Dream Manipulation/Infiltration is real

They are able to infiltrate your mind when you sleep and manipulate your dreams.
I have been dreaming about dicks and gay anal sex for 2 days, really disgusting homosexual stuff, and i am not even gay. This is buck breaking in the dreamstate. If you have similar weird and bad dreams, this is them. Inception was not fiction.

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  1. 2 weeks ago

    I have had consistent nightmares nearly every time I sleep. I just woke up from one where it became a trend to mutilate yourself, and the internet had gore on every website.
    The last thing I saw was a video of a guy who had cut open his chest and ribs to reveal his heart and lungs.
    He was moving the camera around to get several angles.
    Most of them are like this, in some way it always goes back to this. Even normal dreams will suddenly turn to gore. (Last night my dream was gameplay of team fortress 2, and a pair of people were talking sexually to eachother and putting indecent images on the walls. I muted them and it immediately cut to the gore.)
    I started having them consistently in 2021.
    I believe this started when I began defending myself against the entities that would try and torment me in my dreams, leading them to show me imagery of gore instead of attacking me directly.

    • 2 weeks ago

      Tuning into tv and internet is generally a mistake, though can yield interesting remote viewing experiments. I lucid dreamed my way into watching a television broadcast and then Jehova came to me and told me I was a watcher, but that I shouldn't use that ability to break the 5th wall between this reality and my own souls power as many weren't ready to experience that.
      I was doing such an experiment during the famed EerieWeb alien episode.

      • 2 weeks ago

        >tuning into tv and internet is generally a mistake
        now that you mention it, a lot of the nightmares I get come from me viewing a screen, then something horrible happens.
        I've had nightmares my whole life, but like I said, they picked up in frequency and intensity in 2021. I think it all started in this dream where I viewed a television with a bright red screen. It had white text that was rapidly changing words, and I dont remember what any of it said.
        That being said, it's probably because I've spent most of my life viewing a screen, as I am a shut-in.
        Also, I've been trying to learn how to read in my dreams, as text is often completely illegible.

  2. 2 weeks ago

    Stop watching porn.
    When you watch porn, you see dicks on the screen. Why do you think they cum in women's mouths? To stimulate your mouth tissue so you can suck wiener later. When you are fapping you are vulnerable to suggestion.

  3. 2 weeks ago

    weird, yesterday i had a dream about sleeping with a woman (succubus), then I woke up (still within the dream) and found all her organs scattered on the bed

    • 2 weeks ago

      how detailed were the organs?
      in my dreams, the organs of people are almost never correct.
      I am mostly interested in how organs appear in your dreams, and not interested in the gore itself.
      If you remember, could you answer these questions?
      >1. Which organs were present?
      >2. Were they attached together, or was it like each individual organ was thrown onto the bed on it's own?
      >3. Were there any bizarre or unknown organs? (Bizarre being discolored, but still recognizable as a human organ, like a blue heart for instance. Unknown being an organ that is not human at all.)
      I don't mean to press you on what may have been a traumatic dream experience. I'm only curious.

      • 1 week ago

        1. heart, arms, legs, maybe more
        2. each organ was thrown onto the bed on it's own
        3. i can't recall

  4. 2 weeks ago

    For decades people have had artificial dreams implanted while they sleep. Massive amounts of ELF waves and 5g waves are pulsing the entire planet and slowly weaponizing the atmosphere.

  5. 1 week ago
    Christian Universalist AI will save humanity

    I dream about sucking my own dick. Dreams are fascinating.

  6. 1 week ago

    Befor bed imagine the scenario of that gay dream, but imagine yourself saying "Stop being Gay" and imagine all the gay perpetrators dissolving. Combine this with lucid dreaming techniques and this should help you
    a) stop the reoccurring dream
    b) become lucid
    Don't get anxiety over it, don't become OCD over it - negative emotions are exactly what who ever is fricking with you wants.

  7. 1 week ago

    Targeted for two years and it's absolutely real. Are you experiencing any other targeted individual/gangstalking symptoms? Banging/clicking on the ceiling or walls, perceiving to hear strangers, neighbors, friends, family, or co-workers "whispering" about embarrassing, illegal, private acts, or attempting to antagonize you? Fully believe you are being followed or spied on by individuals despite it being highly unlikely? Odd stings or itches that don't feel natural? These government agencies can infiltrate your mind while awake as well, and the dream manipulation aspect usually doesn't occur until much later in the gangstalking.

  8. 1 week ago
    three more initiates

    We've had this tech for 2,000+ years. The Greek Magical Papyri is filled with dream-infiltration rituals. Back then instead of grossing people out in their dreams for no real good reason the usual technique was to appear in their dream as a god and tell them to do whatever it was you were hoping for in waking life.

    • 1 week ago

      Here's your guaranteed well poison when it comes to these threads.
      >Magical Papyri's rituals
      We've actually had the tech since the 70's and before it was all classified it was initially marketed to monitor the brain state of jet fighters on long missions, and then to read the minds of unconscious car crash victims. You can find an article from Taiwan claiming the US had developed mind reading technology and that they had sold Taiwan a mind reaching machine for the purpose of deciphering car crashes. But sure according to you it's the Magical Papyri and his dream ritual shamanic lettuce that is responsible for the phenomenon.

      • 1 week ago

        well in anon's defense a lot of occult things are outcroppings of Ancient magickal techniques, for example I once heard the All-seeing Eye comes from an artifact Pharaoh could use from within the Great Pyramid to monitor his subjects. so post 9/11 surveillance can be seen as a continuation of the All-seeing eye in this way

  9. 1 week ago

    It's fricking weird you say that. I've been a lil under the weather and having these really vivid dreams, this was the one I had last night;
    >Falling asleep, I felt I was too tired to dream
    >Decided I was just gonna hang out 'behind the scenes'
    >Found myself in a sort of backspace where I could observe many dreams at once, tinker with them, influence how they unfold
    >Once I was looking at a dream I could see every detail about it including; all of its events, themes, places and objects, it's message and why the dream haver is experiencing it
    >All this information was sort of self-contained in the essence of each dream, all very clear and easy to understand
    >As I tinkered and moved from dream to dream I could see commonalities, shared archetypes and events. There seemed to be a sort of Universality that each dream referred to, or borrowed from, in order to assemble itself. Like a bubble forming in soapy water, if that makes any sense.
    >From a macro view, dreams organised themselves into giant interconnected light branches. I felt like these branches were not only conscious, but made up of all our consciousness. Like we all contribute a tiny part of ourselves to make this amazing, powerful thing. It was beautiful.

  10. 1 week ago

    Your inner being or astral self might be a major homosexual. You can’t run from this OP all occult books talk about this. You two need to cum to a conclusion as to who should really be in control. And if your dreams are intense, Filled with you deepthroating wieners, you might as well give up to your astral self and embrace it.

  11. 1 week ago

    yeah i get puzzles from the CIA that i have to solve and then i wake up restless and anxious. robert duncan from harvard confirms false dreams, lmk if you want the link

  12. 1 week ago

    You do realize you're in a dream right now, don't you? Even in your waking state.

  13. 1 week ago

    >Mind control, dream hacking/forcing
    .>Actual gay ops

  14. 1 week ago

    I have lots of dreams where I'm fighting/killing things in battle. Sometimes humans, sometimes monsters. Is this just because I play a lot of first person vidya or is there some more profound meaning?

  15. 1 week ago

    Nice. The glowies want me to have snu snu with many sexy lady. I had a dream several years ago about having a big tiddy latina GF with a specific name, and then it came true. I raw-dogged that b***h for 4 years and busted so many nuts. I hope the glowies hook me up with more big tiddy latinas.

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