Anyone remember what this creature was called?

We talked about this before a few years back, it was in reply of some thread so I haven't been able to find it now

Anyway here is the highlights about it
> my grandfather told me about it from folklore
> only active at night
> creature has a blue light attached to it's head, like an angler fish
> body is dark , such that it is unseen except for the light
> blocked by physical entities like walls and doors but can open them with no resistance
> visits homes at night to eat dreams
> ppl whose dreams it eats have misfortune for the following few days
> Will attack and kill anyone who sees it
> People who are awake when it comes are advised to act as if asleep
> It can tell if someone is awake, if awake and acting asleep will not approach the person
> will still approach anyone else in the home not in your room

I tried recalling the name but just can't .This is as much as I can recall on it, tried searching for it on the net using this but got nothing. This is from folklore so should have found it somewhere at least.
Only hope is someone here remembers what it is called or by some miracle remembers the thread where we talked about this.

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  1. 1 month ago

    Sounds like a deepwater israelite, anon. Pray you never meet one.Remember to avoid mentioning their true name out loud unless you want to bleep on their radar.

  2. 1 month ago

    It's probably a skinwalker
    The description matches them perfectly

    • 1 month ago

      I don't know what it is but it sure as hell isn't a skinwalker.

      if anything sounds more like a mind flayer or similar shit

  3. 1 month ago

    figment of your imagination, that is breathed life due to being between 2 worlds (physical and astral) and thus having the ability to make these things come to life.
    its the shadow of your subconsciousness manifesting.

    know that you are omnipotent, you created it, you can destroy it.
    embrace it with compassion!

  4. 1 month ago

    probably a proliferator of astral homosexualry from the lower realms

  5. 1 month ago

    What country is your grandpappy from

  6. 1 month ago

    ok I might have an idea what you're talking about .

    This is from back in the 90s in Florida,
    > be me
    > decide to go on a week long vacation to the cabin my stepfather owns in the woods
    > have some friends and cousins tag along
    > The cabin has 2 floors, with 2 rooms above and 1 below. I was sleeping in one of the rooms above with my stepbrother
    > nothing eventful for first 2 days
    > 3rd night wake up to sound of cabin door opening
    > I was really sensitive due to a past stalking incident
    > thought I heard it wrong and just peep through the door seams without getting up
    > can see a dim blue light through the room door
    > assume it is someone waking up thirsty or for toilet and try to go to sleep
    > In hindsight none of us had blue lights of any kind and with the wooden floors I should have heard creaking from walking
    > not asleep yet but in a few minutes suddenly be filled with feelings of dread
    > don't understand why but I've never felt like this ever before and for no reason on top of that
    > look towards the door , the light is getting brigher
    > Immediately realize the feeling of terror is from whatever is on the other side of the door
    > can also instinctively tell it wasn't something I want to know
    > my voice is stuck in my throat and I can't even shout.
    > try to wake up my brother by shaking him
    > no response no matter how hard I shake him
    > it's like he's in a trance or something keeping him asleep
    > Now I can tell it has reached the our floor
    > I hear the next room door open and the light getting dimmer as it goes in
    > figure out I should've also been asleep like the rest but for some reason I wasn't
    > don't know what it is doing to the rest but too scared as frick to even not be a lil b***h here
    >start acting like I'm asleep and pray to god
    > when it's back out after what felt like an eternity close my eyes shut tightly and pretend as hard as I can
    > slowly the feeling of dread goes away and as I open my eyes I see the light receding downwards

    • 1 month ago

      > whatever that thing was it for some reason didn't enter my room and went away
      > an hour after I heard the front door close , slowly leave the room and check on everyone for a head count and see everyone looks ok.
      > next morning I asked if anyone was awake last night or felt something weird
      > Literally not a single person awoke last night or felt anything unusual
      > except my brother who awoke with a red cheek and no idea why
      > said he thought it was an insect bite or some allergic reaction
      > only then I realize in my attemtps to wake him last night I slapped him hard too
      > this only adds to my realization that what happened was real and not a dream
      > acted sick and noped everyone out of there saying I couldn't hand over the cabin keys to anyone else as it was my responsibility
      >everyone except me and my step brother is sick from food poisoning the day after we returned. Feel it is not a coincidence

      Now looking back a lot of this fits what OP described, but honestly with that feeling of dread I felt I don't know who could be brave enough to go confront it. And now I realize it also pretended to not know I was awake and leave my room alone.

      Glad to know it was just misfortune and not some crazy shit it had planted in their bodies that caused the food poisoning. This and a few other incidents are wha got me on /x/

  7. 1 month ago

    Taylor Swift preying on a football player

    • 1 month ago

      What's she gotta to with the /x board?

  8. 1 month ago

    Wait I think I've seen a greentext on this on a YouTube channel.
    There's this one called T6 that reads out greentexts.

    I like the voice and it's fun to listen to while jogging or walking.
    Can't be bothered to find the video but the story was similar to what is asked

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