Future self.

What would you do if you met your future self? Would you believe a person claiming to be you from the future? Would you deny and ignore them? What if they knew everything about you, had the same scars, memories and what not?
Would you listen to what they had to say or would you run away?

Granted I don't necessarily believe in time travel, but I find the concept endlessly fascinating.

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  1. 2 weeks ago

    Future is simultaneous, technically you don't need to wait for starships to be invented when they are already there.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    I would listen to them. I’d be very curious.

  3. 2 weeks ago

    I'd be happy to know I have a future.

  4. 2 weeks ago

    I Believe we're currently in the apocalypse and that I won't live longer than 2 years so I don't think there will be much of a "future me". I already know everyone and everything else on earth is controlled by God as a moronic troony hivemind that only exists to dominate and abuse me so I would just believe it's God trying to coerce me into doing something. God knows that his behavior is unjustifiable but he loves deluding himself so he comes up with the most moronic excuses for abusing me imaginable. He already plans to kill me/end the world but he wants to delude himself into believing that he's justified by calling me "the antichrist", so far things that he threatens to kill me for include things like eating cheezies/doritos(or any food really), playing video games, thinking about Japan/outer space/fantasy worlds/anything really, etc. I would just assume that whatever "future me" is saying is to try to get me to do something that God thinks he can use as an excuse to call me the antichrist and kill me. I would probably listen at first just out of curiosity to know his specific angle/agenda in this scenario but once I understood what he wanted me to do I wouldn't really want to continue hearing his attempts to coerce me

    • 2 weeks ago

      IMO if you think something is punishing you, contemplate if it's God punishing you, or you punishing yourself. You are exactly what you believe yourself to be. So believe that you're a bad ass that doesn't need divine intervention to be your best self.

      Kick ass. Take names. Do good.


      • 2 weeks ago

        This is such a moronic lie, no I'm not what I believe myself to be. God rapes my mind every second of every day and terrorizes, abuses, threatens, harasses etc me if I even think about being something desirable, if I have a remotely positive thought about myself or am happy about anything God gets immensely triggered. My entire reality is controlled by a consciousness that is separate and hostile to mine and the world absolutely doesn't affirm my beliefs about myself, it does everything it can to demonstrate to me that I am "a peasant" and it abuses me if I even think about being anything but "a peasant",

  5. 2 weeks ago

    Instead of meeting my future self, I'd rather become that future self. Many of us envision this better and wiser version of ourselves who had already made those difficult changes to better their life. No better time that now to become the person you know you should be.

    • 2 weeks ago

      Well see, that's the interesting thing. What if your future self isn't someone you don't want to turn into?
      But here's where it gets interesting. There's an ancient chinese saying of "One often meets their fate on the road to avoid it.", not to sound corny but in kung fu Panda 1, this is illustrated by Oogway telling Shifu that Tai Lung will escape, in his haste to prevent such a thing, Shifu sends a messenger to tell the prison to increase the guards. This ironically leads to Tai Lung using a feather from the messenger to escape.
      So if Oogway never said anything or if Shifu didn't take any action, Tai Lung would never become free, the vision became self fulfilling as the knowledge of it made it come true.

      So put this with my first statement. If you saw your future self and disagreed with what becomes of you, would you try to avoid becoming like him? What if it's that choice that leads to you becoming like him?

      Another question to ask, is if you could go back in time, would you talk to your past self? Or would you let things take their course.

      • 2 weeks ago

        Definitely an interesting thought. The future is the way it is for a reason I suppose, but if there's any chance I could change it then I'd still try. Who knows if the person that says they're the future me really is myself? And if they really are, then perhaps they're stuck in a paradox because they wanted to change the past. Maybe by improving myself in the present, the paradox never occurs. Hopefully I'm not veering too far off topic lol.

  6. 2 weeks ago

    I would learn from them so that I can surpass them. I would love them for their efforts, and then improve.

    If given the opportunity, I would go again and again to keep improving my life, and those around me.


  7. 2 weeks ago

    That's a bit complicated. Short answer, I'd believe it was me, from the 'future', and I'd listen to them to try to gain some advantages.
    Long answer, I don't believe time works like that. I also don't believe in fate. Not linear fate, anyway. Time passing is like adding layers of silt to a well. By observing where the silt is building up you can predict what will happen fairly reliably, but a something large enough could always be thrown in and shake things up. So the minute that me did something so crazy as to travel back and interact, he changed who I was going to become. No matter how he looks or acts I can be better. So, really, despite that being me, it isn't. Not anymore.

  8. 2 weeks ago

    >What happened to Project Seppuku, you were meant to die when we turned 27?
    >Did the welrod work, is that why you're still here?
    >What happened with you and Matty?
    >Is Sam still your friend?
    >Is Chris still your friend?
    >Did life get better for us, did we get over the child abuse?
    >Did we beat the autisim?
    >Did you ever get your Suzuki?
    >Do we still self-harm?
    >Did you manage to finish your Ph.D.
    >Do you fight off the hollow feeling?

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