Please help me

>be me
>have sleep paralysis every now and then, pretty rare
>wakeup, can't move, paralyzed below neck
>scared for some reason
>see some black, humanoid shape silhouette in room corner
>nothing outstandingly bad, but don't want to deal with it anymore
>start jerking off aggressively every time before bed, staring into that corner to assert dominance and show that I don't fear
>one night wake up
>can't move, heart racing
>skinless woman looking thing with dozens of eyes on her face sitting on me, straddling. Has hands with claws like Freddy Kruger knife fingers but on both hands
>nearly shit myself
>it whispers
>"sleep naked you coward, I'll frick you so hard you'll never be able to get off to any other human again"
>"I'll be waiting, worm"
>shut my eyes, praying to Lord to deliver me from this evil
>surrounded by bed with salt the next day, no longer try to assert any sort of dominance
>get sleep paralysis way more often now, same shit with silhouette in dark room corner
>week ago silhouette moved to foot of the bed, looks like it stands behind salt line but I'm still getting nervous
how fricked am I?
it's all in my head, just my fricked up imagination, right?
Would going to a psychiatrist help?

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  1. 2 weeks ago


    anyway if you're experiencing sleep paralysis praying this to Yahshua as your Lord might help you

    • 2 weeks ago

      This. Demons need permission to do anything. It's not a glamorous existence. Any schmuck can bind them to do stupid shit all the time. It's very funny.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    I've gotten sleep paralysis for a decade since middle school, after a few years I trained myself to remain calm and none of the demons appeared, I kept on repeating "in the name of Jesus" in my head until I regained control. After a while I didn't even have to do that anymore and it just became an annoyance trying to wake up my hands. They feed off of fear and frick off if you don't give it to them.

  3. 2 weeks ago

    >Would going to a psychiatrist help?
    Absolutely no, even if its in your head.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    This her, anon?

    • 2 weeks ago

      Damn how can I get this baddie to visit me in my sleep paralysis episodes?

  5. 2 weeks ago

    don't let scary looking things get the best of you bro
    it's looking scary for that reason
    but scariness is subjective
    someone else would be turned on by her appearance
    smile at her and don't be afraid and know that she can't harm you
    tell her about love
    tell her she does know nothing about love and offer pity
    the worst it can do is drive you insane if you're giving in to fear
    don't be weak, be loving and forgiving, offer the other cheek
    stop the aggressive jerking and wasting of your seed it has a negative effect on your subconscious

  6. 2 weeks ago

    or just ignore it
    imagine buddha sitting and smiling and a demon trying to gain his attention but failing miserably no matter what it does

  7. 2 weeks ago

    It might help you to know that in sleep paralysis you aren't fully awake, so hallucinations are common. They usually serve to explain the sensations experienced by the parts of you that are awake. For instance, the fear/panic is explained by your body releasing neurotransmitters to help you wake up. The paralysis is REM atonia, and prevents dreams from acting on the body.

    I had SP 2+ times a day for years, and it took a while for me to put aside the physiological response and the hallucinations and just relax. Not long after I did, and I was hoping to lucid dream, it stopped happening.

  8. 2 weeks ago

    >tries to scare demon by jacking off
    >actually seduces it
    kek you brought this onto yourself coomer

  9. 2 weeks ago

    What happens in these dreams is that your entire terror center lights up so hard that you start to wake up, which is why you start to feel the paralysis. You are always paralyzed during sleep unless something goes wrong (sleep walking) so you don't fall out of bed, but in the dream state you don't feel that.

  10. 2 weeks ago

    I wouldn't think too hard about it. The evil ones are manipulating your dreams. (They declared war on God.)

    They are also homosexual terrorists. I've been scizo 5 years and let me tell you nothing they say is profound or anything. You probably discovered white genocide. Just relax, they're going after civvies cus they can't win the war.

    It's a bit scary but just wait for justice. Remember Jesus wins as he declared victory over hell.

    • 2 weeks ago

      You're a fricking gay dude
      >I've been le schizo for 5 months
      Try being a prophet and having to play it off as schizophrenia just so you can blend into this superficial world.

      None of you people are honest so frick I'm now non-binary bisexual LatinX

      I identify as a prophet and you have to accept me as one. No one can question the validity of my visions and experiences. You have to take it 100% as fact even though I myself understand because I had to see it to believe it.

      Yessssss an inter-dimensional snake exists.
      Yes there's an antichrist, the incarnation of a fallen angel. His voice came out of my mouth
      There was like a tornado in my room. He's the prince of air just like the Bible says. His voice was high pitched, child like screech, with razor sharp teeth and it sounded retro like it was part computer.

      My first vision at 17 when I saw those people behind church benches with no eyes and blood was dripping out of the sockets
      The voice said
      >And their brains will be fed by my stones
      Now look at the first temptation of Christ, turning stones to bread.

      You guys need to STFU and listen to me. America has an evil spirit in the capital and even Trump said so when he was sitting president. There's something evil in Washington DC and I tried to tell you.
      I'm off the hook with God.

      I'm mortal just like everyone else, a bullet will do the same to me what it does to you. Keep your relationship with God between you and God because buttholes will get jealous. I've dealt with a lot of buttholes especially other Christians

      Yes yes it's so funny to put words in a prophets mouth oo look at these word bubbles. Do you really want to worry about being a false prophet and burning in the hell you know is real?

      It sucks man, you do not want this life.

  11. 2 weeks ago

    I have had some experiences with an entity that I can only describe as a ant-spider hybrid the size of a cat, I have seen it multiple times in and outside sleep paralysis but it has never comunicared with me it just either watches me or walks around, also for some reason its has way more legs than its body should allow

  12. 2 weeks ago

    >has sleep paralysis because of poor behavior
    >Cant cure it by just living right

  13. 2 weeks ago

    I had sleep paralysis for about one second once. I got pissed and yelled out Jesus with a lot of anger. Rage even. Like how dare a puny demon disturb a son of God. It was gone and never happened again.

  14. 2 weeks ago

    If you have sex with it, you will see that darkness is a matter of perspective and that you couldn't really see it very well.
    Not that I fully recommend such a course of action, but if you see this entity in other places than your own house you might consider such a relationship.

  15. 2 weeks ago

    Was the sex good at least?

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