How to tell if you are an NPC

Here is an extensive list of npc traits that you can use to determine whether or not you’re actually the player or just in the background. If any of these seem familiar to you, then you may be an NPC.
>You cannot mentally visualize 3D images
>You find yourself doing the same thing every day
>You do not truly understand the motives behind your own actions
>You do not initiate conversations
>You are incapable of improving or acquiring new skills
>You expect others to solve problems for you
>You do not collect items during exploration
>You become over-encumbered and cannot run despite carrying less than 60 kg
>Other people do not randomly comment on world events when they pass by you
>The background music doesn’t change during combat
>You cannot immediately regen health from consuming food
>You still have 0 kills
>You cannot view the compass or map
>You are unable to pause
>You are unable to quicksave

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  1. 4 weeks ago

    based thread

    also, I learned the other day some people apparently think, but don't have like a voice... talking in their head? I thought we all had a voice in our head and those were our thoughts.

    How does one even think without the voice in their head??? Not having one is actual NPC shit

    • 4 weeks ago

      Anime must be very confusing for them

      • 4 weeks ago

        Tis! “Too much entrainment and conflicting entrainment at that causes very bad cognitive dissonance which is the minds way of protecting the basic operating system which is the end goal of the entrainment, to limit humans to only a basic operating system. Asking question of your fiction banking usury masters is no es bueno.”

        • 4 weeks ago

          If I ever commit a crime I hope a news outlet rips this image from my device.

    • 4 weeks ago

      I don't think that revelation is earth-shattering. People process things differently, so some people will/won't have inner speech, or vision, or feeling, whatever. I'm not sure that is what defines and NPC as much as the apparent willful choice not to think.

  2. 4 weeks ago

    >you cannont mentally visualize 3D images
    >you find yourself doing the same thing every day
    I'm assuming you mean working, but I don't work so this doesn't apply to me, but yea I do wake up, play video games, eat my meals and then go to sleep.
    >you do not trully understand the motives behind your own actions
    I do actually I have mental and physical shit blocking me from participating in life
    >you do not initate conversations
    I do all the time, people just ignore me half the time
    >you are incapable of improving or acquiring new skills
    True but thats because of my mental and physical health preventing it
    >You expect others to solve your problems
    Only if its something I know I can't do, like yesterday I created my own WoW server after struggling for 3 days, but I finally did it after 3 days of frick ups
    >You do not collect items during exploration
    Do you mean shopping? I don't get this one.
    >You become over-encumbered and cannot run despite carring less then 60 kg
    Well yea i'm fat and don't train.
    >Other people do not randomly comment on world events when they pass by you
    How could they? I don't leave my house lmfao
    >The background music doesn't change during combat
    I don't fight people so idk wtf this is
    >you still have 0 kills
    I kill bugs and kill things in video games, i'm pretty sure that counts
    >you cannot view the compass or map
    uhhh if I go to google right now I can view both lol
    >you are unable to pause
    neither can you bud
    >you are unable to quicksave
    again neither can you.

    • 4 weeks ago

      Op doesn't understand that the npc theory was created as a way to lure the real npcs out. The fact that it became a popular idea and a npc trend proves that the real npcs are the ones who need to prove it. And of course they all try and prove it like good npcs

      • 4 weeks ago

        its honestly just a way for people to act "quirky" and people think of it as "cute" its sickening.

        • 4 weeks ago

          Exactly, but it's also a way to blur the lines and push the pharmaceutical industries agenda to push pills and Vax's On the masses. Also for disinformation by bunching a bunch of morons with people who speak out

  3. 4 weeks ago

    >you watch mainstream television and/or news
    >you visit Reddit regularly
    >you were born within the last 19 years

    • 4 weeks ago

      this is simply not true either because my mom was born in 64 and she does the first one and if reddit was as popular as facebook to her generation she'd probably use that just as much as facebook.

  4. 4 weeks ago

    C R I N G E

  5. 4 weeks ago

    I know (unlike most people here) that this is a joke thread about video games.

    But I started working on this. Any suggestions?

    • 4 weeks ago

      Basically imagine the "you behind you", look into your mind as though it was a box you hold in your hands. What is holding the box, what is looking in? Further, realize that people are places, an individual is made of many people yet they are one. Likewise a group of people came together to become a complete being, they are individuals and yet you could mash them all together into one person. Therefore the world is a fractal decomposition. If a person is made of many people, and groups behave like individuals, and logic is the same at all levels of organization, when you look down upon it all from far above, what are you?

      It's all leading up to the same question every time.
      "WHAT are you?"
      It's a different thing to accept. The other mode of bringing this in is and getting people to see the script is the theater analogy. You're in the audience watching your body perform its role on stage, look around and see the others in the audience. Some people will see that everyone else is asleep, some people will see an empty theater. For me it's usually sparse and sometimes empty.

    • 4 weeks ago

      It’s the start legit then decay into shitpost formula. But seriously I do think there are rules people can follow to sort of break out of the collective consciousness and live on a more fulfilling life on a higher level. Obviously understanding and taking charge of your own motivations and values and acting in accordance with your own goals rather than just doing what other people say and expect of you is a big one. It’s kind of weird how so many people can do this in games but somehow fail at it in real life. I also think other concepts are applicable, like grinding to improve your skills (for example: do thing 100 or so times with absolute confidence that you’ll improve at the end of it), viewing food and sleep as a means to directly improve your health, relying on yourself and improving to the point where others can rely on you, really taking note of the things you have, the places, opportunities, and people around you, and probably most importantly seeking out the truth for yourself by trying out and experiencing everything you can rather than trusting the words of others, especially strangers on the internet like me.

  6. 4 weeks ago

    How to tell if you're a NPC:
    >You disagree with me.

  7. 4 weeks ago

    >>You cannot view the compass or map
    Man this is the super power that I need. Always have God telling me where to go next and a little list of active quests I've got to complete at some point next.

  8. 4 weeks ago

    >>You do not collect items during exploration
    I know this is a joke about vibeo gayms but I do collect random garbage when I go out on walks

  9. 4 weeks ago

    You become over-encumbered and cannot run despite carrying less than 60 kg
    RIP your knees

  10. 4 weeks ago
    OP is a faggot bot

    >you post NPC threads

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