Feeling immense sadness around women

Whenever I talk with a female, I feel an immense sadness afterward. Does anyone else have this? It doesn't matter how much I like her or not, I've noticed it mostly happens if the interaction was awkward and our life paths split forever, but it also happens if the girl likes me a lot and we're still talking or even if she is my girlfriend.

It's like my mind gets imprinted with her memories or feelings or imaginary feelings, trauma etc. I just always feel really bad for her, it's like an immense energy that makes me want to mourn her life and cry for her. But then I sort of discovered this might be totally imaginary, as it doesn't matter how happy the girl is, I still get extremely sad after talking to her. It's like when watching pornstars and you feel their trauma through the screen. But then you find out she was always happy to do it, or maybe that was also just an act in itself...?

Basically why do I feel such a sad energy from women regardless of who they are?

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  1. 1 month ago

    I think your Anima is repressed and calling you. The divine feminine makes it's presence known during Aquarius. It is very repressed in the collective.

    Whenever I'm around women I do feel a certain sadness, but that's only because they tend to be annoying and can't keep shut. Men seem to have more control over their output.

    • 1 month ago

      No for me it has something to do with their childhood reflecting itself onto me. My star sign is Aquarius, forgot to mention it. It's a separate thing to them being annoying. I feel like there's something tragic there and I feel it very strongly, even if they don't.

      • 1 month ago

        Many women experience a lot of trauma that can’t really be understood by men. Any attempt at understanding the mental anguish women can face is almost impossible to men. One of my girl friends is frequently stalked by a guy she met in middle school, and she’s nearly 20. He still calls her from unknown numbers and shows up in disguises to places she frequents. She doesn’t have enough evidence for a restraining order.
        Even in cases not as extreme as hers, many women face sexual harassment multiple times in their lives, and even repeated harassment from the same person. I think you might be able to feel the pain that the women around you feel, or have a higher sense of it. I understand how jarring that could be. I think the first step to becoming used to it is an attempt at understanding it

        • 1 month ago

          A man needs a hobby

        • 1 month ago

          Ah, women go through so much, that old chestnut. Way to go with the flow of the current narrative. I bet you're a real free thinker

    • 1 month ago

      >divine feminine

      You're just making shit up. I don't know of any system that suggests this. Aquarius is a masculine sign.

  2. 1 month ago

    I don't really have advice anon, but I wanted to say I hope for the best for you. And others too.I believe you can find happiness and joy. Others to connect with and help you can receive. Adventures to be had and dreams to follow. This message applies to others too.

  3. 1 month ago

    I presume you're male. sounds like you're the one of the very, very few males that realize femalekind is truly hated in this world and femaleness inherently carries a sadness to it. functionally, literally all girls/women are traumatized and depressed. it doesn't matter how widespread it is, it's still trauma in half the species.
    by the way, the pornography performers hate doing what they do, it's an act if they look pleased. it's a industry built on human misery.

    • 1 month ago

      Wtf, I feel bad for women too for this reason. Just a weird situation for them. Men are stronger, they don't have to fear sexual assault as much. Aside from this, the whole experience of being female. Feels like it's no better for them than our shitty experience as males, just a different kind of shittiness where you're weak but have to remain optimistic about things.

    • 1 month ago

      >literally all girls/women are traumatized and depressed
      Who dies in wars, has a higher suicide rate, higher chance of injury or death at work, and a societal 'norm' of being replaceable and worthless?
      Why do you think it's "women and children first" whenever a disaster happens?
      >Wahhhh I was dressing like a hooker in the ghetto and someone said my ass was big!!!!
      Cry me a fricking river.

      • 1 month ago

        >WHAT ABOUT ME
        >ME ME ME ME
        We talk about you all the time, gay. Let the girls have their moment

        • 1 month ago

          No shit moron EerieWeb is 99% male and 0.9% troony. I can guarantee there isn't a single woman in this thread.

  4. 1 month ago

    I feel bad for any girl that has to converse in any way with me

  5. 1 month ago

    This is strange. Are you sure this is something emanating from the women and not some kind a trauma you have?

  6. 1 month ago

    You know, OP. I used to feel immense sadness and loneliness while surrounded by the people I loved most. It wasnt something that came from the outside, it came from within. So maybe you have a troubled anima or some trauma, you should try to look deep inside for answers. Use the feeling like a ladder to descend into your own darkness, ask from where it roots itself.

  7. 1 month ago

    I dont.
    But I felt bad for porn girls.
    Usually if you try to look into their lives you find they come from broken homes, abandoned, early adoptions, etc.
    The very broken families the system is pushing to produce more of.
    The system of "split the mankind, isolate then conquer".

    Human kind faced a lot of challenges, I hope this one will be Victory for Virtue, Wisdom, Order, Sensibility.

    Low self esteem in women pushes them to overshare their bodies.
    Low self esteem in men pushes them to suicide, wars for war sake, sex change, etc..

    If you dont see your value, it hurts to be with someone who does, because it activates the Original trauma when value was lost (abandonment). Only if someone can find in them strength to accept love after they have been cruely treated as kids, (almost impossible for most people by their own resources) can they build self esteem in adulthood.

    Its possible. But those who cannot do it, (porn performers) will defend the system that becomes the source of their "gmo value" because its all they have.

    Until even that industry discards them, then they become advocates against it or end their lives. Some may survive, some may truly be demented like some are born psychos. But I doubt its a staggering amount of people, in comparison to amount of porn peeps.

    It is sad, the older I am the less horny I am seeing porn and the more I pity poor girls in it. Makes me wanna do smth but what can one person do. When girls who never were built up by their senpaitachi, will stomp on eachothers heads to be hired...

    Fricking shit.

    I hope we meme a God into being that can end that shit.
    Maybe AI will help.

    EerieWeb meme power is big. We could do it.

    • 1 month ago

      We better focus on creating a deity then
      Because AI porn is not going to help real women, in the sam way e-girl doesn't help real kids from being assaulted.

      • 1 month ago

        The deity would be called Self Worth Deity, or some other catchy name hahahha

        Even if nuclear families are missing, there are people willing to love and people who need love, there should be a way in this net connected world, to connect the two.

        Many girls could use support online from people. And many men could use healing feminine energy, Im not talking sexual.

        Im talking real kind supportive patient mother figures.

        Not everyone had that.
        Not everyone had a protective and present father.

        But people like that exist and thanks to net their reach can be stretched and boosted.

        I want to see that happen.
        It would heal the world. Heal the relationships between women and men.

        Most of men hating and women hating comes from betrayal in childhood.
        And that sets up the pattern for subconscious seeking of similar partners in adulthood. Sub conscious mind is powerful thing.

        What is needed is BREAK in the pattern.
        In other words, damaged people need to be retrained to select and "fall for" people who love, care and respect them.
        And thats a process.

        • 1 month ago

          If all you knew is ragesex, hatefrick etc.

          When someone kisses you first time with love, you want to run away.

          But retraining is possible. It can be done on animals and humans and everyone. Neuroplasticity, PLUS - the Soul knows what is right, even if mind was skewed wrong.

          The majority of Universe is on the side of correcting of bad patterns.

          Because a) they are not viable long term (damaged people dont have kids or if they do those kids suicide more often).

          Trauma is self limiting, but you dont wanna be the limit lol.

          HEAL ALL

        • 1 month ago

          How about a version of Venus? Other love deity lore can be mixed in too. Love means self love too.

          • 1 month ago

            >Other love deity lore can be mixed in too.

            Good idea, thats what everyone has been doing anyhow since religion began.

            Venus, I see what you mean but it has too much erotic connotations.

            Maybe Freya? Im not expert of religions. Maybe Gaia?

            Or maybe just Great Parents.

            Make it archetypal "ideal parent couple".

            And for all who had effed up childhood, they can let go of the less than ideal parenthood they got, and reimprint unto the Ideal from Heavenly couple.

            Put ideal traits on both of them.

            As I wrote this I realize modern media agenda is against it by default lol.
            But still EerieWeb can do it.

            I may have had my faith rocked many times, but EerieWeb delivers every time lol.
            The unruly chaos energy of this site can be directed via memes in wholesome ways.
            Especially since most people here are vexed in some way and need healing.

          • 1 month ago

            So its not one diety but two as a pair
            Like the sky and earth, the day and night. A duality diety that loves you no matter what, and has a mother and father to give you the right care you need. The Nuturing Couple. The Chaos that married Order to create all life. They are perfect in their imperfections.

          • 1 month ago

            Polarity is inherent in everything so makes sense.

            I see it more as Substance and Pattern.
            Substance being feminine, and Pattern being masculine.

            Observe this also - Pattern - pater - father
            Substance (matter) - mater - mother

            Its latin (ish) but you get the idea.

            You can observe yourself and the world around you, trends in society, etc thru this balance.
            Anything with too much pattern will burn itself out and what has too much substance will not be organized well and will frick up in other way.

            Even body process.

            Cancer is feminine disease. Too much growth, substance thats not organized.
            But autoimune disease is masculine - too much organizing, too much rules, but not enough compassion, understanding.

            I never thought about it a lot but the play of these two you can find in everything.

            If one is to advance in life, you have to balance your father and mother energies, both are needed and NOT ONE is more important.

            When you build a house - what you build it from and according to what type of blueprint, are both important. IF you just throw shit on pile its not a house, but if you have three bricks and perfect blueprint, its still not a house.

            The balance is Creative. The disbalnce is destructive. To organism, to society, to the world.

            This is inherent Law that cannot be changed.

            Earth is substance but the substance of earth is organized according to certain patterns. That is called Life (together). Life is a pattern of matter. You need both. Where did Pattern of Life come from? Dunno.
            Then within Life you have further pop and mom polarity.
            Etc etc etc...Its holographic. In every piece, a whole.

            You can also see it in society. If a society is well regulated(pattern, rules, law) to degree too high - the birth rate falls (subtance is suffocated by pattern)
            If there are no rules or rules are lax, the birth rate skyrockets. (substance, but lacks pattern).

          • 1 month ago

            I think there's definately some substance to make a good deity here.
            Should we make stories about them too, like stuff they do together and it results in things happening in the stars or the ocean? Like how so called "folk tale" gods and goddesses have?
            Or maybe that's not what's needed, but just to give them a good set of boundries for their domain and powers so that everyone can easily understand what they are worshiping. Love that appears when there is harmony in a relationship, and it starts in yourself.

          • 1 month ago

            I think it can start with them being separated.

            Then the Union finally produced peace in them and Creation of the World.

            Symbolism appeals to SubC mind, it loves it, plus its probably genetic by now as stories have been told probably even before language was fully formed.

            I realized something else. Both Father and Mother have been transmuted by the Union.

            Before the house the brick and blueprint are one thing. They stop being that after the Union, they become something more.
            Think also Sperm and Egg. Both need to be transmuted for the next stage to come.

            The Something More is kinda driving mission of Life.

            So the story should equate that. Father and Mother abandon themselves to each other and in process become something more.
            Sum greater than the parts.

            I dunno how to tell it in allegory rn... Maybe someone else feels inspired.

            But I see Father before Union as flame without fuel, weak, hungry, tired, alone.
            And Mother as fuel without flame, boundless, yet cold, weak, inanimated.

            Both are sad because they need each other.

            But when they meet, the flame can rise high into Eternity and Spread!
            And the fuel can support the flame with its boundless boundlessness (lol).

            Kinda is cool how also see this - Earth needs Suns heat to produce Life.

            So Earth indeed is Mother, and Sun is Father.

            It makes so much sense across so many aspects of existence.

            That is Truth, if you ask me. Something you can find in everything. The Creator's signature ; )

  8. 1 month ago

    Bruh it’s called a cum down…
    Women are like drugs, when you leave them you get sad.

  9. 1 month ago

    You've never talked to anyone else in your life

  10. 1 month ago

    Tbh my whole life everyone treats me like disposable worthless garbage. Every women I've ever known in my life was a nasty prostitute. But so were the men. Idk I think both sides are fricking vial. I understand the sadness though. Women are fully dependent on other men. They have no muscles. A man who lifts something slightly heavy every week will be stronger than 99.9% of all women. Unless she is on drugs. I understand the sadness though. It's usually when you realize you love someone you cant have.

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