are more like an anarcho syndaclist commune
        there are as many potential divine couples as there are citizens. Down here that may feel out of the world. Out there it just feels ordinary.

  25. 2 months ago

    A porn clip in which an Asian ballerina pees while dancing.

  26. 2 months ago

    when my son was 6 he told me was sad because he had a lot of happy memories but they were all in the past now

  27. 2 months ago

    The moment I knew my dream-waifu and I were eternal betrothed. She'd visit me everynow and then in different forms then one day I have a dream where I'm talking to a childhood friend (chick) who asks me something like
    > soooo.... anon, what's going on with you two? are you serious about her?
    without hesitation I tell her "yeah, I am." next thing I know SHE is here too and they start girl-talking among themselves in that way, where it's more for you to listen in on
    > SOoooo, and you? Anything happening in your life? Anyone special?
    > "oh... there might be something in the works, but I dunnnoo..."
    then they both turn to look at me to gauge my reaction (now for context, I have a lot of soldier fighty combat type dreams where I'm wrecking baddies quite often) and without skipping a beat I go
    > oh really? Damn. Anyone know any good assassins?
    we all crack up laughing and I instantly know in my bones that she and I are one. The very next dream, I'm in some baroque castle type setting and meeting her dad, there's another suitor there and we're both kinda vying for his approval only it's no contest, I'm a shoe in. Feels good man, even if we only get to steal moments across realms every so often.

  28. 2 months ago

    enochian enlightenment

    bro took it personal when i declared magic was just flat out impossible in this universe and hit me with the 369. i yield, magic is the -only- thing there is lol. halfway expecting a merkaba of fire partyvan to show up with what i was shown.

  29. 2 months ago

    I once saw the wild hunt in the sky

  30. 2 months ago

    shooting stars in winter when i was in high school

  31. 2 months ago

    Early spring forest under low dose of mushrooms

  32. 2 months ago

    I like this song

  33. 2 months ago

    I had a major psychotic break in 2017. Something triggered this massive change and schizophrenia hit me like a ton of bricks.

    The transformation took 4 days. After that fourth day the voices and involuntary neck movements started and the delusions had peaked.

    For a few days I believed the Nazi US government had been overthrown. The Nazi US intelligence community had been taken down and we were finally free.

    • 2 months ago

      I had a friend who was targeted by some lower ethereal deception campaign. He suddenly wanted to paint his hair white and was in a huge boost of mania. It ended up traumatizing him but it did ground himself. There are unscupulous beings who trigger activations of people to frick your life over or a part of you got killed in the ethereal or beaten up very badly. It can also be a return of some spirit part that has been looping in a false reality. They are like timebombs that supplant and overrule your own consciousness and try to drive the original out.
      Its sad that that happened. I hope you could ground the influence and push through to higher spaces. You must consider most if not all spiritual phenomena from that point onward to be compromised. If the colour of your dreams is dark then youre probably in lower spaces. If you ever had an OBE and entered some grainy greyish space like mass its even more likely. You have to get out of there until you hit a space that feels wet and immersive. Left to rot will mean your identity will warp and change over time.

  34. 2 months ago

    Hope. That is the closest we as mortals can feel to the light of the One, and it is His favorite note in the symphony of everything.

  35. 2 months ago
  36. 2 months ago

    >Have a series of signs pointing towards a girl
    >Think that it's just me making things up
    >Try to prove the universe wrong
    >Hack the girl, learn everything from her
    >She is my soul mate, she and I are really really alike

    We talked for a month, I could see she realized we were similar. yet she said no. After years, sometimes I think about her randomly.

    After the whole experience I became really spiritual. I even thought about writing a book telling the whole think but I don't have enough discipline.

    • 2 months ago

      >but I don't have enough discipline
      start. Be an example for your future children or dont.

      • 2 months ago

        >start. Be an example for your future children or dont.
        Sorry, I meant to say I have discipline for other stuff, I have a routine and so on and so forth... But it's just that relive the story every day till I finish sounds painful to me.

  37. 2 months ago

    Sex with my wife.

  38. 2 months ago

    Taking mushrooms and then deciding to watch the new Dave Chapelle episode as they were coming up. It was the Rick James episode. I got to see the Rick James episode for the first time, without the baggage of it having become a meme, on shrooms. If you can take refuge in and relive moments of your life in the afterlife then I am already guaranteed heaven. I'm still not sure I didn't die from laughing.

  39. 2 months ago

    Probably staying up all night at the beach and seeing the sky change from the sparkling night stars into cotton candy skies that reflected back onto the water.

    It was so beautiful and I was with a boyfriend at the time and a few of his family members. We walked and waded in the low tide with our feet and it was just magical. We also swam with wild stingrays. They were like babies.

    I also miss times I was made food by my grandma, and fun times with my siblings as I created really funny imaginative scenarios with them. Kittens being born.

    Full of laughter and love.

  40. 2 months ago

    Watching my healthy baby being born. Most likely because the previous baby died. Sometimes experiencing suffering makes good things even better.

  41. 2 months ago

    I was tripping my bollocks off after candy flipping, having an existential crisis over piercing the illusory veil of our dream reality.
    For the first time in life since being a toddler, I completely broke down into a frenzy of uncontrollable wailing tears on the floor.
    All those childhood memories, the beauty of nature, the women I've had, the great tastes of food, arduous hours studying and working, moments of pride and despair even humanity's entire existing existence albeit time itself.
    All were for absolutely nothing, just part of a fictitious illusory script amongst infinite scenarios that bear no meaning or relevance.
    When all of a sudden I was picked up from the ground by my friend, who told me the greatest most profound words I've ever heard "it'll be alright."
    We then hugged and it was the most beautifully warming ethereal moment I've ever experienced.
    He then said "try to get some sleep."
    to which I worryingly said "but if I sleep ill die."
    He assured me "It'll be alright."
    To which I went to bed knowing that whatever happens it'll be alright.
    >Anon it'll be alright

    • 2 months ago
      Son of Man

      Oh shit you’re the first anon I’ve seen that may have also tapped into singularity
      Yah it’ll be alright dude
      and now that you know none of it’s real you can just vibe and goof around nothing to take seriously here just an absurd way to pass time

      Have you learned how to manifest yet it’s pretty cool stuff
      There’s actually allot of cool hidden tricks in this game

      • 2 months ago

        The funny thing is that it's as if you already entirely know anyway, and learnt about it ages ago numerous times upon multiple different occasions.
        Yet for some reason it's just nowhere near as profound or shattering, and just accepted like another tidbit of information.
        I've always been the type of learner who learns by actually doing to see for myself, and perhaps that's why it was such a eureka experience.

        In regards to cheat codes for this plane of existence, I've been witness to glitchy stuff that breaks all sense of rationale just through the sheer power of imaging.
        Yet I tread very lightly with baby steps, as I'm a complete novice and mindful of what the law of equal exchange may entail and if it's worth pursuing.

        • 2 months ago
          Son of Man

          Personally I don’t believe in any laws just functions and those functions are only there for stability but can be played with all you want once you realize what they are
          “you don’t bend the spoon you bend yourself”

          For me the first experience of gnosis was new and profound but as I forgot it the next time was like oh shit yah I’ve been here before and it all came flooding back and every time sense then as I keep forgetting a majority of it it’s all a oh yah here we are again luckily I’ve gathered enough pieces to remember enough to Linda get it all

          Faith and imagination are such powerful tools
          You should read my thread sometime maybe it will resonate with yah https://archive.4plebs.org/x/thread/36592736/

          • 2 months ago

            I'm with you entirely it's just that coming from a molecular physics bound normie motherly plane, in which we are bound by laws and statues regarding inflow and outflow of energy.
            I'm reluctant to manifest the whole gib qt 3.14 and gibs meme let alone knowledge, as I'm unaware of how such systems operate in such means of exchange.
            Perhaps they are purely independent functions governed by our own projection as you state, yet as I stated before I'm one to experiment and find out not just taking for face value.
            So upon saying that I'll be sure to mull over that listed thread, as knowledge is ultimately power.

          • 2 months ago
            Son of Man

            Frick yah let me know what you think
            And agreed beware un earned wisdom

      • 2 months ago

        share some manifesting stories and best ways to practice it

  42. 2 months ago

    >wake up
    >I exist but everything is one with me
    >pure bliss, like everything is bliss and you are everything
    >mind super clear
    >a sense that there's nothing that needs to be done

  43. 2 months ago

    I suppose the most significant thing would be watching my two adorable children (white) play and hug and say "I love you Daddy!!"

    I know it's a cliche but frick. Goddamn. I would say I am easily moved, because I get choked up and teary-eyed listening to a really good Beethoven's 9th, just from the pure beauty of it. But I'd rather be incurably deaf than not get to experience the joy of family love

  44. 2 months ago

    It's been so long that I've forgotten.

  45. 2 months ago

    Last night I had sort of an experience. I went to sleep, had a dream. Waking up sort of made a lot clear for me. Something fricky is gonna happen pretty soon, probably around the eclipse. Not because of woo woo shit, but because a lot of things seem to be building to something happening soon, and it seems that it'll be in april, may if later. Keep your heads on straight as you can, anons. And don't give into despair, it won't help you. If anything, it was the ending of a feeling of dread as my brain connected a few dots.

  46. 2 months ago

    I have two
    I was pissed off on one Christmas morning and was hearing a voice or feeling an impulse in my head to peel out of my parking spot in my parking garage. I get in my car and I'm just about ready to pull my car out as fast as possible when I heard a voice in my head say, "Stop!" All of a sudden my car sensors starts beeping and I hear a shriek and I put my car back in park. A woman is running toward my car and I see her kid literally playing with a toy where my car's back bumper is. Something saved that kid's life.

    The other one is I saw a blue eye/vortex floating in the middle of my room the night before the October 7 attack.

  47. 2 months ago

    my mother's love, every day she appears to me. we kiss each other, we hug each other, we touch each other, we make love and then we proceed to party and enjoy good food. life is good.

  48. 2 months ago

    When I was in the hospital and I met a nurse that actually believed me and told me to turn to the Bible, that it was "God's love song to mankind," I'll never forget that

  49. 2 months ago

    Teen love.

    Exploring each other's bodies for the first time, going out at night without a care in the world, the fluttering of my heart when I saw her, her pure innocent smile... it was the absolute purest form of love imaginable, if I hadn't experienced this I probably would have killed myself tbh.

  50. 2 months ago

    The amount of shit I can get done in the 16 hours I am awake. I feel fricking invincible.

  51. 2 months ago

    The most beautiful/amazing thing I've ever seen would probably be the sun rising over a lake. Saw it back in the 2010s, and the reflection made the lake shine a yellow-orange hue, and the backdrop of mountains made it feel like something from a fantasy movie. Being with family during a trip only made it better.

  52. 2 months ago

    I had a dream. I was in some kind of a floating city, the building i was on was a huge gothic style building, and inside there was a library. I felt kind of jealous of the people, as if I didn’t belong there.
    I then went out to another place in this floating city. The place was enclosed with the sky open, it was what I can only imagine as the gardens of Babylon. It has a marble fountain in the middle, a beautiful waterfall in the back and some foliage.
    The walls had masterful engravings and some paintings. It looked a lot like anncient Egyptian architecture as well.
    The sight of the place was extremely breathtaking, I started crying from the beauty of it. I think in the dream I fell on my knees crying just from how beautiful the place was, I’m only able to recount some of the stuff I noticed. Then some man approached me, and what I can only assume was Jesus-like (I’m not exactly Christian) and told me that it will all be good now, when I saw that man, I become even more filled with happiness that it just felt too good. Like I was finally forgiven for something, it felt unlike anything I’ve ever felt before or since, and that’s when I awoke, with some tears in my eyes still.
    I don’t know where I stumbled into.
    The place looked similar to picrel which is nowhere near as intricate and beautiful as the dream place. The Anubis map from cs came out years after my dream. It’s like comparing an unfinished piece vs a master painting.

  53. 2 months ago

    The Happy Hunting Grounds.
    The great Spirit in the Sky?
    The World Just Above This World?

    The overwhelming love and presence of the Creator, the Ancestors, the Great Father, and the Great Mother all at once.
    I was driving, I almost wrecked my truck.
    I've never felt so relieved, so loved, and so safe in my life.

    I've watched others experience this same thing. It's overwhelming then too.

    Seeing my brothers face after waking up from emergency brain surgery.

    Seeing my dog's knowing eyes the moment I decided not to blow my brains out.

    The love in my little sister's eyes.

    An actual divine presence, three times in my life. So bright and so beautiful it physically hurt to look on them.

    The northern lights, as they came down to earth and danced all around me.

  54. 2 months ago

    I actually experienced it right here on this website
    The simple fact that so many anons are awake to the truth of the world and constantly try and help others

  55. 2 months ago

    cumming inside 15 year old alt girl butthole (legal here)

  56. 2 months ago

    When I vaped DMT and was floating along a wall that was infinetly tall and a being in a red cloak was floating in front of me the entire time and told me that I needed more DMT to get inside the wall. No words were spoken between us I just felt the message. Still need to try proper DMT instead of the vape shit.

  57. 2 months ago

    the birth of my daughter - and every time she smiles at me when i make a silly face

    • 2 months ago

      I envy this. Me with the mental issues and vices I have it’s probably not a good idea for me to procreate. But if your capable of bringing children into this world and mold them into positive members of society, that’s gotta be a good feeling.

  58. 2 months ago


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