Dream analysis

I've had a very disturbing dream and it's sticking with me, which almost never happens.
Could anyone please help me interpret it?
It went like this

>I'm in a huge place that's both a school and a hospital, the inside is filthy and looks prison-like
>the "students" make their own rules, there are no authority figures
>they're looking for someone who wronged them, they find one guy whom they think is the culprit and torture him
>I feel like I'm in danger so I climb down a flight of stairs to reach the deepest underground level of the place
>there's a small fountain there, I continue walking until I get to offices which are safe from the tyranny of students
>a female doctor/professor notices me and asks when our appointment is, I tell her I don't have an appointment, she tells me she'll see me anyway
>at this point, I'm in a wheelchair
>I'm talking to the doctor and see my parents but tell them now is not the time
>the doctor and myself get into an elevator, I tell her I'm feeling unwell, she lacks empathy and is generally cold and aloof
>she says "you need a philosopher, not a doctor"


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  1. 1 month ago

    >at this point we're in some kind of train with large windows, driving on water (like in pic related). The doctor has left, I'm alone, the sun is shining through the windows and there's scientific equipment everywhere
    >I want to do something that'll make people see what horrible things are going on inside the school/hospital/prison
    >I grab small, pink animals which look like porks but are rat-sized, and start mutilating them and stuffing them into a plastic bag
    >I feel incredibly guilty and disgusted at myself for causing them suffering
    >I take about twenty of them, then wash my hands, appalled at myself. The train is looping back and arriving at the school
    >some people start noticing me, they're not students but more like professors and security personnel
    >I didn't have the time to prepare
    >I tell everyone to stand back
    >a security guy tackles me, I hit him but then I notice he's actually hugging me. He's a small, brown man
    >he starts crying and tells me he understands
    >then he grabs a lighter and lights himself on fire
    >I stand back and drop the bag, a great despair and sadness overtakes me
    >I start screaming at the top of my lungs that I'm a monster
    >I start crying, and wake up

    I have no idea what the frick this means. I got Goosebumps just writing this.

  2. 1 month ago

    anon I honestly feel like I had this same dream with the same elements and cues but as a completely different set of dreams spread out over a period of my life. The part with the train, the sus school, the wanting to report on the incidents/abuse happening inside of it, guilt because you had to squish some bugs in the process.
    Heck even the small brown man (except for my it was a small african child) In my case he wanted to light himself on fire because of the corruption that has was subjected to.

    • 1 month ago

      This is really weird man. So your narrative was spread out over different dreams? But you could never figure out their overall meaning?
      It is uncanny that we have basically the same themes

      • 1 month ago

        >But you could never figure out their overall meaning?
        Some of them I could. Some were dreams of another time and space. Some were hints at my own higher stories. I remember being in an sunny space with green hills enjoying the study of engineering and inventing. At some point I came across two people. One lass who lamented she had a high debt at her home. I remember saying I'd help her out with it. She had a small svarty or darkly looking boy with her. I distinctly remember calling it an African child but they weren't completely dark skinned. It wasn't even about how they looked and it wasn't disrespectful. He reminded me of a vagabond of sorts. He also reminded me of Yasuo's quote of being hunted for a truth he knew and an injust condemnation hanging above his head.
        I took them both by the hand and tried to help them find their home.

        I once had a dream where that lass was in a wheelchair and needed assistance. I remember them being abducted before hand and I could shoot the abductor in the back of the head before they got away.

        The train dream was in a place I vaguely remember. It was very hectic but it didn't only go over water but over a river in the mountain as well. It was light and sunny. There was also pressure in trying to get to the front.

        I also remember being pulled into a very nasty place and at some point had to inflict suffering. Try as I might I tried to find the minimum total sum of suffering inflicted to ensure safety.
        Incidentally I heard some faint voice say: I'm a monster earlier this week a few times. Like an echo. I witnessed a few soldiers toying with a female who was tied down. I ended up shooting her to spare her and chastised the others for their moronic behaviour. At a later point I saw a white haired person whom I made eye contact with while pointing a weapon at their head. I told them to leave and we went each others way.

        >"now is not yet the time"
        Also words I've seen come past.

        • 1 month ago

          Are you the anon who dreamed of the spaceship and colored orbs and was told "he begins to dream again"? That was a very interesting post and it was written in the same style as yours.

          Anyway, your post contains so many meaningful symbols, most of which I'm sure are relevant to your personal experiences rather than general truths, however this may sound strange but our "inner worlds" or dream worlds seem to have some similarities and I wonder what that implies.
          Is it usually sunny in your dreams, or is it night?
          Do most of your dreams take place in closed spaces, or in the outdoors?
          Mine tend to take place at night and in indoors or underground places. The train scene was meaningful because it's very rare for it to be sunny in my dreams, and it's usually a sign of a "good" dream; strangely, the context was horrible this time.

          • 1 month ago

            No, not them, but I have dreamed of similar things. The coloured orbs in my case were bubbles where people dreamed and slept in. They are sort of like critical infrastructure for higher life. If you imagine the tree of life but instead of different large worlds see each person's individual world as its own part forming a greater whole you get the right idea. Ideally you should own your space. Sadly that is not always the case.

            >but our "inner worlds" or dream worlds seem to have some similarities and I wonder what that implies.
            That's why it stood out the way it did to me. It's like I either recognize the style of the weaver of the dream or the environment that it took place in. I too have had strings of dreams in dark and nightly spaces. Even had one where that nightly environment was blatantly covered over my being like I was being locked in a bunker. Its not a positive sign at all.
            What it implies is that there can be a shared collective unconscious. Just like how in here we have a general consensus on what something from pop culture is we can receive general notions from higher life. In your natural state you can communicate with another higher being as clear as the light of day without it feeling schizo.
            >take place in closed spaces, or in the outdoors?
            It varies. They used to be open spaces. I could literally design and emulate gearboxes in my head. After an assault I was dragged into those lower spaces. Where there are forces trying to confine and limit your awareness to accept that lower space. I've eventually broken through and reconnected with the sunny spaces. The past three years have been up and down because its not just about myself even if I don't understand it all yet.

            >are relevant to your personal experiences rather than general truths
            yes, they're not meant to be general but underlying the narrative elements is some ground truth that makes a part in us wonder. All cues that you express can start living in another ones inner space.

          • 1 month ago

            >individual world
            I am convinced of this, I think to a large extent we share this reality as a temporary consensus but after death we most likely exit it into our own worlds, everyone's outcome being different.
            >Its not a positive sign at all
            What do you think it represents?
            >After an assault I was dragged into those lower spaces
            So closed spaces, underground complexes, night -> implies a bad phase of life, while open spaces, nature and sunlight imply you're in a good phase?
            My dreams have been dark and claustrophobic since childhood. That's probably not good.

          • 1 month ago

            >as a temporary consensus but after death we most likely exit it into our own worlds
            Not quite. Consensus realities are the most stable and worthwhile realities to exist in, because they spread a lot of ideas, thoughts and the like. Inner spaces tend to not challenge your being enough to truly grow. Spirits who are too invested into their inner life are not
            >nature and sunlight imply you're in a good phase?
            it depends on what you feel and what pattern you get. For some people the night is a calm refuge. Some scenes at night, like a calm beach scene with a gentle sky are not negative. But for some reason the denser and "stale" dreams, which are darkly and nightly just have a weird off vibe. Like it tries to reproduce something but still feels fraudulent while the sunny area doesn't make you question where you're at.
            >My dreams have been dark and claustrophobic since childhood. That's probably not good.
            Define good. Having no awareness of whether you're doing well or not is arguably worse. If you feel like your dreaming is troubled then try to focus on the things that make you feel stable, give a sense of home, belongingness and that evoke a sense of resonance in you. Try to meditate and call that atmosphere towards you and hold it. Not all people's sprits come from a good place and sometimes bad things happen. That's life but it's difficult to identify where your awareness is from.

            My spiritual awakening came when some pain was brought into awareness: being betrayed at heart in another higher life. You have to actively wonder: if you're not aware of something why could that be the case? and then will yourself meditatively to "visit" these areas and stay there and hold focus on them as if you're trying to peer into a microscope and find something. It will take practice and time but it's really a job of having your subconscious put to work while you're doing things in daily life that.

  3. 1 month ago

    If someone is willing to help analyze mine?
    > dream starts with seeing a Devil figure go into a window
    > grabs a woman and throws her out the window
    > hear “he comes like a thief in the night”
    > Devil figure gets inside, immediately has his shit completely wrecked by a laughing child
    > child has a massive third eye and there are spirits around this kid
    > suddenly I’m in a old building that could have been an office or school
    > like 1930s old
    > suddenly a man who looks like a French detective comes up to me
    > tells me that I have the spirit of a headless woman attached to me
    > I can almost see it with my minds eye
    > tells me I must learn to see it and gives me two gifts
    > an empty vial with a cork top, and a small brown wooden knob
    > tells me we must go see someone
    > get on a boat taxi and have to go through a channel of water filled with waterspouts
    > get to an old shop, show the shopkeeper the wooden knob
    > he gets real serious and makes me watch what looks like a scene from q video game, but i think im controlling it? or maybe i know because infeeo kinship with one of the people on the screen
    > they are in a robe, fighting others with swords
    i know, almost done
    > get put into a truck and am driven to a rural farm house
    > i am asked by someone there to join their cult because i can now see the spirits attached to others

    so thats the dream, any help in understanding better is welcomed

    • 1 month ago

      Going by jungian symbolism, the headless woman is probably your anima but the fact that she's a spirit and lacks a head would imply strong repression or something like that? Since a devil also throws a woman out the window in the first part of the dream, it seems like your feminine side is under attack or something along those lines.
      I don't know what the frick I'm talking about, I'm not a jungian analyst. But that's my guess

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