SCP-670-JP. Euclid



Special Containment Procedures: SCP-670-JP is to be kept in the waterfowl containment facility at Site-81. SCP-670-JP does not undergo metabolism, so there is no need to replenish food or clean up excrement. However if the individual wishes, we may provide goods and services as long as they are on the attached permission list. Note the high demand for "fresh cabbage" and "Cuban cigars" in particular. Employees who are suspected of being mentally affected by SCP-670-JP are to have their mental effects removed using the prescribed method after obtaining permission from the chief staff member in charge.

Description: SCP-670-JP is a young whooper swan with multiple anomalous properties. Although years have passed since its containment by the Foundation, SCP-670-JP remains a young bird that has not grown and shows no signs of aging. In addition, although there is no abnormality in rigidity, it is impossible to break, and there is no chance of injury or feathers falling off. Although its metabolism has stopped, it is able to function like a normal whooper swan. They also do not need to eat, defecate, or sleep, although they can do this if they wish. SCP-670-JP understands Danish. Although they do not have vocal cords, they are able to speak and communicate using unknown principles.
SCP-670-JP was discovered by local residents in Hyoko, Niigata Prefecture in 19 being attacked by another whooper swan. At the time of its discovery, SCP-670-JP was protected as a "duck with a strange sound" because local residents could not understand Danish. On19 local residents noticed that SCP-670-JP was not growing and requested [REDACTED] to investigate SCP-670-JP. [REDACTED] As a result of investigation by the infiltrating agent, it was discovered that SCP-670-JP's vocalizations were in Danish, and SCP-670-JP was contained within the Foundation. SCP-670-JP has been wearing a metal tag with the word "Andersen" written on it around its neck since its discovery.

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  1. 2 weeks ago

    The tag has no anomalous properties and can be retrieved from SCP-670-JP, but SCP-670-JP will violently resist until the tag is returned, so retrieval is not recommended. The description on the tag does not refer to SCP-670-JP's individual name, and its meaning is currently unknown.

    SCP-670-JP has an abnormality that irregularly causes intense frustration to surrounding creatures. This frustration can be completely resolved by using violence against SCP-670-JP. This uniqueness is believed to be the reason why SCP-670-JP was being attacked by other whooper swans at the time of its discovery. SCP-670-JP complains about the violence against it, but does not resist or do any damage. It has also been found that violence against SCP-670-JP has the effect of alleviating any frustration the target person feels, regardless of whether or not anomalous properties have developed. However, violence against SCP-670-JP is only permitted when its mental effects are removed. A proposal to use SCP-670-JP to maintain the mental health of employees was rejected. For details, please refer to Minutes 670-JP-8.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    Target: SCP-670-JP

    Interviewer: Dr.

    Note: The interview was conducted in Danish.

    <Start recording, 20>

    Dr Begin the interview.

    SCP-670-JP: Give me a cigar.


    SCP-670-JP: Thank you. Oh, thank you for your kindness. [Dr. lights a match]

    Dr. Please tell me about your origins.

    SCP-670-JP: I don't remember. Do you remember what happened when you were born? I came up with the name myself. Nikolai Orlik. Nice name, right?

    Dr.Yes. Why were you in Niigata prefecture?

    SCP-670-JP I've been traveling.

    Dr. Since you are a young bird and cannot fly long distances yet, how did you manage to travel?

    SCP-670-JP: Riding on those guys. Those damn brothers.

    Dr.Are you talking about the other swans that were attacking you during your rescue?

    SCP-670-JP: Yes. Even remembering it makes me angry. They bully me no matter where I go. He was traveling with me just to bully me. It's treated like a toy.

    Dr.I'll change the question. Why are you immortal?

    SCP-670-JP You're born with this constitution. Maybe.

    Dr What is that tag you wear around your neck?

    SCP-670-JP: This? Dunno. I don't know, but I've had it for a long time. That's cool.

    Dr. Do you recognize the name "Andersen" written there?

    SCP-670-JP: Nothing in particular.

    Dr. Can I borrow it for a moment?

    SCP-670-JP: Oh no.


    SCP-670-JP: This guy is the only one in my family.

    Dr.We are your family now.

    SCP-670-JP: Maybe. Except for the ones who suddenly come through the door and kick me. What are they?

    Dr.It's confidential.

    SCP-670-JP: There.

    Dr Do you have any requests?
    SCP-670-JP: Are you recording this? Please record this in the official record. I'm asking you not to kick me too much. Listen, there's a difference between not getting hurt even if you get kicked and saying you're okay even if you get kicked, right?

    Dr Recorded.

    SCP-670-JP Look at it now. You guys will be surprised when I grow up. If you think that you will always be a small and dirty chick, you are wrong.

  3. 2 weeks ago

    <Recording ends>

    Closing Report: There are currently no signs of SCP-670-JP growing.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    Object class: Safe

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-357-JP must be stored in a fireproof safe in the hazardous materials storage room, and electronically locked with a password of 20 or more digits to prevent anyone other than experiment administrators from taking it out. The person in charge of the experiment is limited to a senior researcher with security clearance level 3 or higher and who has received excellent scores on a psychiatric evaluation test and a loyalty test to the Foundation. In addition, in any case, when SCP-357-JP is taken out, it is mandatory to have a task force of anti-reality benders available for escort.
    In addition to installing fire sprinklers in the laboratory used, the fume value is constantly monitored using a scanner sensor using a Kant counter, and the Hume value around the laboratory is fixed at 2.0 or higher using a Scranton reality anchor to prevent abnormalities. The condition is that the environment is such that it does not leak to the outside.
    <20// Addendum>
    Subjects are limited to D-class personnel as they are affected by reality alteration, and no more than two people are allowed to be within the range of the anomalous property to prevent reality alteration from becoming turbulent. please.

    Description: SCP-357-JP is a match that causes reality alteration in its surroundings. Externally, there is no difference from normal ones. Additionally, there were no abnormalities on the outer box containing SCP-357-JP, but a stamp called "Andersen" was found that did not match any manufacturer's name. From the moment SCP-357-JP is ignited, it significantly lowers the fume value within a radius of approximately 10m around SCP-357-JP, and exhibits this anomalous property until SCP-357-JP burns out. continue. If a creature is within the range of this anomaly, surface conscious thoughts will cause reality to be altered.

  5. 2 weeks ago

    due to the influence of SCP-357-JP is that the appearance of objects imagined in superficial thought takes priority. The effects of reality alteration and the objects that appear will remain even after SCP-357-JP's anomalous properties disappear, but objects whose operating principles are not understood will become inoperable as SCP-357-JP's anomalous properties disappear. Masu.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    The Foundation conducted an investigation into the incidents in which the bodies of unidentified men and women were found times in Town, Prefecture between December 19 and January of the following year, and found that a girl who was years old at the time. We discovered a site where SCP-357-JP is being used. During a containment operation by a Foundation task force, the girl attempted to resist using objects, and summoned several small tanks and fighter jets into the city, resulting in casualties among the containment team and civilians. Ta. No abnormalities were confirmed in the secured girl, and there was only ambiguous testimony regarding how SCP-357-JP was obtained, so it was determined that there was no connection. He is currently under probation within a Foundation facility while his identity is being determined.

    Addendum 1: The bodies of unidentified men and women discovered all testified that the parents of the girl who possessed SCP-357-JP were made to appear by the object. Through the Foundation's investigation, a man and a woman who looked very similar to the discovered corpse were identified, but they testified that they did not know about the girl and that they did not have a daughter.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    During an experiment with SCP-357-JP, a man entered the laboratory and used the object, so he was apprehended by a waiting task force. The man gave his name as and testified that he was in charge of the experiment, but there was no employee with that name, and an external investigation revealed that the man had no family register or other information. . Additionally, no senior researchers were involved in the experiment, and due to the failure to follow containment protocols and the occurrence of an accident, the three experimenters were given strict warnings and disciplinary action.
    Based on the testimony of Research Assistant Hazama, revocation of punishment and reclassification of object class are being considered.

    Testimony record:

    Note: This is a recording of research assistant Hazama's testimony at a conference regarding the experimental accident. Research Assistant Hazama has just been sentenced to disciplinary action, and his tone has become rough.

    <Start recording>

    Research Assistant Hazama: First of all, let me state that we did not ignore containment procedures, nor did we conduct any experiments without permission. In the first place, the question is whether a Gila researcher like me could take out a reality-altering object that is strictly controlled.

    Research Assistant Hazama: There must have been a senior researcher when we started the experiment. Here is the experimental plan. It was prepared on the day of /. In that day's experiment, staff were scheduled to use the object to determine whether belonging to the Foundation would appear. In the past four experiments, there were no physical changes in the D-class users, so there were no restrictions on the selection of users.

  8. 2 weeks ago

    Research Assistant Hazama: ...The guy who calls himself is definitely a former senior researcher. I'm guessing that as a result of him using an object to alter reality, he was transformed into a man no one knows.

    Research Assistant Hazama: It is wrong to say that there was no change in the D class in the experimental example I mentioned earlier. I took the record from the person who remained in the D-class used for the experiment earlier. I still got the same result. However, he calls himself D-Nu-Nu and his number changes all the time, and in his isolated environment, he doesn't care if people remember him or not. Even we management staff didn't notice the change.

  9. 2 weeks ago

    Research Assistant Hazama: The question here is that the person who used the object has memories of the people around them.

    Research Assistant Hazama: Was it the person himself or the people around him that were altered? If it's the former, we should be able to observe it. Despite this, I was unable to recognize that ``Senior Researcher had been altered.'' However, in the latter case, there are doubts as to whether it was really possible to interfere with the outside world from the room surrounded by the Scranton Reality Anchor.

    Research Assistant Hazama: There was certainly nothing wrong with the instruments. However, I don't know the man who was arrested in that case, so he must have been influenced somehow. However, of the three participants in the experiment, I was the one closest to the Scranton anchor. He was just a meter or two away.

  10. 2 weeks ago

    CHAIRPERSON: Does that mean that fixing the Hume value with the Scranton reality anchor makes no sense?

    Research Assistant Hazama: I don't know! If you want to know, give us permission to experiment! Or maybe you should ask the guy who was covered in Scranton on the day of the experiment if he remembers him?

    Research Assistant Hazama: Anyway, I guess there is another property to SCP-357-JP's reality alteration. It has the property of changing the situation so that SCP-357-JP is reused regardless of the intention of the object user.

    Research Assistant Hazama: It's psychological to think that you're the only one who knows the other person, and the other person doesn't remember, no, the whole world won't even remember you in the slightest.

    Research Assistant Hazama: And then you think, ``If I use it again, I can get it back to normal.'' Therefore, that wish will be fulfilled only while SCP-357-JP is lit. But the illusion disappears with the light. It's like being a drug addict. I would repeat it over and over again.

  11. 2 weeks ago

    Research Assistant Hazama: Repetition is the same as continuing to develop areas that cause reality alteration around you. Moreover, he uses objects to resist in order not to have his source taken away. Have you seen the records before containment? That's exactly right, isn't it?

    Research Assistant Hazama: ...Have I gotten off topic?

    Research Assistant Hazama: There are two abnormalities that are feared. A reality alteration that I don't know if it can be prevented by the Scranton Reality Anchor. Also, the range of its effect cannot be observed.

    Research Assistant Hazama: That's it. We propose raising the object class of SCP-357-JP and canceling the experiment.
    <Appendix: Hume value and degree of reality alteration>
    Below is a table summarizing the degree of reality alteration according to the Hume value, based on the experimental results of SCP-357-JP. The higher the alteration strength number, the greater the risk of reality alteration. For more detailed information on the properties of the Hume value,please refer to this document.
    object state Measurement distance [m] Observed Hume value (surroundings/individual) [Hm] modification strength detail
    usually Within 20m range 1.01/1.00 0.991 Normal state where reality is not altered.
    Active 0.1m~0.5m 0.32~0.38/1.00 3.125~2.632 Advanced reality alterations such as short-term history alterations and spatial distortions are predicted. During the experiment, the creation of matter from nothing was recorded.
    Active 1.0m~2.0m 0.46~0.59/1.00 2.174~1.695 Strong reality alterations such as the generation of energy are predicted. Firearms were confirmed to have been disabled during containment operations.
    Active 5.0m~10.0m 0.77~0.96/1.00 1.299~1.041

  12. 2 weeks ago

    Active 11.0m~ 1.01/1.00 0.991 The Hume value no longer decreases and appears to be out of the activation range.
    Scranton Reality Anchor 2.0m 1.67/2.00 0.599 Increases the surrounding Hume value and has anti-reality altering properties.

  13. 2 weeks ago


    Object class: Musclid

    Special Containment Protein: SCP-357-JP-J is to be kept in a standard humanoid object containment cell, but the containment room no longer makes sense due to its trained muscles. We countered SCP-357-JP-J with our muscles, and when SCP-357-JP-J escaped, we applied for a protocol "match" between members of the task force who had a muscle test S class rating or above, and SCP-357- If JP-J does not comply, 20 members of the same team will forcibly arrest him. suppressionwrestling please. It also turns out that fixing the Hume value using the Scranton reality anchor makes no sense.
    Person in charge of each accommodation
    All personnel are encouraged to strength train and prepare for the upcoming MK 2 - End of Class scenario. Specially formulated steroids will be distributed to those with a security clearance level of 0 or higher.

  14. 2 weeks ago

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-357-JP-J is to be kept in a standard humanoid object containment cell constructed 200m below sea level. In order to delay SCP-357-JP-J's escape, the passageway is designed in a maze-like manner, a 600V electric grid is laid on the floor, tear gas vents are installed every 5m, and SCP-357-JP-J Please keep at least 4 mobile task force agents capable of confronting the enemy. These will buy you about 5 minutes of time, so during that time, dispatch Mobile Task Force Ri-1 "Magic Bullet Archers" and suppress them with a simultaneous sniper shot using a large animal tranquilizer gun. As a last resort, attempt to temporarily contain SCP-357-JP-J with debris and seawater pressure by blowing up the submarine passageway.
    Experiment Directors are limited to senior researchers with Security Clearance Level 3 or higher and a high score on the Foundation Loyalty Examination. In addition, in any case, when SCP-357-JP-J is taken out, it is mandatory to have a platoon of anti-reality bender task forces available for escort. Inside the containment chamber, the Hume value is to be constantly monitored using a scanner sensor using a Kant counter, and the Hume value around the laboratory is to be fixed at 2.0 or higher using the Scranton Reality Anchor to prevent any abnormality from leaking outside.

  15. 2 weeks ago

    Description: SCP-357-JP-J is a macho man who causes reality distortion to those around him. Physically, she is different from other girls her age. Her skin is black and shiny, and her body is covered in abnormally developed muscles that are inappropriate for her age. Additionally, during the initial containment of SCP-357-JP-J, two pieces of metal engraved with "And" and "ersen" were recovered from the scene. It is clear from its shape that it was originally a bracelet and that it could not withstand the tensile pressure and broke. SCP-357-JP-J causes reality distortion within the range it can touch. SCP-357-JP-J has distorted the bars of temporary containment cells, automatic weapons, bullets, handcuffs, tanks, D-class personnel, etc. At this time, SCP-357-JP-J is thought to significantly reduce the surrounding Hume value, hardness of objects, intermolecular force, or bonding force, causing reality distortion. Sensors, Schlegel molecular observators, electromagnetic observators, and other instruments have not yet been able to observe these phenomena. For this reason, there is a view that ``SCP-357-JP-J is simply physically distorting objects through pure physical strength,'' but common sense suggests that it is impossible for living organisms to achieve this with their physical strength. Since this is impossible, the prevailing view is that some kind of force is at work.
    The evidence of reality distortion

  16. 2 weeks ago

    caused by SCP-357-JP-J is characteristic: metal undergoes plastic deformation, trees and human bodies are bent as cells are destroyed, and stones, ceramics, and glass are shattered into pieces. Furthermore, if SCP-357-JP-J comes into contact with an object that has a particularly complex internal mechanism, such as a computer or a gun and does not understand how to operate it, it will become unable to operate due to reality distortion. When SCP-357-JP-J exercises its distortion ability, the longer it is in contact with SCP-357-JP-J the more the amount of distortion increases, and in experiments, the shortest contact with SCP-357-JP-J was 180 seconds, and the area where a high-rise building was. I made it flat. In addition, SCP-357-JP-J's muscles, regardless of whether they are activated or inactive, can repel all shocks and altering forces, including a voltage of 7000V3 , 158 types of toxins freezing in liquid nitrogen, and 80,000 volts. All attempts to attack SCP-357-JP-J other than hand-to-hand combat, including 1,300 bombings, 2 nuclear bombs, irradiation, expulsion into space, magic, reality alteration, and dimensional separation 5 have all ended in failure.

    In December 19 Foundation agents were investigating information about a suspicious person reported in Town, Prefecture, when SCP-357-JP-J then years old and 6 years old, was found on playground equipment in a park. I found him doing weight training 7 Upon the agent's report, a containment operation was immediately carried out by a Foundation task force, but this was thwarted by SCP-357-JP-J who attempted to resist with several small tanks and fighter jets deployed into the city area. Despite the fact that only abnormalities can be confirmed in the secured SCP-357-JP-J's appearance, as mentioned above, it was exercising its reality warping ability without any changes in Hume value or other force fields, so it is currently undergoing further damage. We are investigating the principle of reality distortion.

  17. 2 weeks ago

    Addendum: SCP-357-JP-J was unidentified at the time of its discovery, and interviews were conducted with a man and a woman who testified that SCP-357-JP-J were their parents. However, the man and woman did not know about SCP-357-JP-J, and testified that ``I have a daughter who went missing, but she doesn't know about this perverted muscular macho man.''

    <Incident Log-03 (20//)>
    SCP-357-JP-J showed interest in the Scranton Reality Anchor (SRA) that was placed around it during the experiment and exercised reality warping ability. An accident occurred in which the equipment was destroyed. Research Assistant Hazama testified that ``SCP-357-JP-J bent it with his bare hands,'' but his testimony is considered to have low credibility as he is thought to have been in a panic at the time of the accident.

    Testimony Record:
    Addendum 1: At a meeting regarding the experiment accident by SCP-357-JP-J management personnel. KinubackOniokoze This is a record of the testimony of Dr. Hazama and his research assistant.

  18. 2 weeks ago

    Start recording

    Research Assistant Hazama: First of all, I would like to state that I did not ignore containment procedures, nor did I neglect experiment preparation.

    Research Assistant Hazama: Please take a look at your experimental plan. This was prepared on the day of the experiment. Since this was an experiment for ``Analysis of SCP-357-JP-J's principle of reality distortion,'' SRA had just been activated to activate the Kant counter.

    Research Assistant Hazama: Then, SCP-357-JP-J asked, "What is that?" Dr. Kinusei, who was right next to me, replied, ``It's a device to measure your power.''

    Dr. Kinuse: It was right after that. SCP-357-JP-J grabs SRA with both arms, as if crumpling up a piece of paper...

    Chairman: How frightening... Our foundation's proud anti-reality bender trump card is so easy...

    Research Assistant Hazama: No, it's not uncommon for SRA to be destroyed. What this phenomenon reveals is "how SCP-357-JP-J distorts SRA." If you were a traditional reality bender or bender, you would have a hard time trying to distort the SRA. Of course, SRA is not omnipotent, so it is not impossible to modify it, but in that case, it should be possible to observe large-scale fluctuations in the Hume value. Despite this, the fact that ``SRA was distorted'' and changes in Hume values could not be observed'

    Chairman: An unknown means of reality alteration!

    Research Assistant Hazama: No, not physically

  19. 2 weeks ago

    Chairman: There's no way you can destroy it with your bare hands common sense suggests.

    Dr. Kinuse: We have obtained some interesting data on this matter. When the task force members who responded to SCP-357-JP-J's recontainment attempted to subdue it by force without using heavy weapons, SCP-357-JP-J confronted them in a ``take the fight.'' We fought according to the rules proposed by the members.

    Dr. Kinuse: As a result, although all members were defeated, there were no signs of reality distortion during pure hand-to-hand combat against SCP-357-JP-J. Afterwards, SCP-357-JP-J seemed satisfied and returned to its containment room of its own accord.

    Chairperson: However, the containment procedures need to be revised since they are currently only satisfying the object.

    Dr. Kinuse: Yes, we will provide further training and an efficient training menu for the containment unit.

    Chairperson: Dr. Kinusei?

    Dr. Kinusei: It will take a year and a half to completely contain the muscles... No, let's make it possible in half that time.

    Research Assistant Hazama: [Clears throat] I also suspect that SCP-357-JP-J's reality distortion has another property. It is a tendency to modify the thoughts of the people around them into their brain muscles, trying to solve everything by force.

    Chairman: Oh, is that what you meant?

    Research Assistant Hazama: And you think, ``If I train my muscles, I can do something.'' Therefore, the desire to fight is satisfied only while confronting SCP-357-JP-J. However, the illusion of victory disappears due to the overwhelming difference in power. There's no way you can win, but you keep training hard until you win. This would be the same as a drug addict. Look, I start exercising whenever I have free time.

  20. 1 week ago

    Dr. Kinuse: You idiot, this doesn't count as exercise. [shaking violently from side to side]

    Research Assistant Hazama: [Ignoring Dr. Kinuse] And those who have trained it will approach the same characteristics as SCP-357-JP-J. Also, it is synonymous with continuing to expand the second and third SCP-357-JP-J, which has the potential to cause reality distortion to the surroundings.

    Research Assistant Hazama: There are two abnormalities that are feared. Realistic distortion that cannot be prevented by SRA. Also, SCP-357-JP-J has an abnormality that distorts the thoughts of those around it. That's all for the report. Also, I would like to suggest a modification to SCP-357-JP-J's silly object class. Who rewritten it?

    Chairman: Probably the brain doctor over there. So please fix it yourself. Hey, don't start doing squats! Deal with it!

    Dr. Kinuse: Are you going to do it? I am also a former member of the task force.

    CHAIRPERSON: Please call. I am a former member of the anti-reality bender squad.

    Dr. Kinuse: I understand. I'll fix it right away.

    Research Assistant Hazama: May I have one last thing?

    Chair: What?

    Research Assistant Hazama: Why are you all so muscular...?

    CHAIRPERSON: ...You're like that. musclemuscle It seems like there isn't enough.

    [Sound of muscular men crawling towards you]

    Research Assistant Hazama: [screams]

    <Recording ends>

    Addendum 2: The audio log of the above testimony was recovered from a severely damaged recorder that was distorted around the stop button.

  21. 1 week ago

    Appendix: The table below is an example of events distorted by SCP-357-JP-J.
    subject result
    circle of wisdom I tore it up right after I explained the rules.
    smartphone The moment I tapped the screen, it shattered and the aluminum frame bent.
    sword stuck in stone Succeeded in bending the so-called "sword that cannot be pulled out no matter how you try" of the Anomalous item. I haven't removed it.
    Dr. 's son's future dreams "I'll become macho!"
    Earthquake with epicenter directly below Site-81 SCP-357-JP-J punched the ground just before the vibrations stopped, and stated that this action "stopped the earthquake."
    Researcher Hazama’s opinion Research Assistant Hazama denied that the earthquake mentioned above was impossible, but he convinced her by simply saying, ``It's possible.''
    atmosphere Despite no heat source or gravitational field being observed, there have been numerous reports that the surroundings of SCP-357-JP-J and the humans facing them appear distorted when containment procedures are executed.
    Several types of writing instruments I tried to get him to write a description, but all attempts were crushed. When I held a metal rod with the same shape as a writing instrument and measured the writing pressure, a maximum instantaneous pressure of 32 GPa 9 was recorded.
    The ending of the picture book After reading The Little Match Girl, I tore up the last few pages and created a new ending to the story. The story is an exhilarating action story about a girl who trains her body and ends up getting caught up in a strange fate, and ends up destroying the secret society "Andersen" with just her body in order to get back her kidnapped grandmother. Available for purchase at Site-81s kiosk. 2018 Foundation Denmark Branch bestseller.

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  23. 1 week ago


    Object class: Safe

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-902-JP is worn by D-902-1 of Site-81, currently designated SCP-902-JP-1. SCP-902-JP-1 and its group of SCP-902-JP-2 are to be exempted from monthly dismissal, separated from other D-class personnel, and given only designated duties. The current SCP-902-JP-2 is three D-class employees D-902-2, -3, and -4, and the 4th warehouse of Site-81 is temporarily renovated as a multi-purpose room, and SCP-902 -It is contained together with JP-1.
    Direct contact with SCP-902-JP-1 and the act of expressing doubts or beliefs that SCP-902-JP-1 "looks naked" is strictly prohibited. Additionally, all personnel assigned to Site-81 are requested to thoroughly read and understand this report.

    Description: SCP-902-JP is a piece of clothing that is invisible. It is currently unknown whether this is due to optical factors or unknown characteristics. According to interviews with agents who were on duty at the time of recovery and D-class personnel who have been exposed to the effects, SCP-902-JP has a smooth feel like fine silk, and a long length that resembles a robe or gown. It is clear that the clothes are from.

    The anomalous nature of SCP-902-JP stems from the fact that when no one is wearing it, it arouses a strong desire to wear it in people who touch it with their bare skin. This desire and wearing behavior can be physically interfered with from the outside, but it is impossible to completely eliminate this desire through amnestic processing. If a person who has once worn SCP-902-JP (hereinafter referred to as SCP-902-JP-1) is at the top of some community , the following tendencies will be observed regardless of their original personality.

  24. 1 week ago

    Dislikes and refuses to wear clothes other than SCP-902-JP (excluding underwear)
    They take their duties and obligations as community leaders seriously and have less interest in other things.
    Prefers to communicate with community members (hereinafter referred to as SCP-902-JP-2), but refuses direct communication with anyone other than SCP-902-JP-2.
    Mutation to SCP-902-JP-2 occurs when a human member of SCP-902-JP-1's community sees SCP-902-JP-1, either directly or indirectly. The tendencies observed in SCP-902-JP-2 are as follows.
    Calls SCP-902-JP-1 "King" and always speaks affirmatively2 while trying to stay close to SCP-902-JP-1 as much as possible.
    All interests turn to SCP-902-JP-1. Along with this, he uses SCP-902-JP-1 as a guideline for all his thoughts and actions, and willingly follows his orders no matter how unreasonable they may be.
    If an outsider tries to contact SCP-902-JP-1, they will stop it, request that the conversation be done through them, and try to protect them from any attack, even at the cost of their own body

  25. 1 week ago

    Due to the above behavioral trends, no direct conversation or contact with SCP-902-JP-1, recovery of SCP-902-JP, or understanding of its shape has been made. However, the thoughts of SCP-902-JP-1 and, by extension, SCP-902-JP-2, who follow it, are basically non-hostile, and both have the characteristic of losing interest in things3 other than the duties and obligations of the community. Therefore, recovery of SCP-902-JP is not being considered at this time.

    Addendum 1: Any statement that SCP-902-JP-1 "looks naked", whether doubtful or certain, will cause SCP-902-JP-2 to become strongly hostile. Although the principle is unknown, it is possible to accurately recognize speech that is out of reach visually or audibly. This hostility occurs to all people outside the community, so it must be kept in mind that the moment a statement is made, it can lead to serious damage, including a containment breach.
    This concludes the text that Site-81 personnel are required to read.

    Addendum 2: Viewing of the following text is restricted. Other than those directly involved in the containment and research of SCP-902-JP, only personnel with security clearance level 3 can view it with approval. Those wishing to view the site should obtain a password through the prescribed notification and then authenticate using the form below.

  26. 1 week ago


    Object class: Keter

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-902-JP has been ordered to be destroyed and is normally stored in a dedicated containment room at Site-81. Please keep it on top of an alarm device equipped with a pressure-sensitive sensor at all times, except during destructive experiments, so that personnel who have read this article can promptly recognize and respond to the occurrence of a containment breach or a "throne succession event."

    The effects of SCP-902-JP exposure have manifested in D-902-1, currently designated as SCP-902-JP-1, belonging to Site-81. D-902-JP-1 and his entourage, SCP-902-JP-2, are to be exempted from monthly dismissal, separated from other D-class personnel, and given only designated duties. The current SCP-902-JP-2 is three D-class employees D-902-2, -3, and -4, and the 4th warehouse of Site-81 is temporarily renovated as a multi-purpose room, and SCP-902 -It is contained together with JP-1. Please attach a simple electrocardiograph to SCP-902-JP-1 so that abnormalities in electrical pulses can be monitored at all times.

    Direct contact with SCP-902-JP-1, including attempted contact, and the act of voicing doubts or beliefs that SCP-902-JP-1 "looks naked" may lead to the occurrence of a "throne succession event." This is strictly prohibited. Persons who made contact (including attempts) or made comments that caused the occurrence of the "Thrones Succession Event" are to be given B-class amnestics as soon as they are identified. Additionally, personnel who view this article and do not undergo amnestic treatment are listed in a separate database, and the list is constantly updated automatically. In the event of a "thronement succession event," the listed personnel should access the database and try to identify the new SCP-902-JP-1 as quickly as possible.

  27. 1 week ago

    Description: SCP-902-JP is a wooden hanger of unknown manufacturer. Other than the silver ring inscribed with "Andersen" at the base of the hook, there is nothing unusual about its composition or appearance. However, SCP-902-JP has an abnormal resistance to physical destruction such as impact, pressure, cutting, combustion, and corrosion. Attempts to destroy it are still being made by containment teams, but all have failed.
    The characteristics of SCP-902-JP-1 and -2 are generally the same as those described in the false report above. However, SCP-902-JP-1 is not ``a person who touched and put on transparent clothing that no one can see'', but ``a person who was directly exposed to the anomalous properties of SCP-902-JP by looking at it''. refers to a person who is SCP-902-JP causes visual exposure only under conditions where SCP-902-JP-1 is not present, and subsequent exposed persons SCP-902-JP-2 are exposed to SCP-902-JP-1. Occurs when community members visually observe SCP-902-JP-1, either directly or indirectly.

  28. 1 week ago

    The anomalous property of SCP-902-JP is that it makes SCP-902-JP aware of the concept and existence of "invisible clothing" (hereinafter referred to as SCP-902-JP-3) by visual inspection, and prompts it to "wear it." It originates from. It is believed that SCP-902-JP-3 establishes its existence through lies and beliefs of surrounding humans such as "SCP-902-JP-3 exists", and SCP-902-JP-3 The current view is that -1 and -2 were "forcibly created by SCP-902-JP for the existence of SCP-902-JP-3."
    Once a person who is not under the influence of SCP-902-JP tries to touch the "invisible clothes" or SCP-902-JP-1 makes a statement that "I look naked", that is, SCP-902-JP-3's If you make any statement that questions or denies its existence, SCP-902-JP-3 will immediately disappear. The range in which actions and speech can be detected at this time is unknown, but it is assumed that it is SCP-902-JP itself, not SCP-902-JP-3 or SCP-902-1, that has the sensing ability. Masu. After SCP-902-JP-3 disappears, SCP-902-JP-1 and -2 return to their pre-mutated state while retaining fragmented memories, but SCP-902-JP's main body remains SCP-902-JP. -3 At the same time as disappearing, they will be instantly transposed to one other person who knows their true identity, including the above-mentioned actor/speaker. The person selected as the transfer destination is generally random, but there is a tendency for a person with higher authority and position to be chosen than the original SCP-902-JP-1.

  29. 1 week ago

    It is unknown how SCP-902-JP perceives and judges these things, but the reason for this is ``forced mental control by a stronger and larger community that does not believe in the existence of SCP-902-JP-3.'' It is thought that it may have been for the purpose of The series of phenomena from the disappearance of SCP-902-JP-3 to the new generation of SCP-902-JP-1 through the dislocation of SCP-902-JP is called the "throne succession event", and SCP-902-JP-1 It has been found that this can also be caused by the termination of .

  30. 1 week ago

    Addendum 3: The only "throne succession event" to date has occurred when SCP-902-JP was recovered. SCP-902-JP was discovered in an abandoned house in City, Shizuoka Prefecture on //19, where it was suspected to be affiliated with a group of interest. At that time, a task force consisting of 5 members was responsible for the entry and search mission, and one of them discovered and exposed SCP-902-JP. After that, a "thronement succession event" occurred for Agent , who was the commander of the unit, and Agent became SCP-902-JP-1, and all members of the squad became SCP-902-JP-2. It has mutated. However, at this point, SCP-902-JP-1 and -2's characteristics of ``working seriously on duties and obligations as a community'' and ``following the orders of SCP-902-JP-1, the king of the community'' were revealed. As a result, Agent remained on the spot and prioritized predicting, testing, and identifying SCP-902-JP's properties and reporting it to headquarters, and was able to contain it with minimal damage. did. This result shows that SCP-902-JP possesses strong cognition and control over the mind, and that the task that this task force must take seriously is "containment of SCP objects as safely as possible." It is assumed that this point was created as a result of self-contradiction. In addition, part of the above fake report and this report are based on the audio recordings from the time of infiltration, Agent 's report, and the events revealed from interviews with the task force members who became SCP-902-JP-2. It is described in

  31. 1 week ago

    Agent and the members of the task force who were on duty were the only victims of this incident (4 people exposed, 1 dead. The deaths were due to the "thronship succession event" due to the termination of SCP-902-JP-1) sacrifice to confirm the occurrence). At their own request, the survivors were disbanded, ostensibly transferred to a Foundation front company, and rehired as D-class employees exempt from monthly layoffs. Currently, Agent is D-902-1, and the three members of the task force are D-902-2, -3, and -4, respectively, and they are all part of the ``Site-81, 4th Warehouse Cleaning Team.'' They are housed in the same room under the community name.

  32. 1 week ago

    Addendum 4: Dr. ’s observations

    If you have read this far, you will understand why this report is only disclosed to certain level 3 security clearance personnel, excluding those involved in research. It goes without saying that there is a danger if level 4 site administrators, Japan branch directors, and level 5 O5 council members know the truth, but staff with low-level security clearance, i.e. Foundation facilities, are at risk. It is also necessary to avoid a situation in which someone who is active outside the country becomes the successor to the throne.

    The "king" created by SCP-902-JP is naked, and most of the time he is accompanied by many "attendants". Therefore, it is easy to discover, but it is also easy for someone who knows nothing about the king to look at him and say, ``He is naked.'' In addition, once again, all people affected by SCP-902-JP tackle their duties seriously. Even if it is an activity outside the Foundation where it may be seen by civilians. With that in mind, I want you to think about what would happen if a "throne succession event" occurred with field agents who mainly work outside Foundation facilities knowing the true identity of SCP-902-JP? Although it is a simple story, the possibility that SCP-902-JP itself will be transferred outside of the Foundation's grasp will increase, and as a result, "those who disdain the Invisibility Clothes" that SCP-902-JP considers hostile will become outside the Foundation. It is not difficult to imagine that the number will increase explosively. And once that happens, SCP-902-JP is almost impossible to contain. If the upper echelons of the foundation and the prime ministers and presidents of each country were to become ``kings,'' unprecedented chaos and human and cultural damage would be inevitable.

  33. 1 week ago

    Yes, it might be better for no one to know the truth. The original SCP-902-JP was driven to an underground or underwater site and forgotten, and all Foundation staff recognized SCP-902-JP as "an invisible suit that creates the king and his attendants", and when the king passed away, he disappeared. Maybe it would be a better idea to make the clothes that disappeared in the blink of an eye certified as Neutralized. However, in that case, even if SCP-902-JP containment breach were to occur due to the "succession to the throne," no one would notice. However, if the right and obligation to know the truth is limited to those involved in SCP-902-JP research, in the event of a containment breach that would turn the entire Site-81into an "absolute monarchy," Initial response will be delayed. The response that only the SCP-902-JP containment personnel and some employees with security clearance level 3 would know the truth was a well-thought-out, desperate measure.

    SCP-902-JP, or its creator, has malicious intent. He has malice toward people who don't believe in "invisibility clothing." He even has the power to force those people to believe in the existence of clothes. However, fortunately, SCP-902-JP itself does not have the intelligence to recognize human lies as "lies". By pretending to be foolish ``wise people'' and praising the ``transparent and gorgeous clothes'' worn by the naked king, we are able to temporarily contain them.

  34. 1 week ago

    lastly. When you requested to view this article, you all received a certificate of approval with a password. Unless there is a special mention below, all amnestic processing regarding the ``true SCP-902-JP report'' is permitted. And I would highly recommend it too. The only people who are required to keep this article in memory are a few people like me who are directly involved in the containment of SCP-902-JP, and one strictly selected security clearance level 3 employee at each site. There are as few humans as possible who may become the next "king", but who may have to dedicate their lives to containing objects as the naked king and his attendants, just like that brave phantom task force. It should be better.

    -Assigned to Site-81

  35. 1 week ago



    The 100m perimeter of SCP-804-JP-1 is covered by the cover story "Private property of a forestry company" and is sealed off by a fence equipped with anti-personnel sensors. If an outsider intrudes, security personnel should respond and administer appropriate amnestics if necessary.

    SCP-804-JP-2's behavior will be monitored 24 hours a day by a surveillance camera installed outside the store. If you notice any behavior that differs from normal patterns, please contact the research team immediately.

    Please purchase at least 10 pieces of SCP-804-JP-3 per day and feed them to D-class personnel within 24 hours. Please carry SCP-804-JP-3 carefully in its special case, and do not damage it in any way other than feeding. Only D-class personnel will be allowed to be test subjects for experiments that intentionally damage SCP-804-JP-3.

    Description: SCP-804-JP consists of three entities: SCP-804-JP-1, -2, and -3.

    SCP-804-JP-1 is a building that looks like a typical bakery. It is a one-story building and measures approximately 10m x 15m x 3m. The signboard at the front entrance says "Bakery Andersen," but the store name was not registered with the local public health center, fire department, tax office, etc.1 . Although there are no electrical wiring or water or sewage systems, electric light and running water are available inside.

    When it was first discovered, it was located in a shopping district in City, Prefecture, but due to an initial containment breach (see below), it was relocated to its current location, a green area on the outskirts of Prefecture. Did.

    SCP-804-JP-2 is a humanoid entity with the appearance of a young Caucasian woman. She acts as a clerk at SCP-804-JP-1 and treats visitors in a friendly manner. When asked her name, she calls herself "Mrs. Bread." She answers questions, but the answers other than her name are different every time, so the content is not reliable. For specific examples, please refer to th interview log 804-JP-2

  36. 1 week ago

    SCP-804-JP-2's behavior pattern is generally fixed, and he opens SCP-804-JP-1 at 9:00 every morning, and then spends his time serving customers, paying at the register, cleaning the store, etc. Masu. There is no sign of him eating or taking a break. At 20:00, SCP-804-JP-1 will be closed and the shutter will be closed. At this time, it has never left SCP-804-JP-1.

    Humans who attempt any hostile act towards SCP-804-JP-2 will immediately fall into a state of self-destruction. You will be unable to do anything other than purchase SCP-804-JP-3 (see below) as recommended by SCP-804-JP-2, and this state will continue until you leave SCP-804-JP-1. .

    SCP-804-JP-3 is bread sold within SCP-804-JP-1. The ingredients are the same as regular bread, such as flour, dairy products, and vegetables, and can be eaten. Currently, two types of anomalies have been confirmed.

    The first anomalous property is that it alters the psychological characteristics of the person who consumes it. The results of the Ducey/Eric Bern Humanity Test confirm that, while still based on their original nature, their desire for self-assertion diminishes and they begin to value social discipline. Another noteworthy point is that they show strong resistance to the act of wasting food. This effect can be canceled by A-class amnestics, and it has been confirmed that the compulsion will weaken over time, although there are individual differences. For clinical examples of test subjects, please refer to th Experiment Log 804-JP-3.

  37. 1 week ago

    The second anomalous property is that if it is made unfit for feeding2 , it will disappear along with the person who did it. In experiments using D-class personnel, the destination is presumed to be a closed anomalous space, and location determination using GPS etc. has not been successful. To date, there have been no cases of missing humans being found. For details, please refer to exploration log 804-JP-Anomalous space.

    SCP-804-JP was discovered on //2016 after a report was made to the Prefectural Police saying, ``My brother stomped on a piece of bread and it disappeared.'' A field agent who had infiltrated the prefectural police interviewed the reporting child, recovered SCP-804-JP-3 left at the scene, and purchased SCP-804-JP, which had recently opened in a nearby shopping district. It turned out to be -1. The child and next of kin were administered Class C amnestics and given a cover story of "death in a traffic accident."

    The Foundation initially attempted to secure SCP-804-JP-2, the clerk of SCP-804-JP-1, but this ended in failure due to the aforementioned anomalous properties. As a workaround, SCP-804-JP-1 was sealed off with the cover story "under renovation" applied, but 5 days later, SCP-804-JP-1 disappeared from the spot and is now about 700 km away. Moved to the location of. It is assumed that the lack of visitors for a certain period of time was the trigger for metastasis, and to prevent this, a procedure for purchasing SCP-804-JP-3 was introduced into the special containment procedures.

  38. 1 week ago

    Experiment Log 804-JP-3: 2016

    Excerpt from the feeding experiment log of SCP-804-JP-3, the interview conducted with subject D-class employee D-7122 after the experiment.

    <Foreword omitted>

    D-7122: Oh, that was delicious bread! This is the first time in my life that I was moved by bread.

    Dr. Sakinuma (chief researcher on this case): Besides the taste, is there anything else worth mentioning? From what I can see, there doesn't seem to be any particular change.

    D-7122: Change is change, big change! My outlook on life has completely changed!

    Dr. Sakinuma: Well, how exactly?

    D-7122: It made me realize that we get life from other living things. The moment I tasted that bread, I was like, oh, I'm eating life right now. This deliciousness is the deliciousness of life. That feeling suddenly came to me.In the past, I thought I could survive on my own. It was arrogant.

    Dr. Sakinuma: I see. By the way, I heard that you got into an argument with a colleague at the dinner table after the experiment. What, were you angry that he left food behind?

    D-7122: [Excitedly] Oh, of course! Leaving food behind is an insult to life!

    interview log 804-JP-2: 2016

    *D-7122 enters SCP-804-JP-1.

    SCP-804-JP-2: Oh, welcome, Mr. Kato

    D-7122: Oh hello, Mrs Bread.

    SCP-804-JP-2: How did you like the new root vegetable curry bread?

    D-7122: It was so delicious! Well, at first I thought it was a curry bread that didn't have any meat in it, but the turnips and burdock had a lot of flavor

    Dr. Sakinuma: That's about all I talk about. Please repeat the same questions from the previous interview.

    D-7122: Ah yes. Well, Mrs Bread. There's something I'd like to ask you.

    SCP-804-JP-2: Well, something? Ask me anything other than bread recipes!

    D-7122: Well, what were you doing before you opened up shop here?

    SCP-804-JP-2: No, it's just a story here, right? Actually, I am the illegitimate child of Crown Prince and

    D-7122: Didn't you say the other day that you were from a farming family in Saga

  39. 1 week ago

    After this, I asked him questions about his own abnormality, his motivation for selling SCP-804-JP-3, how he spent his time after closing, etc., but all of his answers were different from the previous interviews.


  40. 1 week ago

    Exploration Log 804-JP-Anomalous Space: 2016/

    Purpose: Exploration of the abnormal space to which SCP-804-JP-3 will be transferred when damaged.

    Method: Equip D-4290 with a GPS communication device, crush SCP-804-JP-3 with its foot, and send it into the abnormal space.

    Result: The moment D-4290 crushed SCP-804-JP-3, it disappeared along with SCP-804-JP-3. When playing the footage from the super slow camera, it was confirmed that both of them sank to the floor of the laboratory and disappeared.

    GPS, location error after disappearance.

    Approximately 3 minutes after disappearance, the communication device in the laboratory received a communication from D-4290. The contents are as follows.

    <Start communication>

    *The video is unrecognizable due to heavy noise.

    D-4290: [Sounds like water bubbling] Come on, help me!

    Dr. Sakinuma: This is the research headquarters. D-4290, please respond.

    D-4290: The light doesn't float far away [sound of water bubbling]! The bread is heavy [sound like water bubbling] and sticks to my feet [sound like water bubbling]

    Dr. Sakinuma: Are you underwater?

    D-4290: N-no. It's water [sound like water bubbling]

    [Sounds that appear to be many human groans]

    Dr. Sakinuma: Are there other humans?

    D-4290: There are so many! Everybody, keep floating [screams] Oh, you, I'm going to kill you [sounds like water bubbling], let go! Oh, sink, sink [sounds like water bubbling], I'm sorry! I'm not eating much food anymore [sound of water bubbling]

    [Sound that sounds like an earthshake. Analysis results indicate that the sound is similar to magma eruption]

    D-4290: Yeah, this is [sounds like water bubbling]

    Dr. Sakinuma: What about here?

    D-4290: Hell?

    [Sound that sounds like high-pitched laughter]

    <Communication interruption>

  41. 1 week ago

    Emergency exploration log 804-JP-1: 2016

    <Start communication>

    *The video is unrecognizable due to heavy noise.

    D-7122: W-what's going on? This is inside the building, right?

    Dr. Sakinuma: What's going on inside?

    D-7122: It's so big! [Coughs] There was so much sand smoke that I couldn't see far, but it was a wasteland full of rocks.

    Dr. Sakinuma: What's going on where you came in?

    D-7122: There's a door standing alone in the middle of the wilderness. Oh, Mr. Bread.

    Dr. Sakinuma: What is she doing?

    D-7122: Walking a little ahead. He doesn't seem to notice this though.

    Dr. Sakinuma: Please follow me. As much as possible, unnoticed.

    D-7122: Are you sure you want to do it? [Sigh] Mr. Bread, I'm sorry.

    D-7122 tracks SCP-804-JP-2 for approximately 5 minutes. Meanwhile, GPS location information continued to show the coordinates of SCP-804-JP-1.

    D-7122: I see something...a cross?

    Dr. Sakinuma: Is it a grave marker?

    D-7122: No, it's too big. I don't see anyone in the grave [surprised voice]! People are being crucified!

    Dr. Sakinuma: Calm down. What kind of person is that?

    D-7122: A man. He is naked except for a cloth wrapped around his waist. I can't see his face very well. He doesn't move an inch. is he dead? Oh, I couldn't believe that... yeah? Mr. Bread is saying something. I can't hear it well because of the wind, but...

    *In a later analysis, it is said in Hebrew, "Take and eat; this is my body. Drink from this cup; this is my blood, the blood of the covenant, which is shed for the atonement of men." 5 It turns out that he is saying.

    D-7122: [Gasp]

    Dr. Sakinuma: What happened?

    D-7122: Mr. Bread cuts a man with a kitchen knife, and [sounds like water bubbling] turns into bread, and [sounds like water bubbling], blood splatters... Huh? This smell is [sound like water bubbling]

    *Communication was temporarily interrupted due to a strong sound like water bubbling.

    Dr. Sakinuma: D-7122, please respond.

  42. 1 week ago

    D-7122: [Fast footsteps, presumed to be running towards SCP-804-JP-2] Mr. Bread is acting strange. Suddenly sitting down... Hey, what's going on? [screams]

    SCP-804-JP-2: [In a low voice] You infidels. How much of that person's Eucharist would it take for me to repent? The teachings are not conveyed. Sin cannot be purified. Heaven is getting further away.

    D-7122: The face, the bird, Mrs Bread's face!

    SCP-804-JP-2: [Sounds like a crane bird] Lord, my love! It has passed the millennium twice! How long should I keep doing this? ?

    <Communication interruption>

  43. 1 week ago

    A few minutes later, SCP-804-JP-2 appeared from the door with a tray containing a large amount of SCP-804-JP-3 and displayed it inside SCP-804-JP-1. The subsequent behavior pattern was similar to the previous one.

    SCP-804-JP-2 was interviewed about D-7122, but no meaningful information was obtained. Restoration of communication with D-7122 and confirmation of its survival have not been successful to date.

    Additional exploration of the anomalous space is currently under discussion.

    - End viewing
    Inside the wine bar Andersen
    On 2016///:, a field agent reported that a bar named "Wine Bar Andersen" had opened in a business district in -ku, Tokyo.

    As a result of an investigation by the Intelligence Bureau, it was found that the store name was not registered with any public agency. There is also information that the store manager's appearance has a lot in common with missing D-7122.

    The research team believes that there is a high possibility that this bar is a variant or derived object of SCP-804-JP-1, and plans to conduct further investigation.

  44. 1 week ago

    Object class: Euclid

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-836-JP-J is to be contained in a marine object containment room at Site-8169 in accordance with standard marine life care protocols. In addition to an 8m deep water tank area, the containment room must include a 5m x 5m x 3m land area. Half of the floor of the land area should be open and connected to allow access to the aquarium area, and the temperature should be kept at 28℃/humidity 50% or higher, and lighting and other equipment should be waterproof.
    In addition, in order to prevent being dragged into the sea by SCP-836-JP-J, staff members must wear a full harness type safety belt installed on the wall when coming into contact with SCP-836-JP-J in the containment room. Please wear it. In order to reduce stress on SCP-836-JP-J, please limit contact to staff in charge and refrain from unnecessary observations and inspections. Items requested by SCP-836-JP-J will be given to SCP-836-JP-J in consultation with the research director, keeping them to the minimum necessary to maintain SCP-836-JP-J's mental health and without any risk of self-harm. is allowed.

  45. 1 week ago

    Description: SCP-836-JP-J is a creature with half human and half fish characteristics. SCP-836-JP-J has what appears to be a pair of gills at the bottom of its ribs, and breathes underwater by passing water through its mouth. In addition, the fins found in ray-finned animals perform the same function as the lungs of terrestrial organisms, allowing them to breathe in the air. Due to these characteristics, it is thought to be a species close to lungfish and amphibians, but its genetic information did not match any currently confirmed fish or amphibians. In addition, the parts that closely resemble humans have characteristics that match those of fish, such as secreting mucous membranes to prevent dryness and having a body temperature that depends on the environmental temperature, and other than their appearance, they have characteristics that match those of mammals. was not obtained. Although it is known to be a female based on its physical characteristics, the existence of males of this species has not been confirmed to date.
    SCP-836-JP-J is able to swim underwater at a speed of approximately 40 km/h, although its body structure is clearly not suitable for swimming compared to other aquatic organisms. As a result of the investigation, it was found that the skin on the humanoid part is composed of very fine scale-like tissue, which has the property of reducing the resistance of water flow that occurs when swimming, like sharks. I am. On the other hand, its muscular strength was weak, and when it was captured, it could only resist as much as a human child.

  46. 1 week ago

    SCP-836-JP-J shows a strong interest in objects and people it sees for the first time, and actively attempts to come into contact with and observe them. At this time, SCP-836-JP-J will "observe" and "prey" after pulling both living and non-living objects into the water. SCP-836-JP-J appears to have the same intelligence as a 10 to 12-year-old human, and attempts to communicate through gestures and drawing using the provided writing utensil. Masu. In a test conducted in 20, personnel provided a blackboard and chalk, and the subject drew a picture of a fish, and used the picture and gestures to request seafood from the food being fed.
    SCP-836-JP-J shows understanding of human language, including Japanese. In addition, an organ that appears to be vocal cords has been confirmed in the trachea that connects the fins to the oral cavity, but it is not functioning due to what appears to be chemical burns caused by a deleterious substance, and SCP-836-JP-J itself is unable to make sounds. can not. Research is currently being considered to treat SCP-836-JP-J's vocal cords and enable vocal communication. In addition, SCP-836-JP-J displays emotions similar to human shyness, such as trying to hide its upper body when there
    is a human within its perceptual range2, which hinders its underwater activities. Attempts to wear human clothing on the upper body. If there is no clothing to cover the upper body, it will ambush near land and attempt to forcefully remove the clothing of humans that approach. For the safety of the researcher in charge, SCP-836-JP-J is provided with only one thin piece of clothing that does not interfere with his underwater activities, and is permitted to be provided with new clothing only if it deteriorates or breaks. It has been.

  47. 1 week ago

    At the time of discovery, SCP-836-JP-J had a silver ring engraved with "Andersen" pierced in its fin. As a result of the investigation, no abnormality was found in the ring itself, but SCP-836-JP-J is considered to be an artificially created creature, or at least evidence of interference with the person who wore it. Masu. When this ring was retrieved against SCP-836-JP-J's will, SCP-836-JP-J appeared visibly upset and searched for the ring for four days. Once SCP-836-JP-J realized that he could not find the ring, he began to show symptoms of depression, such as drastically decreasing his daily exercise and not eating. Currently, the ring has been returned in consideration of SCP-836-JP-J's mental health.

  48. 1 week ago

    SCP-836-JP-J has been temporarily given permission to provide a tabletop blackboard and chalk for communication.

    <Start recording>

    Dr.Good morning SCP-836-JP-J.

    SCP-836-JP-J: [Appears on the surface of the water. It looks like he is smiling with the corners of his mouth raised]

    Dr.Do you know what this is? [Hands out a stick of chalk and a tabletop blackboard]

    SCP-836-JP-J: [Tears the item from the doctor's hand and dives into the tank]

    SCP-836-JP-J: [observing the writing implement given to him underwater for about 1 minute]


    SCP-836-JP-J: [Resurfaces to the surface of the water and starts drawing something with chalk]

    Dr. Apparently he understands how to use it. [Toward SCP-836-JP-J]What did you draw?

    SCP-836-JP-J: [Turn the writing surface towards Dr.]

    Dr.It's hard to tell because it's blurred by it shrimp? I wonder if it's

    SCP-836-JP-J: [opens mouth and makes eating gesture]

    Dr.Oh, is this what you want to eat?

    SCP-836-JP-J: [Ticking his head]

    Dr. Ah, [points at the blackboard] This, [points at SCP-836-JP-J] You, [opens his mouth and points] Do you want to eat this?

    SCP-836-JP-J: [begins to swim in a circle near the water surface in an excited manner]

    Dr. Understood. Let's consider it. [Calls lead researcher Dr. K. The contents are not listed as they are confidential]

    SCP-836-JP-J: [Stands still and waits for 1 minute and 24 seconds while on the phone]

    Dr. [Ended call]…Sorry, SCP-836-JP-J. Apparently is no good. There is no need to provide something useful as a substitute...

    SCP-836-JP-J: [Sprays water on Dr. using the fin]

    Dr.Stop it, SCP-836-JP-J!

    SCP-836-JP-J: [Dives deep into the tank]

    <Recording ends>

  49. 1 week ago

    Currently, the research team for SCP-836-JP-J is short of personnel. If you are interested in marine life or would like to research communication with intelligent life forms, please contact Research Director K. Addendum: SCP-836-JP-J is not a "mermaid" as per Western folklore, but a "fishman" with the upper body of a fish and the lower body of a humanoid. Addendum: researchers who were involved in research on SCP-836-JP-J reported that they were ``not feeling well'' and ``started having nightmares,'' and requested reassignment. It has been determined that these symptoms are not due to any abnormality of SCP-836-JP-J, but simply due to its ugly appearance. The SCP-836-JP-J research team is always understaffed, as the number of members decreases with each personnel change.

    Welcome to the SCP-836-JP-J research team. Everyone unanimously says that they were ``deceived,'' but the report does not contain any false information. The next personnel change will occur in three years. — K Research Director

  50. 1 week ago


    Object class: Safe

    Special Containment Procedures: SCP-1490-JP discovered so far is to be kept in a container filled with cushioning material. Considering SCP-1490-JP, which is not secured by the Foundation, we will conduct a nationwide investigation using the following methods.

    Recall of perfumes sold in bottles with a design containing SCP-1490-JP or a bottle closely resembling SCP-1490-JP based on the cover story "Carcinogenic Substance"
    Confirmation of the scent of SCP-1490-JP near the final discovery sites of missing persons across the country
    Description: SCP-1490-JP is a perfume. When it was discovered, it was sealed in a spherical bottle with a capacity of approximately 80ml, and the label attached had an illustration of a comb entangled in a chain and the words ``For those for whom love alone is not enough'' in English. I am. No abnormal substances were found in the component analysis. As for the smell, it has a flavor that is described as ``a mixture of a faint metallic smell and flowers.''
    Humans who inhale more than a certain amount of SCP-1490-JP (hereinafter referred to as SCP-1490-JP-A) will immediately fall into a coma and enter a deep sleep state. The effect lasts on average for just under 4 hours, and all experiments using external stimuli to awaken them have ended in failure. When SCP-1490-JP-A woke up, all of them uniformly said, ``In my dreams, I walked freely on the streets overseas,'' and in interviews conducted so far, SCP-1490-JP-A has Dreams have the following in common:

  51. 1 week ago

    Before I knew it, I was standing on the street in a slum. Although it is impossible to interfere with the surrounding area, it is possible to move freely by walking. I don't feel any physiological phenomena.
    All slums have the same floor plans and residents. The date on the calendar displayed in the house is December 1901.
    Residents did not respond to calls from SCP-1490-JP-A, and all hands that tried to touch its body slipped through.
    Time ranging from 2 to 30 days according to a calendar in a private house passes instantaneously and irregularly in a dream.
    SCP-1490-JP-A, which uses SCP-1490-JP multiple times, takes over the passage of time internally. The content of the residents' conversations changes with the changing seasons, but SCP-1490-JP-A does not feel any changes in temperature.
    SCP-1490-JP-A that inhales SCP-1490-JP may change into a colorless and transparent liquid of the same mass while in a coma. The odor is very similar to diluted SCP-1490-JP, and the same effect as SCP-1490-JP is not confirmed even if the liquid is inhaled.
    Addendum: From additional experiments based on Interview Record-02, it was confirmed that it changed into diluted SCP-1490-JP.

    SCP-1490-JP disguised itself as an emergency worker on November 6, 2001, after receiving a report of a worker collapsing after trying an old perfume found in the warehouse at a warehouse in Kanagawa Prefecture. When the recovery team went to secure the victim, they found that when the victim collapsed, several bottles were involved and they broke, causing the five agents who had entered the warehouse to fall unconscious and use anti-poison equipment. Additional units equipped with armor were dispatched to retrieve and secure the affected subject.
    The worker who made the report at the time was suffering from chronic nasal congestion, which is expected to have prevented him from inhaling SCP-1490-JP.

  52. 1 week ago

    Date: November 6, 2001

    Target: 6 agents who were affected by SCP-1490-JP when they went on a research mission. Summary of post-recovery interviews.

    Summary: Agents claim that upon smelling the perfume, they felt as if they were falling slowly from a height for several seconds, before being thrown into a slum in early 1900s America. Two people did not take any action from the spot to prevent being affected, and four people began investigating the interior of the space after confirming that the communication equipment was not working. It is impossible to move outside the city due to the feeling of invisible pressure, and all agents who saw the following items and people in the dream answered that they were ``strongly interested''. .

    Two humanoid entities, a man and a woman, who appear to be a married couple, live in an apartment in a residential area with a business card saying "Mr. James Dillingham young" pasted on the mailbox. Relationships are extremely good, but life is poor compared to back then.
    A gold pocket watch displayed in a pawn shop display case two blocks away from the apartment.
    A hair merchant with a shop near the apartment. He frequently takes care of his golden hair, which is described as ``extremely beautiful.''
    After approximately 30 minutes have passed, the seasons in the city suddenly change. From the calendar displayed in the private house, it appears that approximately 100 days have passed. A female humanoid begins working at a nearby diner. From the conversation inside the store, one agent, who remained in a stupor until the end, heard the words, ``To repurchase something important to her husband.''
    Addendum: Later, when D-class personnel were made to inhale SCP-1490-JP under the same conditions, all of them testified that they had dreams similar to the summary.

  53. 1 week ago

    Date: November 9, 2001

    Target: D-1490-JP-1. After inhaling SCP-1490-JP, have them answer what they did in the dream.

    Summary: D-1490-JP-1 did not awaken, and approximately 12 hours after inhaling SCP-1490-JP, it turned into a colorless and transparent liquid with the same aroma as SCP-1490-JP.

    Date: November 10, 2001

    Target: 6 agents participating in the investigation mission. All participants volunteered to participate in the experiment.

    Summary: Agents testified that they were thrown out into the city based on the same procedure as the first interview recording. The seasons are from spring to autumn, and an estimated 200 days have passed in about an hour. The object of interest remains unchanged, and the female humanoid continues to work at the restaurant, although dark circles can be seen under her eyes. Everyone testified that not only was her pocket watch kept in the store, but it was occasionally polished by the store owner, who also kept her golden hair well-maintained. Based on current information, it has been hypothesized that the dream world is based on the short story "The Philosopher's Delivery" by O'Henry.

    Addendum: Two of the participating agents did not wake up, and about 4 hours after inhaling SCP-1490-JP, it turned into a colorless and transparent liquid with the same aroma as SCP-1490-JP. It should be noted that the psychological turmoil of the four awakened agents could hardly be confirmed.

  54. 1 week ago

    Date: November 12, 2001

    Target: 4 agents who were affected by SCP-1490-JP when they went on a research mission. All participants volunteered to participate in the experiment.

    Summary: Agents testified that they were thrown out into the city based on the same procedure as the first interview recording. Approximately 8 years have passed between seasons in terms of perceived time. The female humanoid continues to work, but does not have enough savings to purchase a gold watch. Her hair has grown long enough to be called long hair, but its condition has deteriorated considerably due to her daily work.

    Addendum: Three of the participating agents did not wake up, and about 2 hours after inhaling SCP-1490-JP, it turned into a colorless and transparent liquid with the same aroma as SCP-1490-JP.

  55. 1 week ago

    Date: November 15, 2001

    Target: Agent Nimura. An agent who was affected by SCP-1490-JP when he went on a research mission. Inhaling SCP-1490-JP, which was taken out of the storage area on November 14th.

    Interviewer: Dr. Kurio

    <Start recording>

    Dr. Kurio: You know why you were called here. You inhaled SCP-1490-JP without permission... What did you see this time?

    Agent Nimura: What did you see? It's according to the record. It was in the subsequent city of "The Gift of the Magi."

    Dr. Kurio: Compared to the experimental records, could you tell me what changes there were... (distorted expression)?

    Agent Nimura: Time just passed. Judging from the calendar visible from the window of the private house, roughly 80 years had passed. Even though I only spent about half a day...

    Dr. Kurio: 80 years? During that time...were there any obvious changes?

    Agent Nimura: Nothing happened.

    Dr. Kurio: Nothing happened?

    Agent Nimura: Nothing has changed. Even when she became a wizened old woman, she continued to work. Her hair continued to grow, but it looked unkempt and not at all beautiful.

  56. 1 week ago

    Agent Nimura: She works until late at night and prepares meals when she gets home. My husband-to-be returns even later. My husband is now a grandfather. The watches are always beautiful at the pawn shop, and the hair sold at the store is also beautiful with the proper care...that's all. Yeah, that's it.

    Dr. Kurio: Then why did agents and D-class personnel other than you turn into liquid...?

    Agent Nimura: I think it's because I understand. I was talking to people along the way. I talked too.

    Dr. Kurio: In your dream... was there a being that came into contact with you guys?

    Agent Nimura: Yes, I did. I regretted it for a long time. I read the story when I was a kid and...well, I ended up not knowing anything about it. In the end, that couple just sold off their beautiful hair and their fine watch...the comb, the gold chain, everything became meaningless.

    Agent Nimura: I guess he was trying to get something. I was trying to get something out of it...and I ended up adding a story. I ended up continuing the story after giving the best gift. That's that perfume. Even if he can't get out, it seems like he won't be able to get out anymore.

    Dr. Kurio: (Proposes to cancel the interview. Rejected)

    Agent Nimura: We didn't just watch. To put it bluntly, unilateral interference into SCP-1490-JP was was possible. But... that's why there was nothing I could do.

    Dr. Kurio: (Continues to suggest canceling the interview. Rejected)

    Agent Nimura: The story had to remain beautiful. Everyone knew that unnecessary blessings should not have been given to that life by the whims of random visitors.

    Dr. Kurio: (Recommends canceling the interview due to Agent Nimura's body emitting a scent very similar to SCP-1490-JP)

  57. 1 week ago

    Agent Nimura: In the end, there was no need to do anything. They were just getting something great...

    (Agent Nimura's body changes into a colorless and transparent liquid with the same scent as SCP-1490-JP)

    <Recording end>

    Additional information: The total amount of liquid that Agent Nimura transformed into completely matches Agent Nimura's weight, and it has been confirmed that boiling down the liquid causes anomalies similar to SCP-1490-JP. This suggests the existence of a person who processed the liquid into SCP-1490-JP and shipped it as perfume. The following is a Japanese translation of the English text written on the back of the label.

    But if you find that you have nothing to give, there is nothing you can do. -Andersen

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