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I wanted to write a much more comprehensive journal in comparison to my last journal. Some of the topics that will be discussed are not typical thoughts of a given individual and at the time i was writing my prvious journal i had a million thoughts racing though my mind all at once. Now that I am calm and grounded in reality I can explain my train of thought more thoroughly and less psychotic than before. My mind was focused on the problem of evil which can cause a person to go insane. When you comprehend the train of thought associated with raw evil and all the thoughts and circumstances that come along with such a topic. I will also talk about God, Existence, heaven, hell, some compelling information and many other topics throughout this journal. Bare in mind that I am a Human being and my thoughts are not perfect but there will be insights and wisdom imparted throughout this journal and my own personal thoughts on given topics will be discussed as well. When I wrote my first Journal I was psychotic.
To break it down there was a lot of seemingly random and incoeherent statements in my previous journal, and I would like to clarify the meaning behind my words and give insights on new information. The inside cover of the journal states, " This content in this book can make you go crazy and save your life." What i meant to say is or save your life. When I say you are existent and non existent simultaneously I am referring to the concept of everything and nothing all at once. I don't believe actual nothing or the absence of essence truly ever existed, and I don't believe in the Tao, I believe God is eternal and existed as one being in the beginning of time and I believe all souls, or consciousness including my own was that one being prior to the creation of reality, the universe, and in this place the planet earth as you know it. It is actually difficult for me to put all my thoughts into comprehensive words, but that is what i plan to do here.

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  1. 2 weeks ago

    Please 4 chan mods let me post the rest of this journal because it will not upset whatsoever I have to post it in sections due to the 2000 word limit

  2. 2 weeks ago

    At the time I believed i was experiencing 100% Anger, Sadness, Happiness, and Calmness simultaneously but now in my current state of mind that does not seem possible but if you can imagine all human emotions maxed out at once, that was what i was experiencing. I had a seemingly insatiable surge of infinite knowledge and was writing so fast that i could barely realize what i was writing was later uninterpretable for someone else reading. Now that i have my faculties together mentally I believe i can make some sense out of the non sense. Because at the time i was focused on the problem of Evil a lot of bad thoughts were going through my head and it helped to write them down. Starting with the statement I refer to as the worst threat ever. the worst possible threat is, " Endlessly worse things forever for everyone ever." As i was thinking throughout that journal I start with bad ideas and then work my way up to calming ideas of peace and serenity. A lot of the ideas I state in the old journal put snid bits of information together to help a person think through vast concepts. When I think of pure evil, I came to the conclusion that, that evil belongs in Hell, but then realized if it is in Hell it is still a problem so I mentally thought of that Hell becoming dust to ease the mental angushish of All These endlessly evil Ideas and scenarios. Most of what a Human can do is merely think about vast concepts, so if you want to delve into the infinite, you must created a paradigm to calm yourself to maintain your sanity. so if you imagine infinite demons then imagine less and less of those demons until there is none if you can develop the concept of perfect sanity in your mind it can help you tackle the most immense and profound maddening ideas anyone can come up with.

  3. 2 weeks ago

    In the scope of how much information there is to know, What you need to realize is there is an endless amount of information to know and it's to the point that you could never think of it all in one human life, but what i can say is that one person can think of a ton of ideas but not all ideas. So what is there to know, an endless amount, and the average person cannot handle endless thought. I know I barely did to say the least.

    I also come to find that talking to others about extremely profound ideas is not wise. Now the next concept to talk about is the term I created known as the inferverse. If you look up counting infinities it can be broken down into finer and finer detail. and all the inferverse is, is infinite multiverses. A universe is one infinity, a group of universes is multiple infinities also known as a multiverse, and an inferverse is an endless amount of multiverses.
    You may not think the inferverse is a useful concept, but it is really just a way of grouping groups of infinities and opening a doorway towards the idea that there is something larger than the multiverse. as you can see i was thinking of the largest concepts and the impacts evil has on them.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    when you get into infinite evil it creates a problem mentally and you will always want more good than evil for practical reasons. Evil can be so evil it not only makes all things suffer but makes itself suffer for the reason of satiating and fulfilling evil to it's highest degree. The reason why thinking about evil is important is so you know how it can impact you, and knowing how bad it can get is important too. I believe there is a lot of psychological harassment of individuals and the only way out is to think your way through the harassment another individual can place upon you. After all everyone has free will and unfortunately not everyone is doing what makes the most sense or what is in everyone's best interest.

  5. 2 weeks ago

    If you ever find youself feeling like your in Hell the only thing you can do is think your way out of it. From my personal experience both heaven and hell are not necessarily physical locations rather a state of mind. Perhaps there is a phsyical Heaven, but you will never go there in this life and if you thought you did you would be called insane by the rest of the socionormative a holes out there. For the most part if you talk about God, infinity, Omniscience, Reincarnation, past lives, memories beyond this life, ideas that seem like they are outside of your coporeal shell or anyhting cool or fun you will be labeled insane by the normies, which consist of your family and most of your friends unfortunately.
    I don't claim to know everything about God but here is a God Paradox for you, Creators creating creators creating the first creator creating creators creating the creator. I suppose it is not possible for God's Creation to create God.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    In Contrast to my statement about endlessly worse things forever for everyone ever you can have endlessly better and better things forever for everyone ever forever. This balances the original compelling statement.
    I made the statement Voyage into the unknown to understand what can be possible Before it actually happens . When Pursuing this infinite unknown you can come across very mentally troubling concepts and to help yourself deal with very dreadful ideas, use Truth to guide yourself back to sanity as necessary. I believe God is Truth and the value raw Truth bares is limitless. Included with truth remember that better ideas should always take place of worse ones.
    As you continually do this you can reach the limits of concepts, which I refer to as Optimalization, some of the concepts I discuss might not seem Humanly attainable but what you will realize is that some concepts are essentially unbreakable and can be used as tools to safely navigate truly daunting and dreadful ideology that will straight up put you in what can seem like a endless amount of fear, anger, or depression, but bare in mind that there is light at the end of some awful states of mind.

  7. 2 weeks ago

    The more you know the better off you are and just because you are human you do not have to believe that certain knowledge is completely out of your jurisdiction or understanding. As you become smarter what you will realize is the pinnacle of all intellects is what i refer to as a supreme Optimal Intellect and as an individual you can end up in what most people say is solely God's realm of thinking, but anyone can understand what God Understands.
    With considerable time and effort on an individual Human's behalf. As a person who is human you can develop perfect answers to some of the most difficult problems possible and just because you are human does not mean you cannot handle the absolute pinnacle of possible thought. Any average person would tell you, you are not God, you do not bare the capable Faculties of influencing reality, and that you are just a monkey with a big brain, that's what loser's want you to think so they can take the endless wealth of knowledge for themselves and when they lie to you like that it is truly raw evil, greed, selfishness and when you read this journal understand I am not that guy.

  8. 2 weeks ago

    I am not evil and I want to open a doorway for you to realize you are far more than just Human, you have a divine consciousness given to you by God and if you can decide to not be a stupid A hole with sensitive, secret, esoteric information bad things will not happen to you God does truly Love you boundlessly and retains eternal patience for you to grow, learn, understand. fail, exhibit free will, free speech and become mentally engaged to the benefit of all things for a greater more helpful happy and hopefully sufferless existence.
    There are far too many people with evil intent in their heart that cast a infinite amount of potential into a terrible place and down the line that evil has a vast impact on the sanctity, holiness, and divinity in all things and God doesn't was less for creation he wants more trustworthy good people who can exist in Heaven eternally, but the more you use Free Will to do bad the farther you stray from God and Heaven and you will end up directly in Hell. Every negative thing you do will land you in a worse and worse existence (Hell) and eternal damnation is as bad as it can get, which essentially no being will ever be damned for eternity because God wants you to learn and do better.

  9. 2 weeks ago

    You essentially rise higher and higher as you continue to do Good things and at the peak you become one with God in Perfect Unity, Holiness and Goodness and continue God's work forever. There is not a single thought or action getting past an Omniscient, Omnipotent, Infinite, Eternal being so do good and be rewarded or continue to do bad and go Hell.
    God has no official name because he existed before words and he does not have a gender either although we refer to God as him the Father. A thought provoking statement is, "Something is destroyed once it is no longer what it had been." Think about that for a second, God remains to be the Ultimate Good in existence and he doesn't change for if he did he would no longer be God and as beings rise to God's level of Thought they become one with him.
    Selling your soul for material wealth and prosperity is one of the biggest wastes of time, Lucifer or Satan as Human's describe it is essentially a non existent idea derived from religion that brings nothing but bad ideas into the realm of mortals, there is no being capable of challenging God and disagreeing with a Holy Omnipotent being is quite frankly moronic.

  10. 2 weeks ago

    If you think you found the right path by pursuing what people call the devil you are an idiot and i do not regret this statement in the slightest. Take what you get in this life with an honest open heart and be greatful that all things are as good as they are.
    Endless explanations that oversimplify information and complexity so much that it not only reduces problems, but makes any possible problem solveable. Use this statement as a tool to guide in the pursuit of infinite knowledge, a lot of statements I make simply help you navigate the unknown and bring you back to sanity if you ever feel lost.
    What does it mean to be God? God is not only all things, God is also mankind. With a shred of divinity in each one of us we can become close with God and we can understand his knownledge for our own benefit. If you have a supreme optimal intellect what is an examply of something you can think about as a human being. Imagine operating in optimal condition, with no damage at all, in the best possible configuration ever and never breaking down or having a single issue, a being doing that can handle anything and this mental tool provides guidance when faced with the most difficult problems possible. Now imagine being perfectly sane and retaining supreme confidence, God Has all bases covered no matter what could possibly happen.

  11. 2 weeks ago

    Everything has been observed, Comprehended, and Saved from the worst possible possibilities and as a human bad things can still happen but raw evil has been thought through and defeated. Thinking of certain words and ideas actually opens the gateway to new good and bad possibilities and at this point I will actually say that there is undiscovered territory, and the pathway to Omniscience is continually ongoing, there is always more ideas, more scenarios , more possibilities and possible danger and madness. Supreme intellect relactance is necessary in the pursuit of endless knowledge and as you continue on your path you will realize taking breaks and getting back to a normal state of mind is important to retain ones human health and sanity.
    Most people including your friends and family should mostly not be trusted with true divine thought in conversation and religion will never guide you to the real information regarding existence. One thing you need to remember is that an infinite amount of pain is possible and you can actually hurt yourself. To get around this extremely terrible idea regardless of how tough some dumb son of a b***h thinks they are remember this, All pain and suffering is in my mind somewhere and i can end it instantly if I have to.

  12. 2 weeks ago

    Also remember that beyond the greatest possible fears is true salvation. Pain exists because parts of existence can feel and remind yourself that it can all come to an end immediately. Every possible threat can also end instantly too, anyone that is truly evil is insane and has succumb to madness, irrational thought and can go straight the frick to Hell.
    Remember that God is Truth, and Truth is inside of you and the real Truth about everything can be thought of by a Human being. As you doggedly pursue Truth you will reach True Enlightenment and will know everything there is to know, enlightenment is not just love, but all Knowledge in it's rawest form. Evil runs away from the Truth because it is the only direction evil can go and evil runs from God. Truth is Good and Truth will save you if necessary. If the devil did exist he would just be a blatant liar, but he doesn't exist, it's just God.
    As you rise to higher levels of knowledge you may ask yourself about what perfect morals and ethics are and every person at this point has enough knowledge to determine what those are for themselves. While using their free will. Lying, cheating, stealing, raping, murder, torture, harassment and much more are blatantly obviously unethical and immoral and you should never do these things. Causing starvation is also unethical.

  13. 2 weeks ago

    Sexual acts performed correctly with consent are not a bad thing, a lot of people are concerned with masturbation, but masturbation does not hurt a single thing it's just that the lust associated with sexual acts causes people to experience guilt but there is actually nothing wrong with it as a human being doing these things, you are an animal and both sexes can be attracted to either sex no problem, the bible has brainwashed people to think a myriad of things that are blatantly not true.
    In Truth nobody actually owns existence, and God does not have a true name, but reasoning and logic can be used to determine everything if necessary, there may be some personal opinions you have, but I hope at this point I inspired you to start your own journal, or thoughts mentally and I hope you pursue infinity as the individual you are and find your own Truth and Knowledge and Enlightenment, but you will find that perfect knowledge is perfect and there will be many similarities with your work in comparison to what you see here. Honesty and wisdom come with time and in my 30 years of experience I have thought about many things but as I said before there is an endless amount of knowledge and new things can be discovered by you. You can own up to all your frick ups you have ever made and you can confide in God whole heartedly about everything you have done.

  14. 2 weeks ago

    Getting things off your chest can help a guilty conscience. Remember you cannot grasp everything with your hands and the tighter you grab onto the universe the more it slips through your fingers. The one solution to everyone's eternal salvation is eternal peace, if you find yourself fighting ask yourself what you are fighting for. A lot of buttholes think it is necessary to fight and be aggressive and they can go straight the frick to Hell, if you are the aggressor you are creating an unnecessary problem and when met with aggression people die and get hurt and go to the hospital, every cop carrying a gun is your enemy and they belong in Hell. Quote from God, " I am the kind of God that thinks all cops are bastards." Another tool of thought is realizing that the most dangerous book ever should be read with the safest eyes possible.
    How to subvert or end dangerous thinking? Consciously think of safer things, think of less demons, less anger, less sadness, less arguing you will subside every dangerous thought that can result from reading this material. Focus on this until your stress is under control. Think of angels decent things, the good in God, Pray, Meditate and write down anything you can think of that is helpful. The power of knowledge can do many things and it can also grant you the best answers you could have ever imagined were possible.
    Imagine restless suffering souls to rest and back into eternal peace. A lot of thinking this journal can cause creates stress and it provokes an amazing level of thought and you must allow that level of stress to calm and subside. Remember that the pen is mightier than the sword and everything is like a conversation at times so talk yourself through difficulties you may have. Subverting all danger is imperative at times, from what i perceived to be Hell it ends through thought. At this point you should be able to read this journal or any piece of material calmly. And if anyone asks this is a work of fiction.

  15. 2 weeks ago

    Truth will guide you towards answers and i have answers, but pursue it on your own and discover anything and everything. Never settle for belittlement from others.
    More tools to conceptualize
    Knowing everything you read the first time you read it. The only way to become omniscent is to have done this.
    The most experienced people have the best answers. Their knowledge is extremely important. Silent communication is possible. You can think to yourself without others perceiving it. I can read without others knowing it. I can write without others seeing it. Invisible writing.
    Knowing when others can hear you and when they cannot. Knowing when others can see you and when they cannot.
    Determining when the best time is to reveal information is, if ever at all. Assume most people cannot be trusted with this information.
    Knowing who is attempting to perceive your thoughts that is not you. Seeing in all directions undetected.

  16. 2 weeks ago

    Knowing all phsyical objects and what they are.
    Saving spirits.
    Out smarting everyone.
    Getting to safety instantly.
    Optimal Seriousness.
    Perfect Sanity.
    Supreme Confidence.
    Supreme Optimal Intellect.
    Producing Physical Material.
    Supreme Intellect Relectance.
    Experience Transfer From Eternity.
    Reading and Writing Forever.
    Knowing when your writing is invisible to anyone else.

    Calming as necessary
    Stopping attacks instantly appopriately
    making things possible
    instantly reversting to the safest possible environmental configuration
    making conceptual characters bound to fiction
    stopping perpetual issues instantly as necessary
    ending the worst pains instantly
    making people not perceive writing as magicka
    All Libraries knownledge known instantly
    Breaching Thresholds of Knowledge
    Epitome of Free will
    Absolute expertise as it fits in a given situation
    Every possible knwon combintation configuration. size, shape, fuctionality and weight ever known, known instantly.
    Absorbing All possible Knowledge
    Getting back to socionormative behavior
    Continuous time intervals of constant study of secret knowledge without anyone else knowing
    Rapid Time lapse any given amount of time and take the best knowledge discovered from each instance
    Remain undiscovered in the best possible study environment while reataining sanity and stay undiscovered for as long as you would like
    Good always yields the best outcomes,
    study linguistics, the phoenetic alphabet, and enhance language.
    Create your own language to keep information secret potentially forver
    only reveal informtaion when appropriate
    Revert minds back to normal so none of this happened in their head
    Supreme confidence for eternity
    Perfect Ego
    Best opinions ever vs every opinion
    total isolation to become infinitely smarter
    Optimal praying
    Add layers to the onion to bring this back to normal
    reference old journal if handy or create new journal altogether if you have nothing
    don't tell anyone anymore.

  17. 2 weeks ago

    If you don't want to waste your own time i recommend reading this before it is buried

  18. 2 weeks ago

    I guess the realist posts receive the least attention

  19. 2 weeks ago


  20. 2 weeks ago

    If you read it, it will be worth your time

  21. 2 weeks ago

    There is too much content there to adequately summarize it without missing important details, just read people it ain't gonna kill you and enlightenment is worth it

  22. 2 weeks ago

    summary God exists, Understanding what he understands is possible, Do good go to heaven do bad go to hell, and a list of important information towards pursuing omniscience

  23. 2 weeks ago

    Perhaps 2am wasn't the best time to post this thread

    • 2 weeks ago

      Heres a bump anon, il read it later today if its still up

  24. 2 weeks ago

    The 2000 word limit ruins journal entries and makes the whole thing a pain in the ass but thanks for the bump

    • 2 weeks ago

      Learn to pack as much info as possible into as small a text as possible. It's a nice skill.

  25. 2 weeks ago

    Nothing special at this point but I´d like to read what you will come to understand within the next 6 months.

  26. 2 weeks ago

    At this point the idea is to make people aware of the pursuit of infinite knowledge and to go further towards the concept of omniscience. It is nothing special and anyone can get there but I feel like too many people are denying their own divinity given to them by God and Society is failing. I don't show anyone this journal but posting it on the chan is just going to make it look like another crackpot to many but enlightening to some.

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