How to bend reality? Should it be done?

I have found phenomena like getting weird stares or expressions from people, flashing lights, phantom sounds, etc to all come from a single "source", or rather, a particular "plane", call it the astral plane or whatever. It's the realm of the unfiltered thoughts of the mind, before they "take shape" in the physical world.

These phenomena, in my experience, are ultimately subjective and meaningless. When I tell people what I've experienced or done, they just say it's not actually magick but "something else", even if it is "paranormal". And I've never gotten anything useful from any of these phenomena.

I want to do something that actually bends reality to significant extent, enough to be acknowledged as "real" magic by anyone observing it. Not psi phenomena like telepathy or precognition or whatever, I don't want phenomena like the ones mentioned above, I'm tired of them. I want real "live" magic. Think of shooting fireballs from one's hands. I just want to show a single magical act to the world. Obviously, the potential for material gain is tempting, but I think it's best to avoid that mindset. Or is it? Idk.
Should I do this? Maybe magic doesn't happen for a good reason?

I want to hear your thoughts and get some advice. I feel like I'm going towards something extreme here.
Maybe if I'm really commited towards this I should work hard towards something for an extended eriod of time, to prove myself (or get "filtered" otherwise as another fantasizer).

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  1. 1 month ago

    Id ask you to do it and post results, Ive been an occult noob for years now, just theory no practice, and Im fed up with the (intentional) ambiguity with what the actual capability of magic is, it all seems to imply that magic only afects the mind, granting knowledge or transcendance or some bullshit, when I specifically started this endeavor to try and experience, or cause, something physically supernatural.

    But at the same time id warn against it, pardon my healthy skepticism but if "physical magic" can actually be achieved then it must be so unknown for a reason, and im not just talking about some bullshit extradimensional "The devil will rape you in hell for eternity" threat but a very real one in the form of man, if such power could be achieved such knowledge would most certainly be supressed by those who have them.

    Tldr: youll get disappeared by the shadow government but fricking do it you coward... and please post resukts/method

    • 1 month ago

      I don't care about any government, I'd be doing this for the betterment of humanity and some associated material gain (hell, I could even forego that). Methods are what I need, I have mostly theory. Some things I do know are:

      - A close interaction with the physical plane (or some other plane denser than the etheric) will be required in order to manifest something physical. You will have to move yourself.
      This doesn't mean etheric techniques aren't required, like altering your emotions and beliefs at will or changing your physiology. My point is that the etheric plane alone is too weak to rely on to produce the effects we want. It can theoretically be done but you'd have to go to some real extremes, which is undesirable for many reasons.

      - Some factors to watch out for:
      Timing of your magic. Whether you are trying to subtly influence something psychically in real time, or carrying out a longer ritual, timing matters. There's so many invisible parameters at play when trying to produce a result, time can affect some of them.

      Your emotions. Your emotional state is another parameter that goes into the chances of the success of your ritual. Emotions are slippery, short lived, closely associated with music and symbols and language, and are important for making a lot of "subtle magic" happen.

      Your own body and its physiological state, and your mental health. How do you go about achieving material things normally in your life? What kind of limiting beliefs do you think you have?

      - Technique of being verbose: you can try saying out loud all sorts of things that will get you emotionally charged, using complicated language and being very dramatic about it. More of a "manifestation"/LoA magic technique, but it may have some use in our "physical magic" as well. See: the conjurations of Crowley for summoning demons, filled with all sorts of dramatic language and mysterious magic words.

      • 1 month ago

        - Meditation:
        I'm not sure what the role of meditation would be in actively producing "real physical magic". I do not know for sure whether a ritual for producing a physical effect (that doesn't originate from something extreme happening in the etheric plane) would require a lot of meditation or not.
        It's good for your health though, especially your mental health, and in my personal experience meditation with a certain intent will tend to manifest results according to that intent. Perhaps that might apply to "physical magic" as well? But then the problem arises again, that trying to do magic from thin air tends to produce effects related to the etheric plane i.e. weak results, like psi phenomena.

    • 1 month ago

      Magic is mostly people mind fricking themselves and each other. That's mostly it. There are other planes of existence - our plane, the ethereal plane, the astral plane. That's cool, but it isn't magical. Find another cope.

      • 1 month ago

        Unfortunate but very likely to be true, I wont claim to be fully convinced about magic or any supernatural concept for that matter. But I do wonder how/why some people might believe in some supernatural phenomena and not others, surely the existence of other planes would lend more credence to the existence of magic?

  2. 1 month ago

    crowley was a charlattan and u fell for his ruse, "reality" can't be "bent"

    • 1 month ago

      But why not? I am assuming you are a "believer" and acknowledge some type of occult activity like divination or smth, why not "reality bending"?

  3. 1 month ago

    >And I've never gotten anything useful from any of these phenomena.
    cf. this from Jack Parsons, in The Book of Babalon (record of a working in 1946):
    >Jan 10. Invoked twice. I retired about 11 PM, and was awakened at 12 PM by nine strong, rapid knocks. A table lamp at the opposite corner of the room was thrown violently to the floor and broken. There was no window in this corner, and no wind was blowing at the time.
    >(Note. I have had little experience with phenomena of this sort. Magically speaking, it usually represents “breaks” in the operation, indicating imperfect technique. Actually, in any magical operation there should be no phenomena but the willed result.)

  4. 1 month ago

    The origin of your thought is from an untruth. You ask yourself the wrong questions

  5. 1 month ago

    I have experienced such "strong" magic before and even some with other people.

    It takes a whole lot of work though, and it's not easy plus no guarantee of success.

    I got a discord if you want to keep in contact with me, I do wish to aid you and I want to see if you are able to achieve strong results as I had in the past (which are not guaranteed and not common compared to the failures along the way to get there)

    discord gg/NPGBmuNQ

  6. 1 month ago

    its a skill, mental health, suspension of belief and power issue..... its not usually easy to be really good at anything. devote yourself as much as trying to gain a million or mastery of chess at least

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