The Bizarre & Persistent Abductions Of Pier Zanfretta

Many of you have likely never heard this account, but it has to be the not only the most extraordinary of abduction stories. Wikipedia, like the shitshow it is, completely downplays the events so I will happily share and what I believe are the better sources.

Pier Fortunato Zanfretta was a police officer who was basically the night watchman for a small-town of northern Italy. On 6th December 1978 while on a routine patrol, he noticed that an empty home of one of his stops flashed brightly a few times then suddenly lose power and cut out, so he immediately suspected a burglary. Still believing he was dealing with robbers, Zanfretta quietly exited the vehicle and made his way to the outer perimeter of the home. This was when he said that something suddenly tapped him on the shoulder from behind...

His words would depict a horror standing in front of him "…an enormous green, ugly, and frightful creature with undulating skin. As though he were very fat or dressed in a loose, gray tunic. (It was) no less than 10-feet tall!" He would go on to state that the strange and frightful creature had points on each side of its face and a green, scaly look to its skin. Its eyes had a glowing yellow look to them, as well as thick red veins visible on its forehead. Around its mouth was some kind of technological device that appeared to aid its breathing.

Within seconds, Piero went into temporary shock, causing him to drop his flashlight to the floor. Thankfully, the sound snapped him back to his senses as he would quickly scoop it up and take off running. As he approached his car, he could see the ground light up in front of him. He looked around and could see a triangular shape of bright light rising into the air. As the craft continued upwards, a loud “hiss” was audible in the air and as it disappeared into the sky, a wave of “searing heat” came over him.. He would eventually reach the car and immediately begin radioed the main control.


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  1. 4 weeks ago

    Carlo Toccalino, the employee at the desk that evening would record the call at fifteen after midnight. He would, though, claim he could not understand what Zanfretta was trying to describe. Not able to get any sense out of Zanfretta, Toccalino would request a pair of guards to go investigate. It was just after 1 am when the car with two arrived, each seeing instantly how frightened Zanfretta was. Not the least, with his weapon still raised and apparently loaded.

    The men would decide to rush forward and disarm Zanfretta, who was obviously in a severe mental state, which they did successfully. As they did so, however, they could each feel how warm his outer clothing was.. which was strange, given the bitter cold conditions at the time. Realizing the unique nature of the case, the police would request the assistance of the Carabinieri (military police). They would send a unit to investigate within hours and would discover and record two marking on the ground behind the main house where the triangular craft had risen from. (Picrel)

    Zanfretta, meanwhile, was regarded as a credible witness and not someone to lie about or manufacture such a story. His superior, Antonio Nucchi would offer: "I can state with certainty that Pier is a clear-thinking man with no strange fantasies in his head. When we went to investigate the scene, he almost didn’t want to come he was so scared. Only something exceptional could have frightened him so!" Furthermore, when investigators would speak to local villagers, over 50 of them would claim to have seen strange, bright lights in the sky on the evening in question.

    However, in the days that followed, newspapers and television outlets would pick up on the police reports. Suddenly, the whole of Italy knew of Zanfretta’s story. And what’s more, many of these platforms would either ridicule him or accuse him of trickery and attempts to make money. Meanwhile, as months went by Zanfretta, would be abducted another FOUR times.


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    Just when you think the story is already fantastical, it takes even greater turns towards unimaginable horror. During one of his abductions, a group of colleagues went searching for them in which they had their own encounter. While surveilling the area around his abandoned car, they noticed a “cloud-like object” suddenly appear above them. Then, two bright columns of light stretched down to the ground from the craft. All around bathed in the glow of this urgent, white light.

    At the same time, the engine on their car stalled and went dead. The four men got out of the car, with one of them firing his weapon on the strange craft. The lights suddenly went out and the craft disappeared as quickly as it had appeared. One of the four guards, Germano Zanardi, would never recover from the bizarre experience, committing suicide just several months later.

    On another occasion, while filling up his car at a gas station, Zanfretta would hear someone calling his name from the shadows. When he looked, he could see a tall, humanoid figure, with a bald, “egg-shaped” head. Bizarrely, the figure wore a checkered suit with a steel breastplate. There was, Zanfretta would claim later, something in the figure’s voice that made him obey it without question. He wasn’t sure if the voice was audible to his ears or if it was telepathic. However, he would receive instructions to drive his car into a nearby cloud just down the road near the station. He would do as requested. Within moments of driving into the waiting cloud, his vehicle was “lifted” from the road and onto a craft nearby. Rather bizarrely, he was allowed to leave the vehicle once on board and with several of the tall, reptile-like beings, was allowed to explore his surroundings.

    He would claim to see large glass-like cylinders that were full of clear blue liquid. In one of these cylinders was a body similar to that of a frog. His hosts would inform him these were an enemy of theirs from another planet.


  3. 4 weeks ago

    As originally stated, Zanfretta was abducted a total of 11 times within a 3 year period, with 6 of those encounters having multiple witnesses and/or physical evidence. Evidence that was not only gathered by the Italian military and government, but officially accounted as reliably sourced.

    Despite the public mockery, he did find sympathy of one reporter, Rino Di Stefano.. who convinced him to undergo hypnotic regression in order to unlock any other memories of the incident, as well as to prove, at least in part, that he was being truthful.

    During these sessions, Zanfretta described actual communication with the creatures (using a device they placed over his head) in which they shared their home galaxy and planet (Teetonia). Around this time these mystifying beings attempted to give him a transparent sphere with what appeared to be an electrically charged pyramid inside. The aliens claimed that utilizing the sphere would enable human beings to comprehend who they were and how they live. Zanfretta tried to refuse the gift, stating that : “had enough of all these strange encounters and wished only go back to his normal life.” Nevertheless, the creatures insisted he accept it, informing him that he was to give the sphere to a man of whose name he had never heard before, noted American scientist and UFO researcher Dr. J Allen Hynek. Zanfretta — for reason only clear to him — claims that instead of giving this prize to the now deceased Hynek, he hid the object somewhere in the hills near Genoa...

    For the sake of keeping this story to "just" 4 posts, I suggest anyone interested in checking out the rest of his story. Sadly, the most concise video is no longer on YT but can still be found here.

    For written sources:


    • 4 weeks ago

      why does their planet have a human name

  4. 4 weeks ago

    Great post, op - this case is a new one on me, ty for baking this thread.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Ty and glad you enjoyed it!

      Here is another crazy ufo incident from Italy —- again involving many witnesses (an entire stadium) and actual physical evidence (the “cobwebs”)… Picrel is of the substance they left behind*

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    too bad these stories are worthless for proper research

    • 4 weeks ago

      Too bad you will never actually engage in any proper research

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        I researched your mom’s anus last night, boy.

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    Interesting story. Reminds me of a lot of classic alien abduction cases. Reminds me of Barney and Betty Hill.

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