An Encounter With a Trickster Spirit in the American Southwest

Im writing this story having just returned from a week long road trip across the American Southwest, during which I experienced what I believe to be a series of paranormal events, with tangible consequences and stark parallels to Navajo legend. The posts may read somewhat blog-like but what happened to me changed my outlook on life, Native American legends, and how we interact with them, which to me is paranormal.

I planned the trip for months. The itinerary was to visit the following National Parks:
>Day 1: Drive
>Day 2: Bryce Canyon and Capitol Reef
>Day 3: Canyonlands and Arches
>Day 4: Black Canyon of the Gunnison
>Day 5: Mesa Verde
>Day 6: Grand Canyon
>Day 7: Drive

Ambitious, right?

Not listed are a dozen or so National Monuments, State Parks and other points of interest along the route. Common to all of these places, the deep, millennia old connection to the Native Americans who once dwelled there, and their abundant rock art and habitation sites. When youre in these places, theres almost a different energy to them, but thats something ill get to later. Materially, the remnants of these peoples cultures and lives are everywhere, and the importance of respecting that fact cannot be overlooked. I feel silly writing this, as someone who describes themself as essentially an atheist, but when you are in these places, the spirits are indeed watching you, and will make it known if you upset them by slapping your shit. Sometimes, they just slap your shit for fun.

>Day 1
The drive went by without event. Up through Tehachapi, a classic California scene, golden grasslands and verdant oaks. From there, desert until nightfall. I slept in a rest stop an hour outside of Bryce the first night, exhausted from the 10 hour drive. In my car, the night was spent cramped and restless.

The following day is where I think the actual paranormal events began unfolding, and Bryce Canyon is where I believe I picked up the bad spirit - as legend would foretell.

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  1. 3 weeks ago

    For anyone not familiar, Bryce Canyon is known for its towering orange hoodoos, spires of eroded rock with dimpled surfaces that take on almost human-like forms.Take the "Queen's Garden", and area named after a hoodoo that resembles Queen Victoria seated on a throne, at least to whoever named it anyway

    But the Native Americans have their own legend as to how the hoodoos were born. The Paiute legend goes as follows:

    >Before there were humans, the Legend People, To-when-an-ung-wa, lived in that place.
    >There were many of them. They were of many kinds – birds, animals, lizards and such things, but they looked like people.
    >They were not people. They had power to make themselves look that way.
    >For some reason the Legend People in that place were bad
    >they did something that was not good >perhaps a fight
    >perhaps some stole something….the tale is not clear at this point.
    >Because they were bad, Coyote turned them all into rocks.
    >You can see them in that place now all turned into rocks; some standing in rows, some sitting down, some holding onto others.
    >You can see their faces, with paint on them just as they were before they became rocks.
    >The name of that place is Angka-ku-wass-a-wits (red painted faces).
    >This is the story the people tell."

    As far as hikes go, the Queens Garden/Navajo Loop is top notch. Easy, early in the morning it was largely empty, and the rising sun made the entire place glow radiant orange. And yet, in the darkest reaches of the canyon, you almost got the sense that something was watching, especially in the Wall Street area, for whatever reason. When I hiked that portion, I had a fear like a wild animal was going to attack me, and yet there are no real predators to be afraid of. I felt an urge to leave, abandon the trip.

    I finished the loop, visited the various observation points (picrel) and then departed for Capitol Reef, as throngs of people began to flood into the canyon and the line at the entrance gate grew ever longer.

  2. 3 weeks ago

    The plan was to drive from Bryce Canyon to Capitol Reef via Scenic Byway 12. The 12 is easily one of the finest roads in the entire country, traversing the Grand Staircase-Escalante National Monument and the Dixie National Forest, with incredible views of the eroded colorful rock formations Utah is known for as well as its less often acknowledged large mountains and dense forests.

    What an incredible drive. I found myself mouth agape at so many different places, I would mutter “wow” to myself with seemingly every turn. The road wound its way through the landscape with carnival ride-like twists and turns atop narrow ridges and along the edges of deep canyons. Not a drive for the feint of heart.
    The scale wrought before you is hard to comprehend, a common theme when it comes to Utah.

    I reached the crest of the road, and so the trouble began.
    >at 9600 feet
    >theres a viewpoint ahead
    >Steep Creek Overlook
    >time to turn off here and take some photos
    >stop the car
    >immediately disturbed by a hissing and gurgling sound
    >huh thats weird
    >hop out
    >think to myself "Wow that hissing sounds bad, someones car is definitely messed up."
    >Look at my hood
    >steam is shooting out
    >something is dripping below the car
    >oh shi-
    >shit shit shit
    >open the hood
    >theres molten antifreeze spraying everywhere
    >it slightly burns my hands and face
    >the entire engine compartment around the radiator is covered in white dots
    >the coolant tank isnt just bubbling but violently shaking
    >no town for 50 miles
    >no real mechanic for 100+ miles
    >get back in car
    >do some breathing exercises
    >its okay just stay calm
    >roll down the mountain in neutral as much as possible
    >it will resolve
    >its just the altitude or something im pretty sure thats normal(I dont know a lot about cars)
    >start rolling down the mountain
    >10 miles pass
    >phone signal returns
    >pull over and google "why is my coolant tank bubbling"
    >Read the words "blown head gasket"
    >Start freaking out even more

    • 3 weeks ago

      After another 30 miles or so I had descended the mountain and was delighted to find the issue had spontaneously resolved, cool. Looks like im doing Capitol Reef today.

      Once again, another place of incomprehensible beauty. At Cassidy Arch, you can almost feel youre entering another realm. Its so unbelievably beautiful, but takes almost zero effort to access. To tread here so easily almost feels sinful. What was once a place that was probably the endpoint of a multi day/week long pilgrimage is now a two hour frolic for ignorant selfie takers.

      From Capitol Reef, I planned on camping in a place called Goblin Valley, but along the way the problem manifested once again, but worse.

      >I can hear the gurgling now as I drive
      >it has evolved into a gurgling and knocking sound with a subtle hiss
      >scared now more than ever
      >the sun is going down
      >im in the middle of nowhere
      >I have no signal again
      >make my way down a winding dirt road to where I planned on camping
      >pass by a beautiful pictograph panel in Temple Wash
      >its ominous red humanoid forms are illuminated by the last rays of the setting sun
      >like they are in a spotlight
      >holy shit
      >a pocket of phone signal
      >for whatever reason its at picrel and ONLY picrel
      >have LTE and 2 bars
      >25 feet in either direction? nada
      >I call family
      >tell them I may need help
      >dad is pissed
      >wife is scared
      >mom doesnt answer
      >feel VERY alone
      >every time I start the car the engine bubbles and hisses
      >when I turn off the car it continues hissing and the engine stays on(?)
      >why the hell is the engine still running if the car is off?
      >okay the engine is melting cool
      >decide to head to the nearest town of Green River
      >ill see a mechanic in the morning
      >stay the night in the shittiest motel 6 ive ever been in
      >cry like a little b***h

      It was at this point I had a revelation, as if I were instructed by someone to reach out
      >I focus on the "local spirits"
      >try to "channel" them for lack of better words
      >Ask them why
      >Ask them for help

      • 3 weeks ago

        *Previous photo is of Cassidy Arch, not where I had signal, my bad. Picrel is the actual spot with signal

        Before I go further, im not insane, im a normal person, but having browsed /x/ so long im open. Im a skeptic, but im open, and man, I was DESPERATE. Easily the most desperate ive ever been in my life. I was indeed begging for mercy from the spirits. Thats what I was "reduced" to, but I do believe this is what saved my ass, as insane as it sounds.

        >I beg the spirits to reconsider
        >I apologized for any trespasses I may have levied against them
        >I told them it wasnt fair what they were doing, that if I was to be punished I should at least know what it was for
        >did I go somewhere I wasnt supposed to?
        >did I break something
        >please please please reconsider

        I fell asleep that night doing breathing exercises, trying to stay calm. It worked surprisingly well. I awoke the next morning 2 minutes before my alarm was scheduled to go off, and called the mechanics in Moab:
        >"lolnope we dont do head gaskets try Grand Junction"
        So I call the mechanics in Grand Junction
        >"A HEAD GASKET?" he exclaimed
        >"Thats a LOT of frickin work!"
        >an exact quote
        >"If you can get it here, its going to cost thousands"
        >reeeee thanks
        >looks like im on my own for at least some ways
        >walk outside
        >the car is now cool
        >I open the radiator cap
        >Is there enough liquid? Frick if I know?
        >The reserve tank is 100% empty
        >Maybe.... its the radiator cap?
        >pour water in the radiator
        >pour water in the reserve tank
        >the reserve tank just empties onto the ground
        >okay frick
        >have the bright idea
        >"If theres air trapped in there, maybe I can run the car without the cap for a bit and it will force it out or something?"
        >at this point im desperate for the problem to be anything but the head gasket
        >I run the car with the cap open
        >it knocks and squeals
        >turn it off
        >put in more water
        >replace the cap
        >Well, I have to drive either way
        >decide to rock it til the wheels fall off

        • 3 weeks ago

          Hello, yes! ITT OP meets the spirits on Turtle Island!

          What happens next, OP?

        • 3 weeks ago

          >drive into Moab from Green River
          >stop every 10 miles to see if the problem has persisted
          >its stopped
          >holy frick its gone
          >totally silent
          >finally outside Moab
          >longingly pass the entrances to Canyonlands and Arches
          >stop at a breakfast spot
          >frick it might as well eat
          >eat a delicious eggs benedict
          >head out to car
          >seems good
          >frick it!
          >im doing this
          >im going to fricking Canyonlands
          >this necessitates driving up a winding road, ascending 2000 vertical feet to to the top of the Mesa
          >drive the car as gently as possible
          >stop frequently to see if its okay
          >no issues
          >do everything in Canyonlands
          >another mindblowing place, a place that feels like youre trespassing on sacred ground
          >White Rim Overlook (picrel)
          >all the other stuff
          >descend back to Moab
          >the car is totally fine
          >frick yes this is great
          >need to set up camp
          >head down Potash Rd
          >pass another large petroglyph panel
          >horned giants
          >bug eyed humanoids
          >animal motifs
          >wow an amazing spot (picrel)
          >looks like im sleeping here tonight
          It was at this location multiple paranormal experiences occurred, soon to be elaborated upon
          >still have maybe 2 hours of light left
          >Corona Arch is right around the corner
          >frick yeah lets do this
          >drive on over
          >car is gud
          >rapidly ascend to Corona Arch
          >pass a bag of dog shit on the side of the trail on the way (important for later)
          >make my way to the arches in the area
          >absolutely stunning
          >despite not being in a National Park, they may as well be
          >feel an intense energy emanating from this place
          >like im being watched
          >multiple dogs off leash running around
          >obnoxious loud people
          >screaming children
          >but damn look at dem curves
          >descend back to the parking lot
          >the shit bag is still there
          >decide to pick it up
          >apologize to the spirits that someone left shit in their sacred living room or whatever this place is
          >walk by multiple people with dogs off leash
          >stare at them coldly as I walk by with my shit bag

          • 3 weeks ago

            >half mile of dog shit holding later
            >dispose of the shit in the dogshit bin
            >as I throw it away a shocking realization comes to me
            >this is an allegory
            >this is what it means to *actually give a shit*
            >another thought comes to me
            >"If you shit on them, they will shit on you"
            >have a bad feeling about that person who left the shit
            >maybe I passed my curse onto them?
            >start the car
            >no sound
            >we are a go
            >15 minutes later
            >in town with the last light of the day
            >dark storm clouds are forming on the horizon, obscuring the sun, but it shines through below them as it is so low on the horizon
            >its not raining but it looks like it might
            >order some nachos and eat them on a porch outside
            >bomb ass nachos
            >get up to dispose of the trash
            >a single fat raindrop hits me in the head
            >I look up
            >as I look up, a rainbow immediately forms over the town where im staring
            >it appears over a period of maybe 5 seconds, lingers for another 5 seconds
            >seemingly no one else on the patio even notices it otherwise I would expect to hear a chorus of OOOOOS and AAAAAAHS from the numerous children I shared it with
            >snap the photo (picrel)
            >it immediately disappears
            >yep thats a sign
            >THAT is a fricking sign
            >I am set
            >so glad I picked up that shit
            >feel unbridled confidence
            >like I can finish the trip
            >the spirits are seemingly pleased that I learned my lesson

            According to this guy, and Navajo legend, rainbows are a means by which the sprits or "holy people" communicate with us "their children".

            I didnt need any further evidence. I knew at this point I was set. I went to my camp and prepared the fire for the night, not expecting what was to come next. Now at this point you can say I was just hallucinating, or in a semi-awake state, but it simply goes beyond that given the subject matter and context in which it happened, in my opinion.

          • 3 weeks ago

            Damn it forgot the link about the symbolism of the Rainbow in Native American mythology:

            >prepare the fire
            >its a good one
            >the night isnt really cold but everything feels perfect
            >the fire illuminates the sandstone wall by my camp
            >I can see my shadow softly projected to a height almost 20 feet high
            >move my hands and arms about making different shapes on the wall
            >have this weird feeling that this is how the Native Americans also used the area, and even that wall - to tell stories
            >burn up all of my wood
            >the fire is just hot coals now
            >guess ill rest
            >big day tomorrow in Arches
            >the sky is cloudy, the moon shines through casting enough light to illuminate the area enough to navigate around without a flashlight
            >look up at the wall
            >maybe 25 feet up an embankment at the base of the wall, I see what appear to be two figures
            >they look like just beige humanoid forms
            >feel like im being watched by them
            >the feeling is like a combination of fear and intrigue
            >they arent threatening, but they are powerful
            >their heads almost look cone shaped and their forms are rather smooth, almost as if they dont have limbs
            >the two look more or less identical, maybe one is shorter than the other
            >shine my flashlight up there
            >only see rocks, rough rocks not smooth ones
            >turn off the light
            >welp I dont see it anymore, guess its just my tired mind playing tricks on me
            >as I lay down I feel a sense of peace and comfort envelop me
            This is where shit got real
            >suddenly it feels as if I have fallen into the ground
            >intense closed eye visuals akin to being on mushrooms or LSD, bright undulating patterns of multicolored light
            >mostly blues and purples
            >then it appears in the center of my vision
            >a massive

          • 3 weeks ago

            I forgot to mention this important point from the fire earlier:
            >as im sitting by the fire I realize I should make an offering
            >okay here you go bros try this shit
            >throw some weed into the fire
            >smoke a little myself
            >you know what, im so grateful, heres another bit of weed
            >think about how the Native Americans would have fricking loved weed
            >pour a little beer into the fire

            Back to my sleep vision:
            >the swastika starts spinning
            >spinning so rapidly its just a blur
            >it fills my entire field of vision
            >more swastikas appear in the background
            >also begin spinning
            >everything is happening in a sea of purple and blue undulating light, like a nebula
            >its an experience on par with any hallucinogenic drug trip ive ever taken in terms of how the visuals were
            >chains of red diamonds and other geometric patterns are flying towards me
            >remember this all happened mere moments after laying down
            >fall into a deep sleep
            >wake up around 3AM
            >didnt put the rain fly so im sort of cold
            >I can see the skies are clear now, the moon is below the horizon and the stars are out
            >feel a sense of happiness and peace
            >feel so good that im emboldened
            >at this point I feel like something is there
            >"Its okay, show yourself, Im not afraid, im grateful!"
            >the canyon grows noticeably silent
            >IMMEDIATELY hear shuffling behind the tent
            >a shrill whisper that almost sounds like my voice
            >softly... crunch crunch crunch crunch
            >and then the sound
            >thinking about it gives me fricking chills
            >directly behind my head, behind only a thin layer of nylon, I hear a sound
            >it sounds like a mixture of the Predator but higher pitched and clicky, like a dolphin too
            >like a clicking giggle
            >once loudly
            >again fainter
            >im under the impression that theres something hunched on all fours beside my head just outside of my tent
            >practically shit my pants
            >"I-ITS JUST A BIRD"
            >I politely inform the spirit that I am chickening out
            >not brave enough
            >it leaves
            >fall back asleep immediately
            >a peaceful deep sleep

          • 3 weeks ago

            >haha yeah the twins will be like that
            >glad you got a good light show 🙂

          • 3 weeks ago

            >>have this weird feeling that this is how the Native Americans also used the area, and even that wall - to tell stories
            god I fricking hate white people so much

          • 3 weeks ago

            Hush child

      • 3 weeks ago

        There is a big arch, or something in this photo too.

        • 3 weeks ago

          Yes, that would be Cassidy Arch in Capitol Reef

      • 3 weeks ago

        fricking tourists, lmfao

        • 3 weeks ago

          No one thinks you're mysterious

  3. 3 weeks ago


  4. 3 weeks ago
    • 3 weeks ago

      OmFG wrong wink coyote got me D:

    • 3 weeks ago

      Please delet this image it is EXTREMELY DISTURBING thank you
      >next day Arches
      >up at 5:45 so I can get through the gates without being hassled for the entrance fee needing the reservation pass (entry between 7-4PM)
      >holy fuuuuuck
      >its incredible
      >sun rising over the plains
      >fantastical formations rising up from the desert
      >basically jog my way to Delicate Arch before there are lots of people
      >early morning light on the arch is magnificent
      >Devils Garden next
      >fricking amazing
      >Windows area (you get the picture)
      >ADD havers dream
      >shit to see everywhere
      >easily accessed
      >feels like im not even in real life
      >head back to town
      >cruise down Castle Valley to the Fisher Towers
      >looks like Angkor Wat or something
      >at this point im dead tired, almost falling asleep as I drive
      >finally stop and set up camp
      >as I pull into the campground again....
      >"please have mercy again damn it what do you want more weed???!"
      >camp that night nervous about the car
      >make another burnt offering
      >sleep is uneventful although I think I hear footsteps and whispering outside my tent despite the area being desert for miles in that direction
      >in the morning I try to start the car
      >all electrical controls are now dead
      >at the top of another mountain I am yet again fricked
      >start button just beeps, nothing turns on
      >life flashes before my eyes
      >bank account flashes before my eyes
      >wait a second
      >what if......
      >I push the key fob into the start button
      >the car roars to life
      >the fricking immobilzer was not activating
      >something was fricking INTERFERING with the signal from the key fob
      >preventing it from working
      AS I TYPED THIS my keyboard just stopped working jesus fricking christ. It stopped typing and switched to a different color pattern ive never used before, what the frick. I had to disconnect and reconnect the USB to reset it. Fricking weird maybe I need to burn sage or give more weed or something holy shit

      • 3 weeks ago

        Long story short:
        >drive home the next 500 or so miles without issue
        >no more hissing
        >no more gurgling
        >no more engine running on its own
        >the key fob is totally fine, battery is indicated by the car as nominal
        >decide against the Colorado leg of the trip
        >head back home
        >drive to Moab to Zion Canyon, stay the night, its uneventful
        >Zion to Vegas
        >have some business to take care of
        >head to an account on a sales call
        >my contact is a Native American guy
        >he talks to me about how his grandpa is a medicine man and how they go out into the desert once a year
        >do a series of dances and rituals and things like that to be closer to the spirits
        >sounds familiar huh
        >dont tell him any of this shit so as to not sound like a schizophrenic maniac
        >drive home from there
        >no issues

        If youre wondering what happened to my car, heres what I can gather.
        >the radiator cap broke
        >the lower valve and spring broke off and fell into the radiator
        >as a result the pressure release valve was not activating
        >at high altitude the car was overly pressurized and the engine was under great stress
        >the pressure had no where to escape to - except the reserve coolant tank
        > I inspected the top of the coolant tank and see the lid is warped
        >the base is cracked
        >flush the radiator and get the repair taken care of
        >cheaper than a head gasket!

        I would like to thank the spirits for helping guide me through my trip, and im pretty sure this keyboard shit was a parting acknowledgement of what happened here.

        I have nothing to gain by lying about any of this, I have family and friends who lurk here who may even be reading this and know who I am but I dont give a frick because this IS what actually happened.

        So I got home and decided to look up "what does a swastika mean in Native American mythology", and what I read made me stop in my tracks.

        • 3 weeks ago

          The Navajo called the swastika the "whirling log". This text is taken from another website regarding its significance:

          >The motif called the “Whirling Log” in Navajo culture is one appearance of one of the oldest symbols to be depicted by human beings.
          >The symbol has been recorded in rock and cave paintings from at least 6,000 years ago and, in Navajo culture
          >the Whirling Log represents *wellbeing, good luck, and protection*.
          >This is one iteration of the Whirling Log tale, adapted from work by Beth Barth of the Nizhoni Ranch Gallery in Sonoita, Arizona.
          >“The hero of the story sets out on a *long journey*.
          >At first the gods try to persuade him against going, but seeing his determination, they help him hollow out a log in which he will travel down the river.
          >Along the way he has *many misadventures which ultimately result in his gaining important ceremonial knowledge*.
          >In one such instance he and his craft are captured by the Water People who carry him down beneath the waters to the home of Water Monster.
          >Black God threatens to set fire to Water Monster’s home and the hero is released, but not before being taught by Frog how to cure the illnesses caused by the Water People.
          >When he finally reaches the lake that is his destination, the gods catch his log and help him to shore.

          • 3 weeks ago

            >Wandering about on land the hero comes upon a *whirling cross with two yeis (holy beings) seated on each end*.
            >From them he learns the knowledge of farming and is given seeds.
            >He then returns home to share these gifts with his people.
            >Until the late 1800s, when J. Lorenzo Hubbell and J.B. Moore opened their trading posts in Arizona and New Mexico, Navajos portrayed the Whirling Log solely in their religious ceremonies in the form of sand paintings.
            >But by 1896, the symbol proliferated on Navajo rugs.

            The parallels are rather obvious, and I had zero knowledge of this story prior to my trip. Make of it what you will, but I am personally, definitely a believer now.

            brb gonna go buy some sage to burn, thats all folks

      • 3 weeks ago

        bro how many damn times did your pos clunker break down on this trip? four, five? do you have a death wish? ridiculous

        • 3 weeks ago

          Technically I never broke down - only experience the appearance of a breakdown. In total, 3 times the car failed on me in some form or another, only to spontaneously resolve given my actions. Almost anyone else in my position would have turned around and given up but instead I executed a legendary trip and experienced some paranormal shit.

          I really did feel like I was trying my luck though, every single hill I went up on that last 1000 mile leg of the trip was anxiety inducing, but the car was solid and im home now and the car is fine, I just used it to grab a pizza

  5. 3 weeks ago

    >ITT OP gets initiated in the desert by Navajo spirits and relearns the true value of the Whirling Log

  6. 3 weeks ago
    • 3 weeks ago


  7. 3 weeks ago

    The motor kept running after you turned the ignition off, because the ignition chamber was hot enough to ignite the fuel air mixture, but the new fuel and air entering into the chamber was also cooling the chamber down, and the ignition ceased when the chamber had cooled enough.
    Stuff like that happens.

    • 3 weeks ago

      Based on my googling I was able to ascertain that same thing, but at the time it was just like "well, theres another thing going wrong, next it explodes I guess".

      >>have this weird feeling that this is how the Native Americans also used the area, and even that wall - to tell stories
      god I fricking hate white people so much

      There was a massive petroglyph panel on the same wall a few hundred feet away. What do you think they did with that panel? Take selfies for instagram? Its there to tell a story, almost certainly an important one given that they busted their asses to etc it so high up on the wall.

      • 3 weeks ago

        yeah no shit, it’s just your sanctimonious mystification of incredibly basic and universal experiences makes you seem pretty racist

        • 3 weeks ago

          The only one being sanctimonious and racist here is you. You seem so bitter and angry over nothing, its rather sad

  8. 3 weeks ago

    Nice trip op, hope you enjoyed your experience. Personally I prefer forest/woods rambling over rocky places

    Ignore the bitter mong above, he's never left the city and only knows life through his phone screen

  9. 3 weeks ago

    I read it all.
    I write from south america. And I know, because some of my own mysterious and magical experiences, that such a place is filled with ancient spirits.
    We cannot grasp how old they are. And we cannot conceive what kind of life and spiritual technology they possesed.
    Because we live in a such far off society and conscious state. Even mother earth is of a different resonance now.
    Things revealed to me in my mystical experiences tell me these folk from north america were really powerful tens of thousands of years ago. We cannot even imagine the things they did with their ceremonies and rituals.
    It is no surprise for me, and I enjoyed your story a lot. Because I felt those kinds of spirits and guides and tricksters behave in similar ways. There is no coincidence or mere chance.
    The important thing is you chose to be blessed by blessing and being thankful. Never forget that. You did that to you and the spirits helped you to go through an initiation.
    Now use that sacredness sense to your daily life. Non-negotiable. Be humble. You have been chosen somehow, understand?
    It is related with all your life from the moment you were born and your past lives. But it is not a coincidence you chose to do that journey and you were ready.
    Keep searching

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