how does on use their natural psychic ability?

reading minds, Telepathy, sensing presence, seeing the future a few seconds ahead and so on

how do we train this side of us has anyone established this or is it still mainly the government secrets hidden from everyone else?

if I master this then i’ll master out of body experiences and teach my sons to master this early on to be at extreme advantage in life.

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  1. 1 month ago

    its not a secret.
    but it requires olympian athleticism in the spiritual domain, to accomplish it.
    do you have the genetic blessings for it?
    is your spirit ripe for that undertaking?

    you can answer that by looking in your life to see whether desire has dominion over you.
    for example, if you are a coomer, you are cattle, in fact, you are less than cattle, as animals mate and procreate seasonally. i digress.
    to qualify for that great undertaking requires you to be human.

    most people are not human. 95% of humanity is less than animal, excluding children. children turn into animals with puberty.
    are you part of the 5%?

    probably not.
    so the first steps are: celibacy.
    as it is outlined in the 8 limbs of yoga (the url i linked), which has in its first two limbs, the "yamas" and "niyamas" (the do's and don'ts), which include "brahmacharya", which is celibacy.

    start with that.
    also dont eat aphrodisiacs.
    and become skinny. only eat 40-50% to fullness.

    after a year or two you will become aware of your prana or chi. then comes prana-yama, the control and mastery over prana. this energy is like that sensation which precedes and guides goosebumps. when you master it, you can then withdraw it from all senses, including the mind.

    once you withdraw prana from your mind, which is called pratyahara, then the mind stops thinking. this is when you achieve one pointed concentration, also known as dharana dhyana and samadhi. its known as jhana in buddhism or "kingdom of heaven" in the christian framework, which can only be entered by those "pure in heart" (the ancient word "heart" meant mind and purity of mind means non-wavering focus, meaning you have got rid of all your mind viruses, random, unintentional thoughts).

    in samadhi, you pierce back into the Great Mind.
    reality is founded on this Great Mind, ala panpyschism.
    its somewhat like a dream of it, where it has injected itself into the many conscious agents, like you and me.

    • 1 month ago

      I listened to joe mcmoneagle talking about these things. I will study more about it, I’ve been doing the celibacy non coomer stuff and putting my ego away going through all my emotional issues from the past. I’m isolated already too got rid of toxic crowds and areas that fill my head with bullshit. Constant signs from my guides. Thanks for the information it’ll be added to my goals

    • 1 month ago

      This joe guy was talking about remote viewing into an object and seeing it for what it was, this amazing design and the beauty of it and his guide was telling him to come back after doing an exercise and he didn’t want to, he wanted to stay in it or looking at it and feeling good being there. This everyday item or whatever to us.

      On that note I watched this scene from equilibrium and afterwards just felt my feeling of the objects in my room and senses hearing all that and felt this very peaceful amazement feeling just feeling water and hearing it or touching the leather on my chair and the cushion of it and the way a surface felt. The way he described his experience with viewing objects in that remote setting seemed very similar to what I felt atleast, was I tapping into something during that by focusing on my awareness of the world and all the senses and objects around me? or am I just being goofy about that? I didn’t really feel that feeling after that even if I stood outside listened to nature and all that type of stuff.


  2. 1 month ago


    anyway, from this place, i will call it the kingdom of God from now one, using the abrahamic lingo, because thats what you are most likely familar with, you can cause change, simply by willing it.

    in the initial stages though, you will have to do some gymnastics, like focusing the energy at certain parts of your body, to coax your subconscious to interface with the superconscious in a way to cause change in "reality" (its dream).

    but later on, when you become superconscious, you merely will it and it happens.
    the techniques highlighted in the link above in chapter 3, for example verse 38, are such usages of prana.

    so long story short:
    celibacy + prostrations to guide your cristos up the 33 vertebrates of your spine into your golgotha (skull), letting the seed die in your skull so that the tree can be born, known as amrita.
    amrita -> chi control -> intentional withdrawal of chi from mind -> entering heaven -> controling reality from heaven.

    the thing is - once you get that far, you wont be interested with worldly affairs. you will retreat, become a hermit and at a certain stage, will be directly taken up into heaven, just like as it has happened already with some saints.
    you are graduating from this plane by doing that, you fulfill the goal of life..

    so if you want to actually become a magician, do not go all the way. cuck yourself so you dont climax from reality into the heavenly realms. with the newfound powers, dominate the planet. join the masons!

    • 1 month ago

      damn, thats the wrong link, i meant this:

  3. 1 month ago

    Do kasina meditation all day every day until you lose your fricking mind in exchange for psychic abilities.

    • 1 month ago

      you cant meditate without control over your prana.

      "pitti" is a precursor to enterinng jhana in buddhism, which is when meditation starts.
      piti, aka the energetic pulsations throughout your entire body - which is prana.

      you can try to meditate all you want, but unless you master prana, you wont get anywhere.
      you can try to master prana all you want, but unless you are celibate, you wont get anywhere.

      this whole thing starts with celibacy.

      • 1 month ago

        That's complete bullshit, anyone can access first and second jhana with simple shamatha practice, from the get go even. Also kasina meditation is all about growing the nimitta of your kasina, which is simply done by concentrating on its afterimage, it really is that simple and it has nothing to do with cultivating any energetic models.

        Celibacy is also not required even if it helps achieve certain phases quicker. In both TCM and buddhist models some schools allow or even encourage sex as a tool and the practitioners still advance perfectly fine.

        • 1 month ago

          I would also like to point out that "energy control" isn't something you "activate" suddenly by reaching some sort of hallmark. You train it gradually through meditation, attention moves energy and by cultivating your attention and awareness through shamatha and vipassana you gradually grow the skill, shamatha practice makes you able to better direct energy and vipassana makes you able to better feel it.

          Saying that you can't meditate until you "unlock" some sort of control over your energy makes no sense.

  4. 1 month ago

    You're talking of applications, rather than necessity. Faculties open up when there is a necessity. Your brain must be protected from overload and in moments where you have to act it has to withstand the surge in extra impressions.
    Picture and hold some image or energy in your mind in meditation, something that makes your heart beat stronger and that gives you a sense of: if I had to jump down into an abyss to get that shit done, I will get it done. Usually if you achieve that moment you will feel heart palpitations and a sort of hallow change in atmosphere.
    >also dont eat aphrodisiacs.
    >and become skinny. only eat 40-50% to fullness.
    Your physical self doesn't have to change to have spiritual phenomena. You don't need to be ascetic by physical looks, it's a tool.
    Putting your body in calori defecit induces stress and can change your conscious awareness. That might make it more likely for your consciousness to become more lucid or to project yourself into higher spheres.
    Secondly it is about the intent and reasoning behind your behaviour. If you are able to exert mind-of-matter and control your desire for food or things, then that shows you are in charge and not your animal instincts. If you have demonstrated that and being skinny is your new normal, you should be growing yourself to become big, strong and able to win a tournament. Not for glory or image, but to once again exert that will to change and reinvent yourself. Every shape and form you take teaches you something new. All those perspectives is what elevates you further. It's not about being ascetic or big: it's about the reasons why you became these things. Were they driven by base desires or by your spiritual willpower?
    >you will retreat, become a hermit and
    Not necessarily. Plenty of advanced spirits deliberately ignore spiritual phenomena so they can focus on creating change down here. As your awareness up you just double-down your involvement in different rather than one place at a time.

    • 1 month ago

      >Picture and hold some image or energy in your mind in meditation

      this makes as much sens as:
      fricking for virginity
      warring for peace

      contradiction in terms.
      there is no image in you mind while you meditate.

      most of what you wrote is bs as well.
      there are no advanced spirits, only larpers who try to sell you their book or retreat.

      • 1 month ago

        god damn you're fricking stupid leave this plane and stop spreading your "advice"

        • 1 month ago

          i think you should have a nice day, unironically.
          we will be getting rid of all those who spread false information very soon.

      • 1 month ago

        >warring for peace
        hitler lost and we have years of peace
        >there are no advanced spirits, only larpers who try to sell you their book or retreat.
        lol that says more about your first associations or not. People that are advanced spirits dont care about retreats or selling you books. They're out there cleaning the great pacific garbage patch, building businesses or making sour and positive impacts instead of busying themselves with some spiritual mumbo jumbo.

        spiritual paths is about agency and manifesting your authentic self in the world.
        >there is no image in you mind while you meditate.
        for you? How can you claim in ernst to know the minds of other people? You can meditate on emptiness. You can meditate on certain images and practice your mind in different ways.

        i think you should have a nice day, unironically.
        we will be getting rid of all those who spread false information very soon.

        >i think you should have a nice day, unironically.
        because you say so? lmfao get lost kid go lead a real group of people producing some cool shit

  5. 1 month ago

    You need to have an NDE

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