these are my personal experiences with "ufo's", they are all true

these are my personal experiences with "ufo's", they are all true
some can be played off as merely misidentifications, and others are full blown anomalous events that have no logical explanation
i do not mind any skepticism, as theorizing & trying to figure things out is always interesting; i myself am a very skeptical person, even with the strange things i believe, i always try to think logically first, but when logic fails, the illogical is to be considered
these events mostly took place from around 2016 to 2020, i don't really remember when most stuff happened exactly, but a lot happened mostly from the start to middle points & faded off around the latter
some of these events happened to me, my father, and friends of my father, and most of them happened with both my father & i together
at the time, we of course didn't have any good recording devices to document them, and the few times we had pictures of them, they looked either terrible or boring; so sorry about the lack of evidence, i too, wish i had pictures & footage of these things
also, these stories won't really be in exact order, i'm gonna mostly be telling them by both when they happened & those related to them

we will begin at what i believe is the main starting point
these ones are also the least "anomalous", and have a high possibility of just being misidentifications, with a few caveats in tow

i've also premade this, so it should also be around 13 parts in total, might be more if it anything hits character limit


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  1. 3 weeks ago

    >around the year 2013
    >was like 13 or something
    >probably around summer
    >outer area of barstow califonia (a supreme shithole)
    >was up because reasons (no schedule, was homeschooled, etc, etc)
    >seeing my dad go off to work
    >look up at sky
    >see light going across it
    >not an aircraft
    >point it out
    >dad says its a sattilite
    >still thought it was weird, but accepted the answer
    >forget about this until some years later
    this seems to be the first "mover" we saw

    >around spring
    >was 15 at the time
    >its night, like 10pm or whatever
    >be on pc
    >dad comes from outside, says "look at this shit"
    >look at sky, see weird light
    >its just a small light going across the sky, flashing every 5 to 15 sec or so
    >looked like a plane at first, but didn't have any of the other lights, also didn't really seem right
    >we ending up watching it for a bit & saw it again a a few more times that night
    >it would come from the one end of the horizon to the other, then took 40min to appear again
    >in the end we figured it to be a sattilite
    >thought that was pretty cool, usually you can't see those things with the naked eye so easily
    >after about 2 days of seeing it, it disappears
    >don't think much of it
    this seems to be the first "flasher" we saw, but its different from the rest, i don't think i'd actually call it a flasher
    we saw these a couple more times, but they were rare


    • 3 weeks ago

      >probably a a week or two later
      >dad calls for me again
      >see what to us looked like a light teleporting in a zig-zag pattern
      >with every "teleport", it flashes
      >super amazed & wondering what it could be
      >never saw it again
      later we realized it was probably two just "flashers" that were next to each other, flashing in turn, but this was before we had names for these

      we started looking at the skies more, and ended up spending almost entire nights looking at the stars
      at the time we gave it a 50/50 on them being ayylamos/secretgovttech or them just being sattilites
      we saw the more "movers" & "flashers" around too, at first there weren't many, but over time we saw more & more
      we'd never seen anything like this before, which we thought was weird, we tried looking it up, but we'd find nothing
      satellite trackers didn't show shit, nor did aircraft trackers either

      >be out one night
      >watching the sky is now our nightly deal
      >looking at movers & flashers
      >some movers are also an inbetween of flashers, we call them pulsers, some pulse faster, some pulse slower
      >movers & flashers are also not all the same brightness, some are so dim you can barely see them, others are brighter than the brightest star in the sky
      >we also notice that not all go the same speed, some would go across the sky in 10 seconds, and some would take over a minute to reach the horizon
      >sometimes they'd get brighter or dimmer at random points across the sky
      >we then realized something
      >some were swerving
      >it genuinely looked like they'd sometimes just swerve, like they'd randomly be avoiding a star in the sky
      >we decide to mentally mark without saying outloud what stars we'd see the "swervers" swerve at
      >they'd swerve at the same time to us, it wasn't "just" our eyes
      >what the frick?
      still don't really know if it was just our eyes, but it really does seem like some would swerve, with some more than others, its very strange


      • 3 weeks ago

        >another night
        >walking out to the backyard
        >something isn't right
        >we both look at two big yellowish bright stars that seem out of place
        >after a bit, right as we're about to both say something, one fades away, then the other
        >holy shit
        they were completely out of place to us for whatever reason, but the thing that was weird is that its like they waited, just for us to have to say something about it
        honestly, its like it was calling for us, which is a thing i'll touch up on later
        we also never really saw anything like it again

        a similar story
        >see a big orangy-yellow light moving across the sky
        >see it a couple nights in a row
        >don't see it again


        • 3 weeks ago

          >be around 16
          >its morning, bright out, very pretty
          >just me, wanted to walk outside for a sec before i took a shower then gone to bed
          >clouds are a sort of tall white thunderheady looking set, they're surrounding the area around the valley
          >say what you will about the desert, but it's skies are beautiful
          >looking up just admiring the view
          >see a dot moving
          >look at it more
          >seems to be a black plastic bag floating in the sky
          >see it just flying around
          >its going pretty fast across the clouds, its scaling the thunderheads in seconds
          >its making breakneck turns
          >goes out of view into clouds
          >strange, whatever
          >now walking inside house
          >something doesn't feel right
          >by the time i'm in the shower, i realize something
          >you can't see something, at best, the size of a soccerball, at a height greater than most commercial planes
          >its also going not just hundreds of miles an hour, but would have been going thousands of miles an hour
          >all while doing instant turns
          >think "wow, thats fricking crazy"
          >and then it hits me
          >it was also a gigantic fricking black cube
          >ended up sitting in the shower for a couple hours thinking & processing that
          when it was flying, it was in a "diamond" configuration, as in the corners were up & down
          i can still remember the experience like it was yesterday, and i have no explaination whatsoever for it, at least a logical one; its probably left the biggest mark on me too
          its at that point i really realized there was more to everything, and that the lights we were seeing could also really be something more
          because of this, we later got a field scope too, and even later after that, a nightvision scope, we'd use them to watch stuff a lot


          • 3 weeks ago

            >be another night
            >dad calls me outside
            >see a "triangle ufo"
            >its the classic shape, but a lot more rounded, i'd rather call it a "bell"
            >basically image related, might of had a few different things about it, but it was basicaly that
            >it had 3 lights on each corner, and one in the middle, they were bluish
            >don't remember if the middle was a different color
            >on the back it had a sort of set of redish lines, eminating a bluish "mist"
            >might of also had redish lines on it's sides
            >the whole thing also had a sort of glow to it too
            >it was completely silent, was very slow, and was around 500ft high, if even
            >and it was going directly over our fricking house
            >we looked at it though the field scope until it passed the horizon, took like 2min
            >proceede to shit brix after the fact
            alongside the cube, this is basically the point that we not only realized that there could be "something more", but that there really fricking IS something more, and its flying directly above our god damned house right fricking there
            this is the most definite of "ufo's" we'd ever seen, and i can say with absolute fact, more than any other thing, that this shit is not something thats "suppose" to be possible, at least under our currently taught understandings


          • 3 weeks ago

            >another night
            >see a light in the sky
            >its flashing
            >think "oh a flasher"
            >thing is, its not moving, its just there, flashing
            >it stayed there for around it hour, then gone way
            >think "that was weird"
            >next night, after a bit, see it again
            >huh, seemed to appear around [blank] time, lets see tomorrow
            >again, its there, right on the dot, stayed for 45min, then gone away
            >next night, gone
            >doesn't seem to appear again
            it later did appear another like a year or two later, around the same area
            ended up doing the same sort of thing all over again
            its like it specifically stopps once we got it down to a science

            >one night (because of course)
            >watching the movers & shit
            >suddenly, we see what looks like a loose dimish line of movers in a sort of mist going across the sky in a wave
            >think "what the frick is that?"
            >goes from one horizon to the other in about 5 seconds
            >based off it's size, it had to be hundreds of miles long & had to be going a few hundred thousand miles in speed
            >never saw anything like it again
            that one was also a fricking strange one, to be that god damn large, and that god damn fast, its actually insane
            we ended up naming that one "the plankton", because it looked a lot like a long strand of phytoplankton


          • 3 weeks ago

            >another night
            >watching movers
            >see one mover, bright one
            >going across sky
            >then it starts turning
            >does a fricking 45 degree loop de loop, then keeps going
            >never see anything like that again

            now i'll tell one of the stranger ones of the movers
            >christmas eve night
            >looking at the sky
            >its partially cloudy
            >as it starts getting cloudier, we start seeing more movers
            >and more
            >and more
            >and more
            >what the frick
            >we're seeing thousands of movers, but it looks like they're "hiding" behind the cover of the clouds
            >is this a fricking invasion?
            >over time the clouds let up
            >movers go back to normal
            >for a moment we thought we were having an alien invasion
            this tails into a weird thing about the movers, that i'm sure you've noticed by now: nobody else sees them
            so i'll talk about that now


          • 3 weeks ago

            the movers, the flashers, the pulsers, the swervers, the stationary things, and the plankton
            they looked a lot like stars, same sort of size, with varying brightness, basically always a whitish blue (discounting the other things)
            whatever these things are, are not just "seen", they're not normal by any means
            nobody talks about that (from what i can tell), theres no reports, footage, anything
            the years my father spent looking up at the sky, he never saw them
            my father would go to work & talk about them, but other people didn't see them, even after being told what they were & how to find them
            only when it was nightshift, my father was able to point them out in person to others, and then something strange happened
            the people he pointed them out to, could now see them
            but it wasn't like they just didn't "notice" them, no, it what that were not appearing for them, they wouldn't show themselves
            once they saw them, they could show them to others, and they'd see them too, it was a sort of "cognito-meme" or whatever
            if you've never seen it, you can't see it, but once you saw it, its everywhere
            i don't really know what this truly implies, but it leads me onto this other talking point


          • 3 weeks ago

            they can read your mind
            sounds insane, but "ufo's reading your mind" isn't a new concept
            we'd spend a whole night staring at the sky, and nothing would happed, but if we talked about them, they just start appearing
            sometimes we'd see a hundred movers in a single night, other nights, only 10
            we also came to the conclusion they'd try to "distract" you, they'd have a bright mover go across the sky, and then out of direct view of that, have a couple movers going across out of view, as if they wanted to sneak by you
            its weird to say, but it felt like a game, you'd see one appear, and then try to keep your eyes out for the others
            they also liked to go in pairs, you'd usually see 2 next to each other, one behind another or following one's path
            they'd also like to cross paths a lot, many times they'd meet together, passing by
            they'd usually go north to south too, but others east & west, never really much else though


          • 3 weeks ago

            a strange happenstance
            >be me one night
            >doing something outside
            >look at the sky & see a mover
            >then see more
            >and more
            >and even more
            >looks like image related, like that thing is the sky & earth is in the middle of it
            >shits going fricking crazy
            >theres tons of stuff
            >my mind is blown, i'm staring at the sky screaming "FINALLY, I KNEW IT, NOW NOBODY CAN DENY THIS!!!!!"
            >i wake up
            >it was a dream
            >i'm disappointed, but also thankful
            i ended up having a lot of dreams that would turn into that, i don't know what that means, but i also don't like it

            eventually, my father & i came to the conclusion that these "movers" had to be demons or something
            they can't be seen under normal means, are spread from showing them to others, will appear when you think / talk about them, seem to like to hide from you, and would even affect your dreams
            sounds like demons to me, or something like them at least


          • 3 weeks ago

            this segways into a thing my father would see: the ground lights
            they were lights that would flash, but about 1ft off the ground, and be bluish white, they'd only happen once when they did happen
            i never got to see it, but our dogs actually saw them though
            one of the most confirming moments that they were real, was when my dad saw a flash on the ground, and then our old, mostly blind dog, got up from resting, and gone all the way across the yard, to just to start sniffing the exact spot it appeared at
            another strange encounter was when my dad was in the backyard, looking at his phone, and realized his legs had a shadow being cast, it was a bit shakey, but it was a dim blue light just seemingly hovering in the air behind him, and the moment he turned around, it was just gone
            fricking weird shit, man
            these flashes & lights remind me things like reported hauntings, its said that if theres a severe demonic presence, such things can appear

            theres also another type of "flash" that'd appear, and it even had happened many years ago
            >be my dad
            >early 2000's
            >looking at stars because cool
            >suddenly, gigantic fricking flash just happens, and it came from the sky
            >like god just took a polaroid
            >have no idea what the frick just happened
            this ended up happening another time, and then one more many years later when i was with him
            the one i was there for lit up the whole area, i saw my shadow appear on the ground, and the light reflect off shiny stuff in the yard, it really was just like having a picture taken with flash on
            the weird thing is though, every single time my father had had it happen, it appeared exactly where he was looking


          • 3 weeks ago

            other strange little things happened thoughout the years too, but these are the things i've mostly been wanting to talk about
            around 2020 was when we mostly stopped going outside, life got in the way & stuff
            we'd still see movers here & there, but it seems like they dropped off, more than just us not going outside as much anyway
            eventually, we moved out of that hellhole, and gone to a place in the south eastern US, and from then on, never saw any movers
            it seems like they were in just that area around barstow

            if any of you anons have experienced something like this, please do tell, it'd be very interesting (also say your general locale if you're willing, since it seems to be a per area basis)
            also, sorry about any misspellings & whatnot

            thank you for reading this


  2. 3 weeks ago

    People born in 2k are now 24, holy shit i'm a gramps.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    1-13 saved in case anyone would like it

  4. 3 weeks ago

    one last bump
    sorry, just wanted to see if anyone else had similar experiences

  5. 3 weeks ago

    Il bump. Use to live in the town closest to Barstool to the south, heading towards LA and ive actually only seen 1 ufo. Around 2 am out in the desert with some buddys and saw a weird light bobbing around slowly in the sky with no real pattern, and obviously fairly close. After about 2 minutes it stopped moving for about 5 seconds, then shot off at mach 50. Was weird because when it first took off the light faded out, it took about a second to fully go out, it wasn't instantly dark. Nothing like your storys. Didnt hear much about barstow UFO's but it is basically in the middle of nowhere, i can see UFO's showing up there. Also /x/ is dead at these hours, so dont expect much traction right now

    • 3 weeks ago

      you helendale / victorville?
      they got skunkworks in helendale, cool shit, if you go by the 58 you can see the hangars (they're near the one concrete shitshack)

      • 3 weeks ago

        Yea, Victorville area. I do know about those hangers, is the shitshack your talking about the abandoned bunker? Was interesting going there once, but not much to it. Might be haunted now, you probably heard about the fricked up double murders.

        alien hysteria is the famous judeo narcissism: people exposed to judaism deeply believe they are snowflakes in the universe and aliens cross billions of light years just to lurk from the shadows and observe the mighty israelites and gentiles which required centuries of analysis to understand lol

        have you ever seen a UFO anon? Why the frick do you feel the need to bring religion into this, and why do you think you could possibly know what makes aliens tick?

        • 3 weeks ago

          the shit shack is just that one broken down concrete house thats hear helendale, around just before where you get to the bend of the traintracks to go down the small hill that leads to the string of antique stores & all that
          i just call it the shitshack because its used as such for years lol

          • 3 weeks ago

            Ah, gotcha

  6. 3 weeks ago

    I see them over Navajo Mountain and Zion Park in Utah, I live in Arizona
    All as you described, but I've never seen a cube, disc or triangle. Only lights far off. They seem to chase each other back and forth all night over the mountain peak. I did see a 'foggy moon' fly over my mom and I tonight, it stopped and faded away when I shined a light at it. Then I said "I know you're there" and shined the light again. It then faded back into view, but then grew and dispersed almost like a bubble popping

    • 3 weeks ago

      I saved this video from a pol thread, this is pretty much what we saw
      Clear sky, but a slow moving, soundless light shrouded in fog gliding through air over us. Almost dropped my steak

  7. 3 weeks ago

    alien hysteria is the famous judeo narcissism: people exposed to judaism deeply believe they are snowflakes in the universe and aliens cross billions of light years just to lurk from the shadows and observe the mighty israelites and gentiles which required centuries of analysis to understand lol

  8. 3 weeks ago

    >Be younger me
    >Sitting on porch talking to my dad and brother
    >While there talking i get sidetracked and start starring to the sky
    >Everything seems normal untill i see a strange line of 3 whiteish yellow lights in the sky
    >"weird looking stars"
    >Then they slowly start moving and slowly turning in a soft zigzag pattern
    >I continue to silently stare
    >Try to get attention of my brother but he wont look because he thinks I'm making it up
    >Dad keeps talking to brother and doesn't hear me
    >I glance back up and watch it almost teleport with how fast it was going disappear behind the tree line
    >Go back inside and try to sleep with the knowledge of what i just saw
    >Finally fall asleep

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