Schizophrenia. A methodology for comprehension.

I was psychotic for 15-20 years unmedicated.
I established that voices are of the same source as delusions in major part and any label you apply to them can be proven wrong at any given moment.

They are ancient and have no label. They're your personal psychic manifestations of archetypes and your difference from a neurotypical is in how you end up treating their existence, however, the end result of all available data in a prolonged assessment establishes that the true source is not what you think in any event except the ultimate source and this is part of the agenda, to bring you closer to the source.

Persist to search for the root and you will dance like a circus animal for their amusement.

Ultimately the genetic brain disorder or chemically induced state leads to the emergence of usually silent and invisible energy formations because they find this state abnormal and a potential to gather new intelligence. They will most likely be negative because this derives the most useful responses and a positive attitude only serves to keep a lid on potential new information. Calling them demons because of this is crude and low-intelligence behaviour since they are capable of much chaos and only present what is necessary to fulfil their agenda in your short life.

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  1. 1 month ago

    Depending on numerous factors including IQ and likelihood of aggression on your part, the voices component will possibly cease to engage at any point in time. Mine told me they were stopping and did not come back, I assume because they had learned just about everything they could from me over those decades and they had taught me enough to be silent amongst them without whining about 'fairness'.

    Please bear in mind that states of psychosis can still exist even without the interference of these energies, but the attitude I have proposed will help ease your suffering and allow you to develop brain patterns more suited to the amplified activity than say accusing God or devils.

    Take it or leave it, you can still find any path of learning useful if you follow my advice, just be careful you do not blame all and sundry or make a single enemy you cannot defeat in your lifetime.

    In addition, to clarify something:

    The brain disorder that is the root of psychotic thinking only serves to amplify brain activity, the pattern formation of neurons is based on input from external sources, so without forces interfering, you can still find you are believing strange things as your neurons fire in unexpected ways on new connections relative to input such as conversation, media, or reading. However, it will be less severe without external forces manipulating the information and level of strength of thought.

  2. 1 month ago

    With regards to antipsychotics:

    Medication will function to cease most psychosis and voices if you find the right medication. You must however weigh the risks involved as a reduction of grey matter in the brain will occur over time whilst medicated, I find it is best to take the minimal dose which keeps me just on the border of psychosis. This can be discussed with your doctor over time (months/years) and they are obliged to take into account your opinion. As the brain activity slows, the external forces' interest in attacking you becomes diminished.
    This opinion is not welcome on official schizophrenia forums because they do not understand and see it as anti-medication. Also, doctors will likely disagree despite it serves the purpose they desire.
    The universe speaks to us all in different ways.

    You are part of all and that is a systematic blessing and curse which you must navigate to the best of your ability.

    I advise ethics and truth as strong foundations.
    When unsure/under-attack ask, 'What is the alternate conclusion and which is truer?' and 'Is my choice of belief ethical and bettering myself and/or others?'

    Finally, voices are probes that look for a more substantial kind of thought process in return. Know that they are not fundamentally right or wrong, merely probing a topic.
    The vagueness of this statement is because of the vagueness inherent in the design of a voice without thought behind it once you develop a state of meditative absence of thought and do not immediately add a thought to the words.

  3. 1 month ago

    I advise you to copy/paste my posts to a document.
    1% of people are schizophrenic and most of them are posting medically and spiritually inaccurate information and that is when they are posting at all. The disease precludes a steady and solid lifestyle of relaying accurate information.

    The general populous pretty much totally assumes they are in the know despite only thinking, 'it is spiritual or it is medical'.

    You may not get another chance to acquire this information.

  4. 1 month ago

    There are three possible states.

    Will to power.

    My approach is for balance.

    It may not be complex, but you can be a fairly strong soldier of God as a mind which knows enough to have harmony and believe it is right whilst not overthinking things and getting into predicaments which you cannot handle.

    You will fall less in this mode when you are free to will.

    Detachment, what is referred to as ego death, and contentment are possible.
    Though I think ego is something kind of flakey anyway as a concept.

    You can see yourself as an asset to the world with this mode. On a long enough timeline, your actions and thoughts will generate a portion of harmony in the world.

    As I said before, any belief system can still be studied and taken from to adapt to your arsenal of potential.

    I am not offering magic, though it is evidenced in your life.

    You can adapt at any moment but with my personal choices, I limit myself on purpose.

  5. 1 month ago

    You may find this system of base acceptable to defeat most problems for some time then change to new more interesting systems in the three possible states.

    I have deliberately left out most Buddhist and Luciferian data, so that you might see the raw substrate of what it is to be free of psychosis and in a balanced state without any thought at all.
    If I had seen this when I was psychotic, the possibility that it was true would have been undeniable. Because it refutes nothing of psychosis whilst iterating the main truths.

    'Take what is useful, disregard the rest'
    -Bruce lee

    To assert that a seed of thought cannot be utilised in the future is to suggest that the illness lowers your IQ and your memory of intelligence events as designated by intellectual pathway formation.
    It does not, it merely overrides until you get a chance to think.

    If a person is screaming out in psychosis, they are being overwilled and as such will likely not be online anyway.

    It is the difficulty of finding anything which makes it so bad, because if you get a moment of peace and look, you find only talk of egos, tulpas, demons and angels.

    The youth copy-pasting psychosis is busy with what seems cool or funny, not the basic requirement which is a medium variable thought set.

  6. 1 month ago

    What do you miss out on?

    Well, you have been chosen to have a journey of a specific order so you miss out on nothing except the lack of accuracy.

    Alternate belief can be navigated whilst still retaining a core of knowledge that steadies you when you cease believing something else.

    I am not sure at what stage belief management will be available if at all for you, but you get it if you can be trusted.
    'We will take all you have, some of it slowly and some of it quickly, when we are done with that we will make you as ready for the afterlife as anonymous worthlessness to mankind, just like your brethren have deemed us. For man is inferior from birth, yet always proclaims righteousness because of his lack of hell'

    What so-called demons are symbolically saying.
    Then they go and be angels in the peace of the biosphere to take a break.

    You are not long for this world, human.

    If you are not long for this world, see life as short; thus navigable, this can generate some respect in yourself and thus from them

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  9. 1 month ago

    I can only show you the door, you must walk through it.

  10. 1 month ago

    If a schizophrenic person says Blessed Be Yahweh a bunch of times they will make the demon that is tormenting them tremble in fear and then they will realize that they are just being possessed.

    • 1 month ago

      The relative diversity of situational divergence means this works sporadically.

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