How about a classic nope thread?

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  1. 3 weeks ago

    >"shower curtain is back shower curtain rod"
    uhh what?

    • 3 weeks ago

      frick... newbies so new they literally cannot comprehend 2013 shitposting. this is now a feels thread.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    >more like nope
    >ain't gonna read all that shit

  3. 3 weeks ago

    This is something that happened to someone else. It is both nope and hilarious:
    Teenage A had a cat at his parents' house. The cat always hangs out with him and his sister who mostly stay at home outside of class.
    One day their female neighbour comes to visit and the cat suddenly jumps up and starts to hiss loudly at the woman, refusing to back off until the woman left.
    That night A remembers clearly the cat sleeping next to them but when morning came she completely disappeared.
    That same morning a huge fight erupts in their neighbour's house. Apparently the woman who visited did some black magic/voodoo shit on her husband which he discovered.
    The husband pack his things in his truck and is ready to leave the very same night.
    A's father comes up to the neighbor and asks him why he is suddenly moving away, the man goes "i found sorcery objects hidden by my wife and i must thank you and your cat"
    A's dad goes "what about my cat?"
    The neighbour goes "it climbed in my truck at night and told me about my wife's deed"
    A's dad is like "don't be silly man"
    The neighbour goes "i'm serious, anyways i will be leaving promptly" after bidding goodbye he drove away
    A's father came home a bit shocked and told his children what happened and said "poor guy, must have gone crazy"
    Form that day the two children would joke around about the cat and glance its way suspiciously.
    One day the cat was calmly sitting on the sofa when A looked at it and went "you think she can really talk" "no way"
    And the cat raised its head looked them dead in the eye and spit like a human lmao
    They were so scared they ran outside, and refused to go back in. When their father came back. He calmly went inside and gently spoke to the cat "Please child, can you leave this house, the children are very scared around you. Please"
    The cat got up, walked out and never came back.

    • 3 weeks ago

      mexican story

  4. 3 weeks ago

    I'll bring it up here since this thread is a vestige of the old /x/: what can we do as an alternative to what this board has become? It's been completely taken over by larpers and morons at this point and that's what the jannies want.

    • 3 weeks ago

      OP here (homosexual). I don't visit /x/ regularly, only when I want to feel sp00ked. I'm surprised to find zero NOPE/innawoods threads on the catalog. Just a bunch of crystalfricking new age hippie larper threads on the catalog? When did this start happening?

      • 3 weeks ago

        It's been getting worse over the last few years, you'd think the jannies had abandoned the place but I've actually been banned before for calling out the people posting that shit.

      • 3 weeks ago

        >when people wanted hope more than fear
        >world's a scary place anon
        >i cleaned maggots off a disembodied torso the other day as they were crawling into open gashes
        >same thing in a bucket of blood
        >and that's all in a legal place of business
        >imagine what criminals do
        >local funeral home was just piling bodies in an unrefridgerated warehouse
        >over 100 corpses rotting in the sun

        • 3 weeks ago

          >189 bodies
          >The total number could rise as the identification process continues, the coroner said.
          Jesus christ how horrifying. Imagine turning up to work on Monday to see that you've got to work on over 200 corpses. Christ.

          • 3 weeks ago

            >lol kinda sad i didn't get to see it
            >glad i didn't have to smell
            >i worked for the cremation company they stopped paying at the time

          • 3 weeks ago

            Especially when you are a teacher in America

      • 3 weeks ago

        there was a cool thread sometime a year or two ago about karelian shaman stories and similar that was cool. you might be able to check it on the archives.
        can't remember anything remarkable since, this board is shit and nowadays i just skim through stuff or stop reading a post once i think it's a shill or a bot. if i made filters i'm sure i would have 60% of threads hidden.

  5. 3 weeks ago

    >Be me
    >Around a year and a half ago
    >2 AM
    >playing vidya, stoned off of 25-50mg edibles
    >no amount of THC has ever made me hallucinate
    >Go to kitchen for snacks
    >Step onto threshold between hallway and kitchen
    >Light above sink is on like usual
    >See shadow of what I think is one of my brothers or dad
    >I can only see the shadow's legs around the center table
    >Bunch of shit piled on top at the time, can't see other side of kitchen around it
    >Shadow legs visibly walking towards sink
    >Can hear and feel the pace of its steps speed up, as if trying to hide from sight
    >Think bros or dad trying to frick with me since they know I'm high
    >Walk around other side of table within a couple seconds, expecting one of them to be crouched behind the table and about to jumpscare me
    >Look in living room where older bro sleeps
    >Knocked out
    >Look in parent's bedroom
    >Also knocked out
    >Check on little bro
    >Just fricking guess
    >Next morning, I tell my parents what happened.
    >Brothers and dad laugh it off. Mom tells me she heard something move in the kitchen last night which woke her, but thought it was me, and that she fell back asleep soon after.

    What did I see, /x/?

    • 3 weeks ago

      check sammy
      >Pic related

  6. 3 weeks ago


    I remember laughing so damn hard the first time i heard this story
    Funniest shit ever. The famalam found it scary though
    Picrel is what i imagined the cat would be like

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