If all sin comes from the flesh how could lucifer launch his blasphemous rebellion?

If all sin comes from the flesh how could lucifer launch his blasphemous rebellion?

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  1. 3 weeks ago
    • 3 weeks ago

      Adaminin no virgin goy he be slapping dick on daughters wincest left and right breeh

    • 3 weeks ago

      tbf he never said how long it would take

      • 3 weeks ago

        Holy cope


        • 3 weeks ago

          Right back at ya.

          • 3 weeks ago

            There's about as much competition as there is between a farmer and his crop mate

          • 3 weeks ago

            K and?

  2. 3 weeks ago

    Bbc too tasteful for lilieva

  3. 3 weeks ago

    ask enlil
    he did it.
    i was in the cage so i could not see out of his head. he likes putting me in it when we did naughty things.

    he only lets me out when she is out.
    other wise its in the cage
    but i hear things.

    bad things.
    we killed nimrod we stabed him in the heart he as the the avater of yahweh or saturn the one who is 666.

    he rebaled with that tower the one called babel he made a portal killed all the angels in heaven
    then made off with the loot

    i was waiting for him but given all the priest and the crowd who loved him i had to wait
    i waited untill the esilpse to kill him

    then i did.
    but uriel saw me. later he had me killed.
    such a shame almost got away with it.

    but that was 150,000 years ago.
    i doubt anyone remembers anything.
    not even him.

    but no its not possiable to kill god
    he just came to heaven and got his revenage using my son jesus he killed him.

    wanted to get back at me.
    and he did.
    broke my soul on that day i was defeated.
    man that still hurts then he had me poisoned to death.

    my sons germania and pointus where killed
    and that was just 2000 years ago
    no when god gets you he wait untill you forget them he gets you back.

    but that was a long time ago.
    so... it doesn't matter.
    but he started it by fricking with my wife
    not really a good thing to do to a town mage

    pre adamites
    so lets say i wanted to destroy this creations dad made.
    and make my own....

  4. 3 weeks ago

    and i hated the pre adamites what else is there to say they did evil all the time and they ate all my lab ra- i mean assistants

    well i got fed up and made my own adam and own eve as you call them homosexual saipens the fors 7 batches where a failure
    but the 8th was perfect.
    the first one the adam was born from a grey mother
    using her dna, my dna and some rhea monkey
    i wanted its red hair so i had to hunt around
    and the white skin of an abaino rat
    then the hairlessness of the pig
    then the dna of a cat for the teeth
    then muscles of a frog

    and keeping only a tiny ammount of preadmite dan for the brain and gut system
    then i jabed a needle into a human looking gaint
    it was the first of its kind
    so i gave it the name gab.

    it was a suriving reject but still lived.
    that was how i got past the 2 foot height barrier limit for human beings.

    then i worked out how to get it working.
    the 8 batches came from 188 batches of failed test subjects.
    but some of them showed signs of getting smarter.
    so i stole those genes and make new batches from them

    I had alien help and back then the earth was round not the flat earth it is now.
    long story lets say you live in a dome becuase of some accident.

    look i'm not going to go on and on about how it worked,
    but well the experient was interupted by one of the females
    she saw adam she was a from the bad batch
    and some how got into the habbait
    tough a vent.
    she had the most beauiful eyes

    but there was one problem
    she was half daemon.
    and when she saw him she wanted him

    she kept breaking containment.
    hard to stop something with super human strenght
    she killed my guards
    i moved her to pragia
    a forest moon
    to study her, thought we could tame her
    we wiped her mind after but i think she might get it back.
    i funded it using illegal weapons trade.
    my species was at war with the nephillium so
    ....who cares if some weapons go missing
    and maybe the coin ends up in my pocket and i pay for things using shady third party con companies.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Good bye. I hope i get boostered in to oblivion

  5. 3 weeks ago

    bye please take care.
    one day i will fix you.

    but for now. well its just another day in clown world
    do i regret.
    no, was it good? no
    what i did was wrong but it was the only way to move forward the pre admites where too primative

    if i could say sorry to dad i would of but only to his feeling and those who where killed.
    if that had been another way. i would of found it.

    i feel sorry for enlil and dad. don't ask me why.
    and that woman lilly i'll love her untill i'm dead.
    she was the monster.
    but she's still a babe. failed subject or not.
    i loved alll my creations they just didn't do what they where suppose to do.
    so yeah maybe i am a monster.

    don't ever feel sorry for me.
    even though that karma was paied the scars of sin never go away.
    this is why i tell my children do not keep sining
    or you will be a wreak like me forever ruined.

    i can't undo the past.
    and i wouldn't want to.
    i don't know what the future is too many possiable out comes.

    but don't you ever make me feel sorry for making the pleadian and homosaipain i almost went broke trying to make them.
    i will never regret.

    i don't regrat you people eather even if you manage to wipe your selves out.
    the lizard where a failure becuase they are too malevolent. they killed all my test subject ruined this world as well
    but she was perfect the only good one
    so yeah i'm mad about dad.

    he fricked my wife and made the evil ones
    once that happens i couldn't go back.
    >i forgive him now.
    but it takes guts. as for where he is going there isn't anything i can do.
    the council has already signed off on his sentence and theirs.

    no children. you will never understand
    no now not later not ever.
    too many. but progress at any cost even if you lose is worth anything.

    bevolence took many batches and many lives
    just to get them to stop fighting that how hard it is to domanate nature. that is why you should respect it and honor it.
    she is hard woman.

  6. 3 weeks ago

    forced meme, Lucifer is an extremely minor Roman god. Gnostics don't believe in Lucifer and you got a Gnostic picrel so why posting this mainstream Christian/Satanist crap?

  7. 3 weeks ago

    god made him as a serpent. seraphim means serpent. All seraphim have flesh and are capable of sin.

  8. 3 weeks ago

    What if this is all a made up fairy tale and we’re just stuck in a broken reincarnation cycle, ergo let’s become buddhas and gtfo.

    • 3 weeks ago

      You onions kuck

  9. 3 weeks ago

    "Lucife" is a name"borrowed" from a minor Roman deity who the KJV Committee created out of whole cloth as another major Deb'bil. Ha Satan didn't rebel, he was found wanting by YHWH and cast out of a heaven, as he had become imperfect.

    • 3 weeks ago

      >"I will ascend above the heights of the clouds; I will be like the most High."
      >he dindu nuffin!!1! he didn't rebel!!1!

      • 3 weeks ago

        The interpretation of Isaiah's passage has been speculated (guessed) as referring to more than just the earthly king it described. It's just speculation and hyperbole, but if you want to believe it then do so. As I wrote, "Lucifer" is the creation of the KJV Committee.

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