There is only one god and his up in high heaven

Don’t go down the path of a devil believing your god when your not

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  1. 1 month ago

    You literally have 0 proof of your claim. So someone saying they're god is as credible as your claim you dumb fricking israelite worshipper.

  2. 1 month ago

    we are individualized offshoots of the cosmic consciousness.

  3. 1 month ago

    God is the center, above and below most importantly God is the heart, and if you can perceive the heart you can percieve God.

  4. 1 month ago

    all of these words are made up I can do whatever I want with them

  5. 1 month ago

    Your God doesn't exist! If there is such a God then He remains Outside of His tick-tock Universe, thus out of Existence itself. His alleged Creation is more like depleted Chaos rather than it being Orderly. Your Bad Ol' Deb'bil is a human construction designed by Xtian Mythologists to take all the blame for your alleged God's obvious non-perfection. Why does your All-powerful God need angels? Is he so powerful that even more that a little bit of His presence here would mean a major catastrophe? Your God is not Good! Isaiah 45:7 says that He creates Evil. All you have is a book written by prejudiced anonymous authors hiding behind the names of saints to try and give them more authenticity than they would have if they had given their real names! Your God isn't Love, and He doesn't love you despite your claims! You're in constant fear that some unconfessed "sin" will send you straight to your God's Hell. You say that Lucifer is the first murderer, yet your God surpasses any petty murder he may have committed. "Lucifer" is the name of a minor Roman god, and his name was "borrowed" by the KJV Committee as another name for Satan. Your God created the Bad Ol' Deb'bil knowing from before the Beginning that he would find imperfection in him! Xtians never have any proof of anything, and your Theology is only what you hope is true. Xtianity deals in Hopium and you're addicted to it.

  6. 1 month ago

    Just because you can only comprehend one, that doesn't make it true.

    I'm thinking more of a 40K scenario, with Cthulhu & the gang included - maybe they're some sort of Tyrranids or another alien race, who cares.

    That's not even mentioning Heaven & Hell are here with us, on this very earth 🙂
    Respect for being faithful, but just because you're high on faith doesn't make you any less of an imbecile.

    Plus it's all part of the "Universe-experiencing-itself" scenario, who gives a shit whether you want 1 God or a 100 Gods - what makes you think there's only one Devil?

    That's not even mentioning God acts like a neglectful teenager with an ant farm these past few decades ... but we can't leave Him to do all the work 🙂

  7. 1 month ago

    >Precious "Christianity is the only way" thread gets nuked by nannies after Christianity poster gets thoroughly BTFO.
    >New one not minutes later

  8. 1 month ago

    i keep telling them that but they never believe me. at least someone else said it now.

    yes its all true.
    we don't exist, and this reality is not real.

  9. 1 month ago

    I think, therefore I AM.

    • 1 month ago

      Cogito sum. Yod he vav he i am what i shall prove to be; made in the image of god: your sentience?

      • 1 month ago

        A couple interesting things i heard about the tetragammatron: it has all past present and future tense and supposedly is the sound you make when you breathe

      • 1 month ago

        I am, was, and will be.
        Though I am not, become I will, for I am not.
        Will am I, and will be, and will do.

        I will share of the way, the truth, and the life;
        for I have received freely that which the Lord hath paid in full.
        Drink ye the bone of cattle
        Eat ye the fruit of manure
        Gods seed also shall ye drink,
        even His blood is wine.
        His flesh like fine bronze,
        and it is the bread of life,
        and His tongue speaks thereof,
        fierce like unto dragon, calm as rumbling waters,
        sharp like a two-edge sword, blunt at the hilt.

  10. 1 month ago

    Anyone professing to know what or who god is is a complete nutrag and can frick right off.

  11. 1 month ago

    Hell yah bruddah always be modest

  12. 1 month ago

    God must be black, cause he abandons his sons

  13. 1 month ago

    Tried dice divination (a.k.a. casting lots), the results showed that the afterlife depends on one's character and behaviour, that hell is temporary reality checking/teaching, and that the only thing to be saved from is reincarnation.
    Also showed that there are multiple gods, and that the name of the absolute is Abrasax.

  14. 1 month ago

    Your one god likes eating foreskin for breakfast. Why is your god a demented pedo?

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