My girlfriends stepmom keeps smoking tobacco like a DUMBASS even though she had heart problems, the doctor TOLD HER to stop smoking, and she's overweight at 60 something

Is she demon possessed?
Is she a fricking npc?

She not only smokes in front of her asthmatic daughter and my girlfriend, but she wfeb smoked right in front of another family friends TODDLER

I'm only posting because she's a fricking hypocrites, she b***hes about her health yet doesn't fricking change ot and drags others health woth her

How do I kill the addiction demoknaffecting her?

I keep visualizing myself brutally killing this demon

Death to Newport and every employee of that company

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  1. 3 weeks ago

    Addictions are good, they mean you have spirit.
    A life without addiction is pure boredom.
    Even animals have addiction.
    Demons are good for your health, they are forces of good and frees you from suffocating social constraints. Deny Christ and the cross, come to the side of Lucifer. You will become rich from financial speculation and no need to work as a slave anymore.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    parasites and the only way to get rid of them is achieving joy in life which is not easy but simple. light exercise that you enjoy such as walking in nature or stretching and eating fresh and in moderation leads to overall happiness, this raises vibrations and the parasites can't approach due to body naturally operating a stronger aura or biomagnetism. another valuable of high importance is upkeeping a circadian rhythm due to our body mundane and subtle wanting daily habit in order to function smoothly. those are the most important but breathing techniques can be explored as well.

  3. 3 weeks ago

    Two ways. Starve them out, or feed them till they burst.

  4. 3 weeks ago

    There is also a third way, of pretending there is no problem. It is another level of aloofness. The equivalent of cold water running over you and you simply not caring, but it is usually temporary, unless you are monstrously over powering.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Discussed that with gf

      She'll have to learn the hard way.
      When she keels over and dies slowly from cancer (she literally had a cyst on her ass) she can't say she wasn't warned

      Some people really are fricking dumb, tge npc mene is real

  5. 3 weeks ago

    Stop acting like a whining Beta. Either tell her to stop smoking near you and the kid, or just don't hang around her. Not that hard.

    If you told me that btw, I would just punch you.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Do you box?
      Important question.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    Have you ever been addicted to anything?

  7. 3 weeks ago

    Should've thought about this before telling you GF all about your epic demon hunting capabilities.

  8. 3 weeks ago

    >My girlfriends stepmom keeps smoking tobacco like a DUMBASS even though she had heart problems
    So you recognize a contradiction between 2 things. What someone is attracted to within themself, and what the world tells them the "consequences" will be.
    When 2 things are in contradiction there are 2 possibilities.
    And you choose to side with the world? Or have you fallen for the trick of the Matrix and simply taken the "rules of the world" for granted? Have you forgotten to question the rules themselves?

    She's not attracted to "tobacco" she's attracted to an experience. What's wrong with an attraction to an experience?
    The world wants to teach us that we're "bad" for being attracted to experiences we enjoy.

    I'll bet the world has also taught you OP that you're "bad" for being attracted to some other experience you previously enjoyed in your own life.
    Have you chosen to believe the world, and ignore what comes from within you?
    Have you made yourself a slave to the world? And now you're asking for help on how to enslave another to the rules of the world?

  9. 3 weeks ago

    Go get a real one you fricking baby.

  10. 3 weeks ago

    Literally like this


    • 3 weeks ago

      >movie in a movie
      Is tropic thunder hermetic ?

  11. 3 weeks ago

    Allen Carr's stuff got me to kick drinking, but was originally designed for smokers.

  12. 3 weeks ago

    Stop spending time around her. Problem solved. Live and let live OP, they’re just cigarettes.

  13. 3 weeks ago

    Yeah you guys proced to me she's a fuvking npc who probably deserves her fate at this point

    I wish she'd stop b***hing about her health if she has a tube in her heart FROM SMOKING AND EATING LIKE SHIT

    I bet you pro smoking morons will probably clap for her death if I told you she's black

  14. 3 weeks ago

    How old are you? You sound like a teenager

    • 3 weeks ago


      The pro smoking gays sound pretty rewnish to me.

      Even if I were a teenager my point still stands since teens absolutely should not be smoking, and any parent that allows or smokes in front of their kid is a shit parent hands down, nothing they do can about it

      Honestly for a 60 something year old fat lady in the projects, she's number than I thought if she's b***hing about her health yet inhaling a pack a day

      Her own daughter is stressed about it, she ain't trying to lose her mother

      Nothing you gays say, none of your insults, none of the gaslighting can help you change my stance on this, my stance is firm.

      Smoking is fricking gay, defending it is gay, demons promote it on both a corporate and social level, and all of you are gays for obsessing over sucking on a stick (that doesn't even get you high)

      Im hearinb her wheezing like a moron as I type lol

  15. 3 weeks ago

    When I was using opiates I would have demonic fear wash over me, when I nodded out once iI woke up to 666 typed I into my calculator with no recollection of doing it. I’d see 666 on the markings of my pills themselves,, shit was scary I’d get sleep paralysis and have intense fear wash over me until I prayed to Christ

    • 3 weeks ago

      I think I inherited the demons of my father who died of addiction

    • 3 weeks ago

      How'd you get off opiates?
      Sorry for your dad anon

      • 3 weeks ago

        100 days in rehab working on trauma and negative self beliefs. Working through them and understanding them has helped. I still have a long way to go

  16. 3 weeks ago

    Calm the frick down.

    All addiction is rooted in trauma, so you need to understand that to have any hope of treating it. Many such spirits or "parasitic" beings who latch on and perpetuate addition are latching onto this pain specifically, feeding into it I'm in an endless loop.

    Now as for how you treat that on OTHERS, I don't know yet because that would involve making them understand 1) they have a problem, and 2) their problem comes from unresolved pain. Then they would have to actually begin the process of uncovering and reintegrating that pain into their self so they can release it. I'm not sure that that's something you can just easily do.

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