How do you set up the conditions for a better rebirth?

How do you set up the conditions for a better rebirth?

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  1. 1 month ago

    Try to get circumcision banned

  2. 1 month ago

    You choose what baby you'll reincarnate as.
    In fact, you don't fully incarnate until you're 7 years old, and people with multiple personality disorder had many spirits incarnating into the same person at once.

    • 1 month ago

      In the myth of Ur Plato says certain people get to pick first,when it's my turn to pick,what if all the good lives have been taken?

      • 1 month ago

        From where you live and stand right now, the "good lives" are those that have money and abundance and prosperity and all that.
        But, when you're not incarnated, you can already have all that if you wanted, without needing to incarnate, and that has already bored you.
        No, you want to earn it, you want to fight for it, you don't want the things, you want the feeling of achievement that you get when you have success.
        I always bring chess into this, if you are a 2000 rated player, and join a tournament, and you face only 1200 rated players and beat them with ease, and get the trophy, it means nothing, but if you face a 2100 player that is likely to beat you, and you have an exceptional game, and win, that feeling means something, so chess it's not about winning, but about the struggle, like life.

        If this was true then every rich family would have nothing but schizophrenic babies and every schizophrenic parent would have nothing but normal babies.

        >every rich family
        Rich families tend to have less children than poor families, because their lives are more boring and spirits aren't as interested as playing as them.
        When you aren't incarnated, the life of the guy that owns the restaurant and just gets the money and the profits seems boring, the life of the cook, or the dish washer will look a lot more appealing.
        Because we play this game to be entertained, at the end of the play the king and the pawns go to the same box and it only mattered who had the most fun, we do it in a safe environment where our souls can't be hurt.

        • 1 month ago

          >rich people don't have fun
          >that dishwasher is having all of the fun
          Literally moronic take. It doesn't even make sense because you are choosing a 7 yo to be born into. Not looking at a wagie and thinking his life is great and taking over his life.
          >man this guy who is struggling to make ends meet is going to be a great father for me
          >look at him get drunk every day and completely ignore his child
          >this is going to be a great life!
          >30 people are now cued up for this very bland and generic life

          • 1 month ago

            >>this is going to be a great life!
            It's not about having a great life, but about having unique experiences you haven't had before, and that this is the only way of having them.
            Over there there's just a feel joy button, and most spirits are fine with that and never incarnate, you were bored.
            Video games are an example of this, what video game is there where you play a king that just gives orders to the kingdom without problems? No, you play as the poor man that trained all his life to overtake the king.
            A mistake that you're doing is thinking that you are you, but you're this character you're playing as in the life roleplay, and it's one of the best experience in existence, because if it wasn't you'd be playing a different game in a different reality.
            But the you that is really you, already was president of a nation, and king, and had 3000 wives and access to 40000 virgins to have sex with them every day. And that bored you too.
            And your current life that has access to the internet will bore you too, until you incarnate into a hungry kid in a poor town of Africa, just to see if you're really up to the challenge and can survive it.

          • 1 month ago

            The problem with this is that populations are constantly increasing. Even if you believe that everyone wants the most bland life possible filled with parents who don't want you (like most schizo parents who give birth to schizo kids) it's moronic to think there are 30 people who also want that life too.
            >trust me the afterlife is great for everyone
            >you aren't going to wait 1000 years in pure bliss and you are just going to respawn as a schizo just because you are bored
            >no one is going to choose the life of a great artists kids or professional athletes kids
            >everyone is going to choose John the schizo's kids
            >they are then just going to spend their whole lives playing video games and posting on /x/

          • 1 month ago

            >>no one is going to choose the life of a great artists kids or professional athletes kids
            It doesn't work that way. Think about some great artists that has created something you love. Well, their spirit did it, if they had your spirit, they'd have created nothing (unless you happen to be a great artist yourself). If that spirit had chosen a different baby in different circumstances, they'd have created great art too.
            Same with athletes, if you lived their lives they'd have done nothing, if they've lived your life you'd be the professional athlete instead.
            It's not that we choose a life, and then live it, we choose the initial circumstances, and then spin them around.
            So when a spirit chooses a life where they're poor and then they become rich and enjoy it to the fullest because of the contrast, don't believe you could have been them and lived that, because you may have lived your current life in their body, because that's what your spirit does.
            And what about the people that are born rich and then get depression and commit suicide? Did you think about them? Just, pick rich parents and get a great life? Not guaranteed.
            If you could remember your past lives, you'd remember the tastiest food you've had was on a life with real hunger, days without eating hunger, not on the life where you could use your millions to hire any chef in the world.
            It's mainly about living all possible things and being able to compare them.

    • 1 month ago

      If this was true then every rich family would have nothing but schizophrenic babies and every schizophrenic parent would have nothing but normal babies.

  3. 1 month ago

    Solve the 112 superior wang tiles and create a combination to generate an inferior wang-tile (life-path)

  4. 1 month ago

    In Buddhism, practice the five precepts and develop virtues. This will cultivate positive mental qualities leading to a good rebirth. If you are into Mahayana Buddhism, do the above and recite the name of Amida Buddha to create a karmic connection and produce good qualities that may lead to rebirth in Sukavati. That will allow you to practice overthere without much worry. You can try with another Buddha like the Medicine Buddha but that tends to be much harder.

  5. 1 month ago

    It depends what your goal is.
    Is your goal spiritual development?
    Is your goal for wealth, fame or pleasure?
    Either way you need to build up good merits in the area you wish to succeed.
    Chanting mantras and giving charity is very effective at these things.
    So for example, you want to be a monk, then donate lots of money to monk training temples, and you will start reaping benefits even in this current lifetime.

    If your goal is to be a partyboy, then give your kids an inheritance when they are 22 years old, and tell them to take a few years off to party. But the bad consequences of this, you will have to deal with as well as the fun parts.

    Being beautiful and healthy - a large part of this depends on your level of soul development, and also on your food karma. If you don't have good food karma, you will be born to parents who feed you goyslop and you will be obese and diabetic by age 16.

    If you cash on your chips on wealth, it means you loose out on everything else, which is a sad mistake.

  6. 1 month ago

    A materialistic life in the 1st world, chasing money, woman and honor, will amount to very little gains when you can take nothing with you at the end of this life, except the karma and soul development.
    Saturn crushes you in this realm to bring spiritual development, but a monk path is like facing this destruction head first and accepting it will be done whether you work with it or against it.

    Incarnating into a physical body greatly inhibits the pleasure we feel, and the psychic perceptions we innately have, and so it is very depressing in this material realm, but very rapid soul development can be achieved in this realm of accelerated time progression.

  7. 1 month ago

    >be me
    >be pious impoverished man for 7 lifetimes
    >finally born a Chad
    >give into degeneracy due to women and wealth
    >die of drug overdose at 26
    >reborn as stray dog

    • 1 month ago

      Humans only reincarnate into humans, no hypnosis session revealing a past life being an animal yet.

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